Faculty of Commerce organized an Orientation Program on 26th June, 2023  for the 1st  year students for providing them guidance related to the available options, course structures and future prospects for each of the options. The students were informed about the various courses and activities.  Mr. Kirat Damani, an Eminent Lawyer, Former National Cricketer and the Chairman of Selection Committee of Ranji Trophy of Gujarat was invited to motivate the students on the occasion. Mr. Kirat Damani explained the students to strike a balance between passion and profession. By sighting his own example of being a passionate cricketer at the age of 8 to being an eminent lawyer at the age of 34, he suggested students to be focused  towards their goals. He emphasized that knowledge, talent and resources without execution are of no use, they are just a piece of  information which you can find even on Google. Further, sharing his experience as a sportsperson,  he casted light on being physically fit as a fit body will be powerfully confident. He also  brought to the notice that what you do stays with you forever.