Academic Activities


Faculty of Commerce offers a one-year Comprehensive Banking and Insurance Programme, since 4 years, to make the student industry ready for the job market in the Banking and Insurance sector as soon as a student completes graduation. This course is designed in such a manner so as to create a balance between theoretical and practical aspects of modern banking and insurance services. It also prepares the student to appear in all the arenas of competitive exams (IBPS and IRDA). In the current year 2017-2018, 50 students have completed the course successfully.


To prepare the students to face the corporate world and to make them industry ready, a guest lecture session was organized at Faculty of Commerce, GLS University on 12th March, 2018. The first session was conducted by Ms.Radhika Chaubal, Cluster Relationships Leader, Vice President, Yes Bank. She delivered a lecture on ‘Building a career in Digital Banking’ and explained the nuances of Banking and Insurance career by explaining the importance of maintaining cordial relations with clients. The second session was conducted by Ms. Preeti Nakhat, a Corporate Trainer, on ‘Developing Interview Skills’. By various audio-visual clips she taught students how to face group discussions and personal interviews.


Research in common parlance refers to a search for knowledge. It describes, predicts and controls the observed phenomenon by identifying, analyzing and verifying the general or hypothesized principles, structures or processes. The strength of research is to find out the research problems, build arguments about ideas and concepts and to find evidences which can convince people to accept the research arguments. The Research Group under Faculty of Commerce aims at balancing between quality and quantity by keeping pace with the current flow of information and knowledge. In the academic year 2017-2018, due the constant motivation of Dean Dr. Ashwin Purohit following students have submitted their research projects in various areas under the guidance of Dr. Devyani Chatterji and Dr. Kruti Shah:
Sr. No. Name of Student Title of Project
1 Ms. Pooja N. Shah (B. Com. Sem 2) Trend Analysis and Mathematical Formulation to Forecast the HDIs of SAARC Countries
2 Diksha Agarwal & Nupoor Panbude (B. Com. Sem 4) A Comprehensive Study of Trading Practices Adopted by TCS and GOGLE
3 Jay Shah & Dhruv Patadiya (B. Com. Sem 4) An Analytical Study of Cost of Capital with Special Reference to Tata Motors Ltd.
4 Mr. Aliasgar Rahi (B. Com. Sem 2) Trend Analysis and Forecasting the values of Gold, Silver and SENSEX
5 Pratik Periwal & Arhum Sancheti (B.Com. Sem 4) A Comparative Study of Capital Structure of PNB and HDFC Bank
6 Ms.Sheetal Choudhary (B.Com. Sem 2) A Study on Some Selected Financial Ratios of Balaji Amines
7 Ms. Nidhi Gupta (B.Com. Sem 2) Trend Analysis and Regression Analysis of Selected Financial Ratios of ICICI Bank Ltd
8 Ms. Trushali Chauhan (B.Com. Sem 2) Trend Analysis and Regression Analysis of Selected Financial Ratios of Axis Bank
9 Raj Patel & Shreyashi Patel (B.Com. Sem 4) Hideous Ploy: A Case Study of Financial Fraud by Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh
10 Ms. Sachi Jain (B.Com. Sem 2) Trend Analysis and Regression Analysis of Selected Financial Ratios of Tech Mahindra
11 Ms. Dhara Doshi (B.Com. Sem 2) Trend Analysis and Regression Analysis of Some Selected Financial Ratios of ONGC
12 Mr. Meet Mehta (B.Com. Sem 2) A Study on Some Selected Financial Ratios of Infosys Ltd.
13 Ms. Anal Desai (B.Com. Sem 2) Trend Analysis and Regression Analysis of some selected Financial Ratios of GAIL
14 Ms. Pinal Bhagat and Ms. Vaishnavi Bhatt (M.Com. Sem 2) Mathematical Formulation to Forecast Petrol and Diesel Prices

• ENIGMA: The Quiz Competition 2017-18

The Quiz Club of Faculty of Commerce, GLS University is designed as an innovative and interactive programme to facilitate a copious flow of knowledge and ideas among the students packaged in exciting rounds. ENIGMA: The Quiz Competition 2017-18 organised a Preliminary Round on 6th September 2016in which39 students participated from them the first 15 students were selected for the Finale. Finale was held on 29th January 2018 which was conducted by the Quiz Master Dr. Alpesh Upadhyay who has rendered his services as a Quiz Master in many Youth Festivals in Inter-College Saptadhara Quiz, Inter-District College Quiz at BISAG and so on. The event was coordinated by Dr. Devyani Chatterji. The winners of the Finale of ENIGMA: The Quiz Competition 2017-2018 are:
First Position: Dinesh Thawani (Sem 6) Pratik Tanwani(Sem 6) Anantvirya Jain(Sem 2)
Second Position: Karan Raghani (Sem 6) Ria Rani (Sem 6) Avinash Daryani(Sem 6)
Third Position: Mo. Aamir Tirmizi(Sem 6) Kunal Gidwani(Sem 6) Udit Bengani(Sem 4)


Faculty of Commerce organized a two day workshop for the final year students on 22nd and 23rd January, 2018 to make them ready to face the corporate world. On 22nd January the first session was conducted by Ms. Surabhi Pillai, Associate Professor and a columnist. She guided the students for ‘CV Writing’. The second session was conducted by Ms. Harsiddhi Shah, a soft skills trainer. She trained the students for ‘Interview Skills’ and facing ‘Group Discussion’. On 23rd January the first session was conducted by Ms. Vama Rajpal, an Image Consultant on ‘How to build a Professional Image’. The second session was conducted by Ms. Rini Bahal Purohit, a corporate trainer. She enlightened the students on ‘Attitude and Confidence Building’. Around 120 students participated in the workshop.


In today’s competitive environment, every parent wishes that their child successfully obtains a professional qualification at a very early age. Obtaining professional degree of CA/CWA/CS is the prime goal of any commerce students but we at Faculty of Commerce not only believe in overall development but also to provide a platform for various professional opportunities rather than degree centric education. Under the leadership, guidance and motivation of our visionary Dean Dr. Ashwin Purohit, we at Faculty of Commerce believe to provide education beyond the four walls of classroom. Apart from B.Com and M.Com programmes, we at Faculty of Commerce, GLS University have chalked out a road map for the future. Our tie-up with CIMA has given a PAN India recognition to our Institute. In India we have good opportunities for obtaining professional educational qualification but with IFRS already entering few countries and knocking the doors of India, Accounting sooner or later is going to become a global language and to learn the language in a proper and apt way the need for the day is to have global qualification like CIMA. Established in 1919, CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is world’s largest professional body of Management Accounting with 218,000 students and members across 177 countries.
  • CIMA qualification has following four levels
    • Certificate level
    • Operational Level
    • Management Level
    • Strategic Level
In certificate level, out of four papers, student is required to give only one paper of Fundamental of Management Accounting as exemption is provided for other 3 subjects by mapping our university syllabus with CIMA syllabus.
Year Students enrolled Level
2016-17 89 Certificate level
2017-18 49 Certificate level
Following 3 students secured ranks in top 20 at national level
Names of students All India Ranks
Niraj Ahuja 5th
Ashwin Bhaskaran 13th
Vishal Jeswani 20th


Faculty of Commerce successfully conducted Bridge Course to develop English Proficiency skills for the Semester 1 students. 62 students enrolled for the course and were given training of English Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills. They also appear for the SCOPE examination at the end of the course.


GLS University has designed an International Programme wherein participants will be immersed in the international environment at world’s most developed nation’s i.e USA and Canada. The program consists of International Academic exposure as well as several sight-seeing trips and cultural excursions. It is a three week program based in California Baptist University, USA or Georgian College Canada in the month of May2018. Participating in the International Immersion Programme will provide students with international experience and should broaden the perspective on the world and professional networks. Dr. Dharmesh Shah Registrar, GLS University delivered a very encouraging talk at Faculty of Commerce on 5th January, 2018 to enlighten the students regarding the International Academic exposure and benefits of participating in the International Immersion programme.


To celebrate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda and to pay rich tribute to this great sage and thinker, Swami Vivekananda Youth Club of our institute organized an Inter-collegiate Swami Vivekananda Elocution Competition for undergraduate students of different colleges of Ahmedabad on 12th January 2018. Dean Dr. Ashwin Purohit delivered the welcome address and talked about the principles and values preached by Vivekananda. Nineteen participants spoke on the topic “Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached”- Vivekananda’s call to the nation. The competition was judged by Dr. K.S. Purohit, Gastroenterologist, Dr. Nilam Trivedi, Dean, Faculty of Education, GLS University and Ms.Naomi Mistry, Communication trainer. The event was graced by Dr. B.H. Joshi, Provost,GLS University. He talked about nurturing the feelings of nationalism and patriotism among students by organizing such events in educational institutes. The winner Priya Pandey from J.G. College of Commerce was awarded trophy, certificate and cash prize. The 2nd and 3rd winners were given cash prizes and certificates.


Faculty of Commerce, GLS University organized Communication workshop for its Semester 2 and Semester 4 B.Com students on 4th and 5th January, 2018. The eminent Communication and Soft skill trainers Ms. Rama Mundra, Ms. Isha Shah, Mr. Pratik Dholakiya and Dr. Mahima Bhatt delivered sessions on Confidence Building, Etiquettes and Grooming, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills and Basic tips on Hair and Skin that guided and trained students for the areas which help them to grow professionally as well as personally. Around 185 students from F. Y. and 180 students from S. Y. attended the workshop.

• ECOFEST 2017

Under the Economics Club, Faculty of Commerce has organized “ECOFEST 2017” (in house event). It was conducted on 12th December, 2017 and 13th December, 2017. On 12th December, ‘Polychromatic’ and ‘Outlook’ both events had taken place. ‘Polychromatic’ event was based on identification of different economic concepts through economic diagrams and analyzing Global Financial crisis. And, ‘Outlook’ was based on solving economic problem of a country. On 13th December, ‘Jeugos Economicos’ event had taken place, which was based on the fun economic game covering thinking caps and modulacion economic sectors. The main objective behind this event was to cultivate interest among commerce students for economics subject.

• NSE FinQuiz 2017

Faculty of Commerce hosted NSE FinQuiz 2017 – A National Level Quiz Competition on 24th November 2017 with an objective to provide platform for hidden talents. The quiz was based on World of Finance, Trivia and General Information in which 80 students participated in a team of two. Following teams were the winners and will appear for the City round: Team 1: Mr. Pratik Periwal(Sem 4) and Mr. Dhruv Patadiya(Sem 4) Team 2: Miss. Trushali Chauhan(Sem 2) and Miss. Nidhi Gupta(Sem 2)


With a view to expand its horizons beyond the international borders , GLS university’s Faculty of Commerce organized an International Conference on ‘Emerging Trends in Global Accounting ,Finance and Corporate Annual Report Presentation ‘ in collaboration with CIMA, in Colombo, Srilanka on 2nd November, 2017. Sri Sudhir Nanavati, President, GLS University displayed yet another gesture of his love for the Faculty of Commerce and kindness by flying all the way from Ahmedabad to Colombo to grace the occasion. Mr.Bhasker Ranjan Das, Head of CIMA, South Asia, and Prof.Samanthe, Head, Faculty of Accounting, Jayvardhane University, Colombo, were among the other dignitaries. There were around 55 delegates from India and Srilanka to make this conference a successful and fruitful event. Addressing the conference, Shri Sudhirbhai congratulated the Dean and staff of Faculty of Commerce for organising such a conference and briefly introduced GLS and GLS university to the delegates and the guests from Srilanka. He emphasised on the significance of such platforms for the academic as well as cultural exchange to facilitate the augmentation of knowledge at global level. Sudhirbhai said, the discussion and deliberation among the academic fraternity and the exchange of views with each other enhances the knowledge experience and enriches the research scenario globally. He also shared the pleasant news about the MoU between GLS University and CIMA and shared the details. Expressing his happiness about the MoU, Sudhirbhai said that such MoUs are extremely beneficial to the student fraternity and it is the need of the hour as with the dual qualification along with the global recognition, students of GLS University shall have a cutting edge over their counter parts in the employment market internationally. The MoU between GLS University and CIMA, UK shall allow the students attain not only the valuable graduation degree from GLS University,but also a globally recognised certification from CIMA which is recognised in around 179 countries. He expressed his wish to organise another such conference at Ahmedabad, on a bigger scale and invited CIMA, Srilanka to India. Dr.Ashwin Purohit, Dean, Faculty of Commerce, emphasised upon such platforms to bring the academic views together globally for the benefit of global academic scenario. He thanked all those who contributed in making the conference a great success. Delegates from GLS and other universities had been on a tour of Srilanka for attending this conference. The team of Indian delegates also enjoyed a good tour of Srilanka and witnessed the glimpses of the nature and culture of Srilanka.


Bhowmik Saikat, Assistant Manager – Marketing at IDP EDUCATION was invited to deliver session on International English Language Testing System to Bridge Course Students of our institute on 12th September, 2017. He explained the students about various English Proficiency tests to be taken in order to enter into foreign Universities and then focused on the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Skills of IELTs. Students were given important tips to enhance their English Proficiency skills.


Faculty of Commerce organized a Guest Lecture by Mr. Samir Joshi, Zonal Training Head, DCB Bank West and Mr. Dhaval Mandaliya, Zonal Administration Head, DCB Bank West for the students of Comprehensive Banking and Insurance Program on 11th September, 2017 at the Institute. They talked on the topic ‘Emerging Job Opportunities in Banking Sector’ followed by questions and answers session. It was a knowledge gaining session for the students who aim to pursue Banking Career as their future. The lecture was followed by distribution of certificates to the third batch of Comprehensive Banking and Insurance Program. As a part of successful completion of the course, 50 students were awarded certificates by the Dean Dr. Ashwin Purohit, Mr. Samir Joshi and Mr. Dhaval Mandaliya.


Faculty of Commerce organized a seminar to acquaint the final year Commerce students with the much debatable topic GST (Goods and Services Tax) on 19th August, 2017. The function began with a welcome speech by the Dean Dr. Ashwin Purohit who gave his insight on the topic as well as showed his inquisitiveness to know more about the impact of GST on various fields. The first speaker of the seminar was Mr. Uday Bhayani, Class-I Accounts Officer, EDP Cell, Directorate of Accounts and Treasuries, Finance Department, Government of Gujarat. Being the in-charge of e- PAO GST office meant for Accounting of GST Receipts of Government of Gujarat, he shared detailed information regarding the procedure and the documents to be submitted for GST. He also explained the GSTN (Goods and Services Network) comprehensively. The second speaker for the day was Shri CA Aniket Talati. Being the youngest ever Chairman of Ahmedabad Branch of ICAI, he gave a vivid description of various provisions of GST right from its levy to the definition of Supply and the place at which GST will be applicable. His lucid examples on CGST, SGST and IGST gave a lot of clarity to the students to understand the nuances of GST. He explained the complexities of GST in a simplified manner. Dr. M. E. Jokhi informed that the students of GLS University will be the first lot of students in the entire state of Gujarat to appear in University examination wherein they will attempt the question of GST as GST is already included in the syllabus of B.Com at GLS University. The function ended with question-answer session wherein Mr. Talati addressed to the queries and doubts of the students.


Faculty of Commerce organized a ‘Study Enhancement Programme’ – One day workshop at Ahmedabad Management Association on 4th August 2017 in order to provide valuable knowledge inputs on Essentials of lateral thinking, Branding and Building Image, Introduction to business promotion and Excellence in Marketing. The renowned speakers Mr. Kamal Dabawala, and Mr. Sanjay Chakraborty gave their insights on the above topics. 44 students participated in the workshop. The In charge faculties were Dr. Krupa Bhatt and Prof. Devyani Chatterji.

• “MANTHAN: A Thought Provoking Mission” – An Inter-Class Elocution Competition 2017

Under the auspices of English Club, Faculty of Commerce organized “Manthan: A Thought Provoking Mission”, an Inter – class Elocution competition with an aim to remove stage fear and improve Oratory skills of the students. It is an event which is “For The Students, Of The Students, By The Students” .The Primary level competition was conducted on 21st of July 2017 in their respective classes wherein 183 students participated enthusiastically. 45 Winners of Primary Round participated in the Intermediate Round on 2nd August 2017. Finale of Manthan was held on 18th August 2016. Dr.Geeta Mehta, Principal B.D.Arts College and Dr. Neerja Arun Gupta, Principal, Bhavans College judged the Finale of an Inter-class Elocution Competition. The Event was coordinated by Prof. Rupa Pariyani and Dr. Gitanjali Rampal. The winners of all three rounds were awarded with certificates. The winners of the Finale were also awarded with trophies. Manthan Finale round winners were:
  1. Kunal Gidwani
  2. Karan Raghani
  3. Devanshu Vakil


“READERS ARE LEADERS” presents a motivating thought and a new word to everyone on the campus through White Board placed outside of G1 Classroom. This Whiteboard communicates to the masses and spreads the knowledge. A well said thought churns the mind of every reader and a new word is added to the vocabulary of every passerby everyday. Students with full dedication and enthusiasm write a new thought and a new word on the board and other students eagerly await the new arrivals. This entire activity is coordinated by Prof. Rupa A. Pariyani.

• CAREER GUIDANCE SEMINAR                    CIMA- UK   Chartered Global Management Accountant

Faculty of Commerce, GLS University started CIMA-UK Professional Qualification leading to CGMA designation. Established in 1919, CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is the world’s largest professional body of Management Accounting with 2,18,000 students and members across 178 countries. Tie-up with CIMA-UK has given aPAN India recognition to FOC- GLS UNIVERSITY. On 18th July, 2017, Faculty of Commerce conducted an awareness session for its Semester 1 Students, with an aim to provide the students an opportunity to study the most relevant international professional qualification CIMA. Mr.Saifuddin Lokhandwala, Regional Business Manager at CIMA conducted the session wherein he talked about an opportunity to undergo a professional qualification which is internationally recognized and having global employment opportunities. Around 200 students and parents attended the seminar.