Academic Activities 2022-2023


Date: 2 nd March,2023.

Faculty Of Commerce organized an interactive session on campus under the banner of ‘Academics and Beyond’ with Dr. Yupal Shukla, an Adjunct Professor at University of Bologna, Italy. Mr. Shukla initiated the session by discussing about the various elements of gaming while duly explaining the concept of gamification in Marketing arena. Further he discussed how nowadays companies like Nike, Gpay, Paytm and Strava are using Gamification as a marketing technique to increase customer engagement. He emphasized on intrinsic as well as extrinsic motivation for engaging customers by the mobile apps. He further explained how Gamification increases user experience which helps companies to increase profitability. He added that increasing customer lifetime value will eventually benefit the company as a whole. The knowledge value will tend to increase customer influencer value. Giving rewards, freebies, virtual trophy and many such benefits help companies to increase customer referral value and consumers feel a part of community. He summed up by saying that Gamification is the future marketing and how in long run it will be of a huge benefit as a career. The entire event was managed by the student committee of the Faculty of Commerce under the guidance of Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria.


Date: 21st February,2023.

Someone has rightly said that “Our mother tongue is the dress of our thoughts”. Faculty of Commerce organized an awareness program for the mother tongue. The main objective of this program was to create awareness and respect for the mother tongue among students. In this program Mr. Mitai Shukla, a well-known script writer, Mr. Harsh Thakkar, a well-known RJ and actor and Mr. Harsh Tripathi, a young poet and teacher were invited for a panel discussion which was moderated by a student, Kishan Desai. Sharing his views Mitai Shukla said that “don’t insist on feeding by force, people would love and understand our language by heart”.

 Mr. Harsh Thakkar said that “Whenever any problem arises, our language is the best way to express it. Language is not a garden that needs to be preserved. It is preserved by what we express.”  According to Mr. Harsh Tripathi, “Gujarati language is in the blood of every Gujarati. Every non-Gujarati living in Gujarat can understand Gujarati easily.” He further added, “In many countries, more emphasis is placed on mother tongue. Information communication in mother tongue means zero percent failure.” The penal members discussed that true emotions are expressed in the mother tongue, if you laugh, cry or dream it will be mostly in Gujarati. Mr. Mitai  Shukla also expressed that with the change of generations, modernization can be added to the language, but the dignity of the language remains the same.

 The objective of this program was to make the students understand the importance of their language and develop feelings towards it. This program was co-ordinated by Dr. Keyur Vohra and Dr. Krupa Bhatt.


Date: 25th January, 2023.

Faculty of Commerce believes in complete and inclusive development of students. With this vision a session was organised for helping students know the actual scope and career in Civil Services. The workshop was taken over by ACP Dr Nirav Patel who is posted in Delhi. He started  his session by sharing his motivational story how he being the son of farmer and having a rural background cleared UPSC at first attempt. He very well brought to our notice the harsh truth of our society how people get attracted to what they see and start deciding their future accordingly. He very well cleared how people run after the power and popularity that comes along with being a civil servant but they don’t know the basic structure of Civil Services. He emphasized on how knowing your strength and weaknesses can give a clear idea about your vision. He encouraged students to self-introspect and think about themselves at least once in a while. He explained why Gujarat in spite of being a prosperous state doesn’t offer many candidates for the post of Bureaucrat. He then wisely contradicted between how one should enjoy their life but should also know to forecast their future. Further Sir explained how preparing for UPSC widens your knowledge in such a way that makes you stand out in the crowd. He threw a light on the fact how youngsters nowadays are very much engaged on social media platforms but lack information about what is actually happening around them. Lastly, he motivated the students to be clear , sincere and dedicated towards one’s goal. Failure is part and parcel of your journey towards success but what you learn from it matters so always Hope for the Best and prepare for the Worst. The session was managed by Dr. Bimal Solanki and Dr. Bhavin Bhatt.


Date: 6th January, 2022 

Faculty of Commerce organized ‘On The Spot Painting and Poster Making’ Competitions. In this competition, paintings and posters were prepared by our students on the basis of ‘On the Spot’ topic given. Students prepared very artistic and revolutionary paintings  using different types of colours on flower vase, Indian festivals and campus life.  Some students also made posters on the theme of save girl child, save environment and swachhata abhiyan.  The core objective behind giving this topic is to encourage students to think towards their nation more creatively and spread awareness regarding Indian traditions as well as issues related to them. This competition was co-ordinated by Dr. Anjali Trivedi, Dr. Bimal Solanki and Dr Keyur Vohra. 

MODEL UNITED NATIONS(MUN) organized by Faculty of Commerce

Dates: 6th to 8th January,2023

Faculty of Commerce organized the first edition of MODEL UNITED NATIONS(MUN) from 6th to 8th January,2023. MUN is an academic simulation to provide platform to the students to play role of delegates of different countries and to participate in various national and international committees. It is a competition that gives an exposure to develop best life skills to find an optimal solution of multifaceted problems affecting political life and humanity. The inaugural ceremony was held on 6th January,2023  which was graced by Dr. Sudhir Nanavati, President, GLS University and CMA Sushil Handa, Founder Chairman, Fifth Veda Entrepreneur.  Total 250 delegates from 54 academic institutions from 8 cities across the nation participated in the event. Shri Sudhir Nanavati, President, GLS University talked about the importance of participating in this kind of activities which develop students’ knowledge, understanding, empathy and other key life skills which will benefit them beyond their school & college years. Students also get aware about international affairs and get an insight how to solve global issue. CMA Shushil Handa gave a few important tips to be successful in life. He advised the students to Dream Big, take small steps, Move Ahead, Build Capabilities, Invest in Yourself.  He also told them to never Compete, never Compare and never Complain. He motivated students to be the entrepreneur for creating better world for future. He said only Smart Work can never give you long term success, Hard Work is the ultimate option. The delegates had their deliberations on the following committees UNGA-DISEC, United Nations General, Assembly DISEC, GLA, Gujarat Legislative Assembly, LOK-SABHA, UNHRC, United Nations Human, DALAL STREET, Rights Council, International Press, Business Crisis for the three days.


Dates: 6 to 20th December,2022.

Faculty of Commerce organized an interactive session with corporate professionals on campus under the banner of ACADEMICS AND BEYOND between 6th  and 20th December,2022 to provide an opportunity to students to update their knowledge and keep  them conversant with the modern developments in various fields. The interaction with experts contributed to the overall personality development of students, pushing them to become critical thinkers and delve deeper into the practical applications of different subjects. 

The first session was conducted by Dr. Unmesh Dixit, an executive director at AMA on ‘CHANGE YOUR IMAGE, CHANGE YOUR LIFE’. He explained that image is not something you are showing outside, image is what you feel inside. He said that image is never written, it’s a perception of vision. To succeed in your life, you need to come out of your comfort zone because it ceases your growth and confidence. The second session was conducted by Dr. Darshna Thakker, a gynecologist, obstetrician and a social entrepreneur on ‘DESIGN YOUR DREAM LIFE’. She shared the two master keys to design our dream life  that is self-love and self-acceptance. She also gave a few important tips: it’s okay to make mistakes but learn to accept it, Never create self-doubt. Prof. Pritesh Bhatia, faculty member, GLS Institute of Design conducted the third session  on ‘A STARTUP’S JOURNEY’. He  explained the quality of entrepreneurs as risk taker, ambitious, creative and consistent. He said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  He concluded the session with a useful advise ‘Give importance to yourself and be true to yourself’. The fourth session was conducted by an eminent public speaker Ms. Radha Mehta on ‘AAJ KE ANAND KI JAI’. She started by emphasizing that our life is limited by what we think. If we expand our vision and strengthen our abilities then there’s no one to stop us from achieving the things in our life. Living in the present moment help us to focus on the small happiness of our lives. The Fifth session was conducted by Mr. Kirat Damani, an Eminent Lawyer and Former National Cricketer on ‘TRANSISTION FROM REEL TO REAL LIFE’. He opined that, the way you do one thing is the way you do everything. The five secrets he shared which he uses in his personal life too are:

  • Invest in Yourself
  • Success is an overrated syndrome
  • Respect your parents
  • Focus on process , results will have factors

The sixth session was taken over by Mr Mangesh Parelkar, a language and communication expert on ‘JOY AND PERKS OF READING’. He highlighted the importance of reading and how it offers free entertainment, anytime , anywhere and at zero cost. It brings tranquility in one’s life. The seventh session was conducted by Shri Jayrajsinh Vala, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special Operations Group,

Crime Branch, Ahmedabad City Police, and Mr Krunal Shah, Youth Advisory Board Member, UNICEF India and YuWaah on  ‘ PUZZLE OF MOTIVATION’. They very well explained that a single mistake cannot bring Full stop to your life . The main purpose was to make students aware the difference between Growth , Progress and Success. The eighth session was conducted by Dr. Nischal Bhatt, MD Pediatrics on ‘EMOTIONAL INDEPENDENCE : 1ST STEP TOWARDS EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS’. He wonderfully explained that though we have many facilities in present times as compared to our parents and grandparents we still complain about things we don’t have. The three principles he gave for achieving success are : 1. Slow down 2.  If you think, you will feel. 3. Attitude of gratitude. Overall, ‘Academics & Beyond’  provided the youth with the opportunity to interact with highly accomplished Academicians and Industry experts on Campus and learn new things. The entire event was coordinated by students under the guidance of Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria and Dr. Aashal Bhatt.


Date: 12th January,2023

Faculty of Commerce has been running Swami Vivekananda Study Circle since 2011. The circle aims at spreading and preaching the spirit of universal brotherhood and propagating and imbibing the great ideals of Swami Vivekananda by organizing various inter school and inter collegiate competitions like quiz, elocution, poster making, essay writing etc. throughout the year to promote the values and teachings of Swami Vivekananda.

On 12th January 2023 to celebrate the 160th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda Faculty of Commerce organised inter collegiate and inter school elocution competition where in more than 41 students from different schools and colleges expressed their thoughts on the topic “Dependence is Misery, Independence is Happiness”. The Inter collegiate and inter school elocution competition was judged by Dr. Jigna Vohra and Dr. Nayna Rangwala. The participants beautifully presented their views on the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda in their speech. They emphasized on being financially, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually independent to be happy in life. They very well realized the meaning of Swami Vivekananda’s saying that we are what our thoughts have made us, so take care about what you think. The winners were awarded rotating trophy, certificate and gifts. The entire event was managed by the students under the guidance of Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria and Dr. Gitanjali Rampal .


Winners of Inter-Collegiate Elocution Competition 2023



Name of the Institute


Siya Joshi 

Faculty of Commerce


Mahee Falgubhai Vyas

H L College of Commerce


Acsah Mariam Kurian 

Faculty of Business Administration, GLS University


Krupal Shubhashbhai Munjapura 

Som Lalit Institute of Business Administration


Winners of Inter-School Elocution Competition 2023




Name of the School


Dama Meet Kumar 

St Xavier’s High School 


Veli Champaneria and 

Navkar Public School


Khushi Chhapolika 

Seventh Day Adventist Higher Secondary School


Akshara Tiwari 

Podar International School


Vaishnavi Devadiga

Hiramani School



Date: 1 st December, 2022 Faculty of Commerce organized a session on ‘Voting is our duty and right’ on 1 st December, 2022. The session was conducted by SMPIC Alumni and Radio city’s renowned RJ Harshil who was the Radio brand ambassador for voter’s awareness campaign in Gujarat Elections 2017, State Icon for the elections of Lok Sabha 2019 and in upcoming Elections of 2022 as well. He told the students that all those who are not having election card should get that done quickly as voting is the power of a citizen as well as civic responsibility. He addressed the 18 plus students who are voters for the first time, to vote without fail and use their discretion while choosing whom to vote for. The session was coordinated by Dr. Krupa Bhatt, Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Devyani Chatterji.

The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.


Date:25th Septemeber,2022.

Students of Faculty of Commerce were given the excellent opportunity to participate in the educational visit to IIM Ahmedabad under the program “A Day at IIM.” Participants spent a whole day at IIM Ahmedabad and got a sense of what it’s like to be a student there. They attended a multitude of lectures conducted by distinguished IIMA professors. Lectures on topics including marketing, management, the marketplace, Excel, etc. from the first semester of the MBA were taken. Under the guidance of their professors, students worked on different case studies. The journey from CAT preparation to becoming an IIMA student and joining unicorn firms or MNCs was shared by IIM students as one of their remarkable experiences. Students learned about the numerous activities that take place at IIM and what initiatives are made under their clubs, where they encourage one another toward their career aspirations. Under Management club, Dr.Krupa Bhatt coordinated this visit.


Date: 22nd September, 2022

Under the auspice of ‘Kshitij’ – A career carving cell of Faculty of Commerce, a Group Discussion Competition was organized for the final year students of B.Com. (Hons.) Program. Before the competition, a special workshop on Group Discussion was organized to groom the students and learn the nuances of how to appear for Group Discussion. Participants were given 25 topics on various topics related to current affairs, politics, economics, finance etc. in advance for preparation. Groups of 10 participants were formed and topic was allotted on the spot by the subject expert and the judge for the competition, Mr. Hitesh Devalia. First three minutes were given to the participants for organizing their thoughts on paper and remaining twelve minutes were allotted for discussion. The judgement was based on various parameters like Content, Language Skills, Approach as well as Team Skills. While giving feedback, the judge highlighted on basic issues which participants should bear in mind while appearing for Group Discussion. The first and the foremost important thing that the participant has to be careful about is the comfortable sitting position and one can keep a notepad or paper to pen down the thoughts in the initial time given once the topic is announced. Secondly, no one to one discussion is allowed as they need to address the group as a whole. Also, the importance of body posture was highlighted while putting forward your point should be proper to show active involvement in the group. Finally, 8 participants were awarded with the Best Performer Awards and with personal feedback by the judge for each and every participant. The session was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.


Date: 10 th & 11 th September, 2022.

Faculty of Commerce organized “Explorer 2022” – a two-day National Business Conclave jointly in collaboration with the Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC-ICAI on September 10th and 11th, 2022, wherein students from more than 40 colleges in India participated and competed in various rounds such as Questocity, Pitchers, Case Conqueror Policy Wizard, FIN Exchange, and The Big Brain. It was a privilege to witness the presence of eminent guests at the inaugural function of “Explorer-2022”. The chief guests of the inaugural function were CA CMA and CS Hiranand Savlani-CFO of Astral Limited, Dr. Sudhir Nanavati- President of GLS University, Dr. Chandni Kapadia-Executive Director of GLS University, and CA Dr. Bishan Shah-Chairperson of Ahmedabad Branch-ICAI, Dr. Bhalchandra Joshi-Provost of GLS University, Dr. Dharmesh Shah-Registrar of GLS University, and Deans and Heads of various colleges of GLS University and Professors from different colleges in India. In his welcome address, Dean CA Dr Marzun Jokhi, set the tone for the National Conclave by addressing the audience that “Explorer-2022” is a platform provided to future young entrepreneurs and managers of the nation to foresee the opportunities and difficulties in their coming years of growth. Dr. Sudhir Nanavati, President of GLS University, offered the students guidelines for a meaningful and successful life by citing several examples. He advised them to have an optimistic attitude, to think outside the box, and to be courageous. Dr. Chandni Kapadia, Executive Director, GLS University, rightly mentioned that management is one such subject wherein art, craft, and science merge. In management subjects, the traditional classroom knowledge combined with talent

can be developed into business acumen. Conclaves like “Explorer-2022” help the students gain the global skills set required to succeed in society. CA Bishan Shah advised students on how to embrace disagreements and obstacles, build the right attitude toward business, and therefore acquire entrepreneurial abilities. He expressed his belief in the National Business Conclave, which will gear up students for start-ups and develop a start-up ecosystem. CA, CS, and CMA Hiranand Savlani encouraged the students by sharing his life story of rising from humble beginnings to becoming the CFO of a well-known organization. He advised the students to prioritize learning new skills and expanding their knowledge over a higher salary package during their first few years of employment. He stated that his success lies in bitter experiences and that failure taught him the most valuable lessons . He claims that the keys to success are to be adaptable and open to new experiences, to be decisive, to be a lifelong learner, and to live a healthy lifestyle. The conclave was hosted over two days. The first three rounds (Questocity, Pitchers, and Case Conqueror) were contested on the first day. A distinctive seminar on the ‘Essentials of Business: Branding or Marketing?’ was also organized for the students. The second day began with a very fascinating round called the Policy Wizard, in which participants were assigned a problem and were evaluated on their critical thinking and debating skills. Only the top six teams were allowed to compete in the event’s final round, “THE BIG BRAIN,” in which competitors were required to present an advertisement (marketing strategy) for the business idea they presented in round two. Dean Dr. Marzun Jokhi and CA Bishan Shah proffered trophies and cash prizes to the winners during the valedictory ceremony.

The program was coordinated under the guidance and mentorship of Dean CA Dr. Marzun Jokhi, Dr. Krupa Bhatt, and Dr. Jaimin Patel and the ever-enthusiastic Management Club team students.


Date: 15 th September,2022

Faculty of Commerce organized session on ‘Entrepreneurship’ for students by Mr. Ujval Nagar. He explained trend before, during and after pandemic on digital world. He talked about the need for business to be online accessible for remote customers. He guided the students regarding industrial trend and today’s demand for talented youth. He shared information about ecommerce & marketing. He said< that now a days many new concepts have come in India like podcast, D2C, digital catalogue, mobile commerce etc. He explained examples of Grofers, Big Basket and Ola. The session was very interactive and informative. It was coordinated by Dr. Krupa Bhatt and Dr. Jaimin Patel.

The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.


Date: 3 rd September,2022

“Death is the second fear that people have and Public Speaking is the First!” ……the famous
words lingered on in the mind of all those who were lucky to witness the scintillating
“MANTHAN: A Thought Provoking Mission”– An Inter-Class Elocution Competition 2022
organized by Faculty of Commerce SMPIC, GLS University under the auspices of English and
Reading Club for B.Com.(Hons.) students with an aim to remove their stage fear and improve
oratory skills. It was a brilliant opportunity for students to gain confidence through exposure on
stage & to hone Oratory skills, in terms of pronunciation, delivery, and voice modulation.
It is an event which is “For The Students, Of The Students, By The Students”. The competition
was organized in two rounds. In the Primary Round held on 3 rd September,2022 more than 90
students showcased their oratory skills and delivered speech in Gujarati, Hindi and English
language. Total 25 winners of Primary Round performed with great vigour, zeal and enthusiasm
in the Finale Round which was conducted on 21 st September, 2022. The competition started with
a welcome speech by Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Dr. Marzun Jokhi. Students expressed their
views on the following three topics:

1. Education makes us happier people.
2. Traveling and studying abroad are positive experiences.
3. Need of the Hour : Reduce, Reuse, RECYCLE

All the participants performed exceptionally well & won the hearts of the judges and the
audiences with their presentation, confidence, expression. They exhibited perfect nuances and
finer points that go into making a public speech interesting and captivating. The poise, self-
confidence and praiseworthy articulation delivered by the speakers with uncommon sense of
conviction, made the event memorable to all. Some factors adjudged during the competition
were Entry and exit of the students on the stage, speech content, presentation style, voice
modulation, clarity of speech, expression, dressing sense, Co-Ordination & overall
communication skills. On completion of the last speaker, the judges were invited on stage to
speak a few words of advice for improvement and of encouragement. This was followed by the
announcing of the winners, amidst thunderous applauding. The results were declared by the
judge Prof. Hirva Popat. Khadija Lakdawala secured the 1 st rank, Jiya Thakkar got second rank
and Aditi Singh & Vaishnavi Rao secured the 3 rd rank. Winners were awarded with the
certificates. The competition enabled our students to speak with more clarity and finesse and it
surely was an enjoyable experience for all those who witnessed it. The confidence, expression
and talent of the participants made the event truly memorable. The event was coordinated by Dr.
Bhumika Ansodaria.

The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.


Date: 13 th September,2022


Faculty of Commerce organized an expert session on the topic ‘Developing Reading Skills for Effective Communication’ by Dr. Shubha Nigam. Dr. Shubha Nigam began her session on an interesting note wherein she told students that if you sit on a kitli probably you will be able to meet 100 people and know them, but when you read a book, you meet thousands of people and know about them. On a lighter note, she also told the students that your generation is into making reels and short videos for various social media platforms, you can create interesting characters and tell beautiful stories, if you read books. She very rightly said that to be successful means being a good observer and managing people and situations in appropriate manner. Reading helps you to achieve both in a wonderful manner. She exemplified this with the example of the character of Jeffry Archer’s novel. She further said that business experiences are chaotic and messy. Every business leader needs to be self-aware to navigate complex human issues. Most of the corporate honchos believe that reading guides you into the innermost thoughts of individuals and their struggle. Reading teaches you ‘Chintan’, ‘Manan’ and Manthan’. Here she quoted Mike Henry, sr. VP (operations) at Saga net, who once said that he read in a book, ‘We tend to Judge ourselves by our intentions and we judge others by their results”. This quote he remembered forever. Further she said that business schools teach strategies to succeed but reading teaches ability to neutralize views and to empathize. She ended her session with a wonderful message to the students that, if you want to sharpen some of the most important Business skills, such as the ability to analyse complex human relationships and gain insight into the motivation of others, then the best way to do it is to read books. After the expert session of Dr Shubha Nigam, the winners of Readathon 2021 Pratham Maheshwari, Padmanabh Chavda and Bhoomi Thakkar shared their experiences of participating in Readathon 2021. The session was co-ordinated by Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.

The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.


Date: 5 th September, 2022

The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.

Faculty of Commerce organized Teachers Day Celebrations on 5 th September, 2022, Monday by organizing 2 online competitions: 1. LET’S TEACH (Classroom Teaching Competition) The students of all three years enthusiastically participated in the competition. They taught the fellow students in the class wherein they used various techniques of Power Point Presentation, Quiz etc. The winning students who were the teachers for the day shared their opinions. WINNERS First – Riya Parmar (Sem 3) Second – Kashish Bansal & Dhruv Raval (Sem 1) Third – Raj Suba (Sem 1) & Aditi Singh (Sem 3) Fourth – Lalit Nawani (Sem 3) 2. LET’S CREATE Poster Making Competition Rangoli Competition More than 50 Students enthusiastically participated in Poster Making and Rangoli Competition and created rangoli and posters on the theme of Teacher’s Day. Both the events were judged by Dr. Rajul Goenka, an art enthusiast and an educationist. Poster Making Competition WINNERS First – Krupali Pada (Sem 3) Second – Jiya Thakkar (Sem 1) Third – Varun Shah (Sem 1) Fourth – Diya Mehta (Sem 1) & Kruti Chaudhary (Sem 1) Rangoli Competition WINNERS First – Riya Patel & Naisha Patel (Sem 1) Second- Shreya Thakkar & Vrinda Joshi (Sem 1) Krishika Jain (Sem 5) Third – Asmita Jain (Sem 1) Kiran Paradia & Nirva Jani (Sem 1) Fourth – Neha Makhija & Kashish Brahmkhatri (Sem 1) The event was coordinated by Dr. Gitanjali Rampal & Dr. Beena Patel.

The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.


Date: 12 th September,2022.

Swami Vivekananda Study Circle of Faculty of Commerce, GLS University organized different events like An Expert Talk and a Quiz Competition to celebrate Universal Brotherhood Day. Universal Brotherhood Day is observed to commemorate Swami Vivekananda’s famous speech delivered on September 11, 1893 in Chicago to the delegates of the World Parliament of Religions. An expert talk was delivered by CA Dr. Nilesh Suchak on ‘Magic in the Message of Swami Vivekananda’. In his speech he motivated the students to accept life as a challenge and not as a problem. He explained the students the importance of hard work, honesty, dedication and sincerity in life. He said ‘you do not believe in God until you believe in Yourself’. He asked the students to keep good company because good company can lead us to the path of enlightenment. He said not to do anything for which you have to repent on later. Life is very short and we have to make the best out of it. We should earn fame in this short life. He said Swami Vivekananda helped others without expecting any returns. Life is a drama and we have to play our part faithfully. He discussed Vivekananda’s concept of ‘Vasudev Kutumbkam’ and advised the students to read about the lives of great people of the world. This session was followed by an online Quiz Competition on the ‘Life and teachings of Swami Vivekananda’ in which students participated enthusiastically. The Program was coordinated by Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria.

Rank Name
1st Vishakha Prakash Rochlani
2nd Tushara Sreekumaran Nair
3rd Khushi Ranjit Singh Danewa

The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.


Date: 20 th August,2022

Faculty of Commerce, under the auspices of The Word Wizards – English & Reading Club, every year organizes READATHON – Read, Lead, Succeed Competition. The Readathon Competition inspires students to read most number of books and utilize other library resources and services in the most effective manner, with certain rules and regulations. It is a year long competition which is followed by a Viva. The viva was taken by Dr. Nirja Vasavda, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration (NRBBA), GLS University. She not only conducted the viva but also motivated the students to read variety of genres and even suggested few books as per their choice and taste. The winner of the competition is awarded Best Reader of the Year Award. In academic year 2021-22, 85 students competed for the award. The winners were
Best Reader Of the Year – Pratham Maheshwari
Best Reader Of the Year – Bhoomi Thakkar
Best Reader Of the Year – Padmanabh Chavda
The competition was co-ordinated by Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.

The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.


Date: 6th August,2022.

Under the auspice of ‘Kshitij’ – A career carving cell, a Career Enrichment workshop was organized on ‘Learning Interview Techniques’. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Rohan Garg, an alumnus of IIM- Calcutta. He started the workshop by mentioning that a student should learn the art to drive his/her interview in a particular direction. For that on a humorous note he mentioned, ‘You don’t have to be Rajnikant’ – know it all kind of a candidate. He further added, not to feel shy to say no to any question but be smart in giving answers. If panel is interested in your communication, they will not bother to check the folder of certificates so no need to have too many certificates and awards. He stressed upon English as a language even though it may be simple the candidate is not expected to be a Shakespeare. But practice should be done so at the right time right words should be used.  One should stand in front of the mirror and practice simple sentences of daily routine in English. He highlighted upon three aspects of LSR – listening, speaking and reading. He emphasized that at least the candidate should make sure the opposite person understands what you want to say. Also, one should technically be sound at least in one of your favourite subjects be it Cricket as a game. He shared various tips to improve:  Knowledge, Behavioural and Personality skills, Communication skills, Be ethical, Have confidence, Be smart – presence of mind and the areas to be taken care of –  Dress well, Don’t bluff, Have smiling face, Be calm and relax – have water beforehand, Mobile has to be off or on silent mode.

The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.

The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.


Date: 5th August,2022

Our institute organized an inaugural session of Bridge Course aimed to enhance the English Language Skills of the first-year students who have done their schooling from Gujarati or Hindi medium. Dr. Chetan Mewada, a senior professor and an English language expert conducted the session on ‘How to improve English Speaking Skills.’ Dr. Mewada discussed the reasons Why do Students feel worried, tensed, uncomfortable or anxious  while speaking English? He said that in majority of the cases the factors responsible this diffidence is fear of committing mistake, fear of making negative impression, feeling inferiority complex, weak grammar or vocabulary, fear of pronouncing the word incorrectly or the fear that the image in social life may get spoilt. He shared the following effective tips and methods to master English Speaking skills:

  • Try to talk in English
  • Read English Newspapers, Magazines and Publications regularly
  • Watch television and films in English, if possible, with subtitles
  • Make notes of new vocabulary
  • Read English books aloud
  • Surround yourself with English speakers
  • Practice English whenever possible
  • Work on pronunciation for accuracy
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes
  • Be confident

He advised the students to set SMART goals-S(specific )M(measurable )A(achievable) R  (realistic )T(time bound). He motivated the students to work on their English language skills on regular basis to achieve the best results.  Bridge Course and this session was coordinated by Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria.


Date: 2nd August,2022

Under the auspice of ‘Kshitij’ – a career carving cell of our institute, as a part of Career Enrichment Workshop, Mr. Hitesh Devalia conducted a session on ‘How to participate in Group Discussion’. He started the session explaining the importance of communication skills, body language, facial expressions and hand movements while taking part in group discussion rounds. Especially while appearing for online group discussions, he also suggested how vital it is to position the angle of camera in an appropriate manner. He explained how to categorize the probable topics of group discussion into fact based, abstract, case study as well general. While explaining the significance as to why Group Discussion is required, he emphasized the point of diversity in the group, team skills, decision taking ability, the ease of one’s own self presentation. With interesting examples from Bollywood movies, he suggested the various roles a student can play in group discussion. Lastly, he stressed upon reading in depth, practicing formal discussion in small groups, usage of formal language, learning of general knowledge as well as conducting research at a global level. Also, he ended by giving tips where students have to be alert as to not to shout, not to be indifferent, not to mention about culture at any point of time and not to try to prove anyone wrong. The session was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.


Date: 29th July, 2022

Our institute under the auspice of ‘Academics and Beyond: A Lecture Series’ organized a session on ‘Protecting Ourselves from Cyber Attacks’ by Dr. Madhavi Dave, an eminent speaker and an Assistant Professor of National Forensic Sciences University. She vividly explained students about the different types of cyber-attacks like Malware, Password, Man-in-the-middle, Malvertising as well as phishing and how to take precautionary measures for the same. She strictly told students not to share their password with anyone so as to be cautious about various cyber frauds taking place. At the same time how dangerous it is to share photographs on social media networking sites like WhatsApp and Facebook and how easily they can be copied. She gave live examples where blackmail takes place due to hacking of passwords. The speaker also suggested to put the microphone and cameras disabled while not in use otherwise it tracks the user 24×7. Also, users should update the firewall and the operating system every fortnight. The session became very interactive and interesting when she started discussing how to take cyber security measures. Her suggestions included the following important tips:


  • Not to put location settings on and trying to avoid posting on Facebook the place of travel or boarding an international flight.
  • Not to click strange links thereby getting attracted towards lottery and attractive offers.
  • To have a licensed version of antivirus software in the computer.
  • To read all terms and conditions of mobile phones for cyber security settings.
  • To be anonymous on social media networking sites.
  • Not to post solo pictures and to always post group photographs to avoid cyber frauds and copying.
  • To put opaque tape on the cameras of various devices so that instant photographs cannot be taken by outsiders through webcams.
  • Monitoring bank statements on a regular basis to detect fraud at an early stage.
  • Change of passwords on a regular basis and to keep separate passwords for each device separately.
  • Not to fill up complete details during any registrations for webinars.

Overall, the speaker highly stressed upon putting a self-check for students and asking them to be disciplined as far as their posts are concerned to avoid any kind of mis-happenings. The session was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt.


Date: 27th July, 2022 

 Innovision – The Management Club of our institute organized a special talk show on “deaddiction and awareness”. The session was conducted by renowned psychiatrist and de-addiction expert Dr. Parth Vaishnav. He explained the necessity to understand various psychology related problems. He discussed various mental health issues triggered in the society after Covid 19.   He talked about the frequent habit of online shopping and window shopping. He talked about the types of behavioural addiction like work, food eating and gambling. He also discussed about problems occurring frequently due to drug intake. He advised the young audience to be strong and smart decision maker as and when they encounter any problem. In this case, he advised to make use of analytical power of our mind to take right decision after understanding the situation.  He explained that addiction and obsession turn into   mental problems like depression, anxiety, relationship stress, ADHD, OCD etc. 350 students of the Management Club attended the session and asked various questions on generation changes, mind power, depression, strength and weakness. The session was very interactive and informative. It was co- ordinated by Dr. Krupa Bhatt and Dr. Jaimin Patel.


 Date: 26th July,2022.

Under the auspice of ‘Kshitij’- A career carving cell of our institute, a workshop on ‘IMAGE BUILDING AND POWER DRESSING’ was organized for the final year students by Ms. Vama Rajpal, a specialist in Non- Verbal Communication and Image Building. This seminar was highly informative and helpful for image building in youth for future betterment of career prospects. The purpose of the workshop was to inculcate the professionalism through non -verbal communication in youth for the virtual interview as well. Ms. Vama groomed the students on how the statistics of Non- Verbal Communication works through 55% of communication, 38 % of vocal voice tone and 7% on verbal words with the refreshing knowledge of alphabetics ABC of Communication i.e Appearance, Behaviour and Communication. Students got to know about some surprising facts about the Non-Verbal Communication i.e 7,00,000 signs, 1000 different postures, 5000 Hand Gestures and 2,50,000 Facial Expressions. The highlights of the workshop were the interactive activities and lessons of ideal way of dressing for both women and men taught to students. The workshop was attended by around 120 students. The workshop was coordinated by Placement coordinators Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.


Date: 23rd July 2022

Our institute organized a ‘Study Enhancement and Development Workshop’ –  at Ahmedabad Management Association on Zen Kaizen which is a joint endeavor of Japan Information and Study Center supported by Hyogo International Association, Japan to promote the Kaizen spirit of “Forever in pursuit for excellence”. In the beginning Executive Director of Ahmedabad Management Association, Mr. Unmesh Dixit, welcomed the students.    An International Speaker Mr. Vedang Dave, the life transformer, conducted a session on “Kaizen for Everyday Life” and explained its application in daily life. He explained that the objective of Kaizen is to improve productivity, reduce waste, eliminate unnecessary hard work and humanize the workplace. Kaizen is effective at identifying the three basic types of waste: Muda, Mura and Muri. Kaizen philosophy empowers everyone to assume responsibility for their processes and improve them. Students also visited the Zen Garden and learnt its etiquettes and policies. Zen Gardens are creating a way of life and is associated with stress reduction. It is supposed to evoke feelings of tranquility, calmness and peace. It has mental as well as psychological health benefits. Around 100 students of Semester 5 participated in this workshop and it was coordinated by Dr. Krupa Bhatt, Dr. Jaimin Patel and Dr. Devyani Chatterji.


Date: 18th to 22nd July, 2022.

Our institute organized a week long ORIENTATON PROGRAM for the 1st year students wherein they were welcomed with gusto. The students were informed about the various courses and activities. SMPIC Alumni who have made a mark for themselves, Mr. Nisarg Trivedi, Advocate, High Court of Gujarat, Vishal Shah, Founder, Indie Productions, RJ Harsh, Red FM & Chartered Accountant, CA Aagam Shah, Mr. Jaimil Joshi, Creative Director, Red FM, Mr. Ashutosh Valani, Founder, Beardo, Mr. Dhruv Patel, Gazetted Section Officer, Legislative Assembly of Gujarat, Actor Parikshit Tamaliya, Saatam Aatham Fame and Mr. Ruchit Vakharia, AIR 21 CA Final interacted with the new and budding students and shared their journey from being SMPICites to their current status. Vishal Shah, Dhunki Film Fame, told students that his involvement in the theatre activities of college paved his way towards establishing his company Indie Productions under which he has been conducting workshops and lecture series on theatre in prestigious institutions like IIM, EDI  to name a few. Dhruv Patel motivated students ‘to strike a balance between the fun and study aspect of college life and make the most of it.” Ruchit Vakharia was felicitated on securing AIR 21 rank in  CA Final exam, he expressed his gratitude towards college for the guidance that he received at all levels of CA exam which helped him to get the rank. “It wasn’t a child’s play establishing the multi-million brand Beardo, the lessons of entrepreneurship learnt in the SMPIC classroom guided and motivated me”, said Ashuthosh Valani. On the same note, Jaimil Joshi motivated the students to participate in various events and activities conducted by SMPIC as he himself is a testimonial of the same. Parikshit feels that the participation and the Best Actor Award won in the inter-collegiate competitions of the college bagged him major roles in many Gujarati Films along with the lead role in Saatam Aatham film. Though being a chartered accountant, RJ Harsh pursues his passion of being an actor and RJ whose motivation lies are in the different workshops which he attended at SMPIC. Dean Dr. Marzun Jokhi congratulated the students for successful completion of boards and wished them all the best for their new journey at SMPIC.


Date: 13th July,2022.

 Our institute organised ‘Green production’ a competition for our students based on the theme ‘CONSERVE TO SERVE’- to celebrate the World Environment Day under the auspice of Arthshastra: The Economics Club. This competition was organised at twofold level. In phase 1, Digital Poster Making Competition was organised in the month of June in which students participated in a team and created Digital Poster on Sustainable development, Eco-friendly technology, Public awareness for environment, Go green, Save natural resources etc. The objective behind organising this event was to create awareness regarding art and environment among the students. In phase 2, Green production Competition was organised on 13th July, 2022  in which students prepared an Eco-friendly model by using selected used material or waste such as newspapers, used plastic bottles, jute rope, clay, leaves, flowers, boxes, natural colours etc. Moreover, the models were cost minimising and profit maximising. All the participating teams made the presentation on their creative eco-friendly product through different marketing strategy. Final winners were announced by our Judge Mr. Kunal Gidwani. The major objective behind this event is to encourage youth to be responsible citizen and save environment, so that future generations could utilise all natural resources equally. The event was co-ordinated by Dr. Anjali Trivedi and Dr. Beena Patel.


Date: 1st July, 2022

Our institute organized an expert session and a Quiz Competition as a part of CA Day celebration and 5th GST Day celebration. Guest speaker CA Bishan Shah, Chairperson of the Ahmedabad branch of WIRC of ICAI motivated students to pursue higher studies and to make a bright career. He emphasised on the significance of commerce in our day-to-day life. He shared the experience of his academic journey and gave the success mantra to our students. More than 100 students participated in the Quiz competition which was based on Taxation, Accounting and Finance. Winners of this Quiz competition were Jatan Mehta, Devanshi Jain, Srushti Bhojwani, Khushi Balvani, Aman Khanna, Vrishti Malhotra. The event was co-ordinated by Dr. Jaimin Patel and Dr. Anjali Trivedi.


Date: 29th June 2022

Our institute celebrated the 16th National Statistics Day 2022 with an objective to create awareness about Statistics and to commemorate the 129th birth anniversary of Padma Bhushan Awardee and the legendary statistician Dr. Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis who is popularly known as the Father of Modern Indian Statistics. Our institute has been organizing various Statistical activities under the banner of STATSTORM – The Statistical Club since last 20 years. This year our institute organized 3 different competitions like Statistical Quiz in  Statistics and Mathematics, Poster Making Competition with the theme Use of Data in various areas and Article Writing and Power Point Presentation  wherein various topics like Financial Frauds, India’s position of Inflation, GDP, India’s rank of happiness index compared with its human development index at Global level, Comparative study of India’s literacy and employment, Women Empowerment, Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion of Women and Students, and many more. Students prepared lovely posters and prepared articles on Rural and Urban Population of India, Child Labour, Fight Human Trafficking, Impact of Covid on Educational Sector, GDP, Employment, Health Awareness and Life Expectancy, Crime Rate in India, Road Infographics of India etc. Statistical Quiz was based on the basics of Statistics and Mathematics, Mathematical Puzzles, Graphs, etc. Guest speaker and judge of the event Prof. Shubhra Nanavaty presented her views on “Statistics and its role in Big Data Analytics in the real world”. The event was coordinated by Dr. Devyani Chatterji.


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