Date:12th September, 2020.

Speaker: Dr. Priyanka Kacker, an eminent speaker and a faculty member of Gujarat Forensic Sciences University

Highlights: She vividly explained students about the different types of cyber-attacks like salami attacks, phishing and how to take precautionary measures for the same. She strictly advised students not to share their password with anyone so as to be cautious about various cyber frauds taking place. She also talked about the dangers of sharing photographs on social media networking sites like Whatsapp and Facebook giving real life examples where blackmail takes place due to hacking of passwords. She gave very important tips to take cyber security measures:

1) To have a licensed version of antivirus software in the computer.

2) To read all terms and conditions of mobile phones for cyber security settings.

3)To be anonymous on social media networking sites.

4)Not to post solo pictures and to always post group photographs to avoid cyber frauds and copying.

5)To put opaque tape on the cameras of various devices so that instant photographs cannot be taken by outsiders through webcams.

6)Not to click strange links thereby getting attracted towards lottery and attractive offers.

7)Not to put location settings on and trying to avoid posting on face book the place of travel or boarding of an international flight.

8)Monitoring bank statements on a regular basis to detect fraud at an early stage.

9)Change of passwords on a regular basis and to keep separate passwords for each device separately.

10) Not to fill up complete details during any registrations for webinars.