Alumni Speaks

Faculty of Commerce has a strong alumni association of its past students, who are well-placed in different fields across the globe. This association is a bridge between the students and their alma mater. It provides opportunities for alumni to stay connected with their past. In fulfilling its commitment to strengthen relations with alumni, the Institute organizes a host of activities to enhance the interaction. Our alumni constantly makes efforts to keep in touch with the college and extend their whole-hearted support whenever required. Alumni of our institute have achieved great success in fields like Entrepreneurship, Academics, Social Service, Arts and Creativity and have brought repute to the Institute. We are proud of our alumni and grateful for the love and appreciation it gets from them.

Paresh Pahuja - second lead role 'Azan' in Salman Khan starrer "Tiger Zinda Hai"
I had the talent but did not have a proper platform, proper push and proper mentorship to make my dreams come true. It all became possible because of SMPIC. In this institute, I truly discovered and explored my talent.
Riya Subodh - India’s Next Top Model winner and a successful model
The day I got admission in SMPIC, I knew that nothing can stop me now. Taking part in fashion shows and in various other events at smpic has made a big contribution in my victory at the top international level competition for aspiring models.
Nisarg Trivedi - A successful lawyer and entrepreneur
Quality education at smpic made my academic side very strong and various activities made me a smart and confident professional. I am grateful to my institute smpic.
Ashutosh Valani - Founder and Director, "Beardo"
When I look back to my college days, I realise that how the training and mentoring by my institute has helped me build my confidence, flourish my creativity and imagination which eventually resulted into my being a successful entrepreneur.
Parth Thakkar - Leading Music Director of Gujarati Film Industry

There is no scarcity of talent in this country. What is required, is right opportunity. The music activities of SMPIC gave me a huge platform that developed creativity and stage courage in me. And because of that, today I am a leading name in music industry.

Abhishek Badarshahi - Dance plus 2020 winner

My talent was quite raw before I entered SMPIC. My dance skills got polished in smpic. I got very good platform, very good opportunities and very good learning experience in this institute. Whatever dance skills, whatever stage skills, whatever creativity that I have today is because of a huge contribution of smpic.

Vijyendra Kumeriya - TV star..'Nagin' fame

I still remember those rehearsals, those mentoring by the choreographers, those encouragement by the college authorities and the faculties. The grooming I received and the confidence I gained in this institute has helped me a lot to become a professional artist at National TV.

Dhwaj Hariya - International Billiards Champion

As an international billiards player I not only needed support to pursue my sports career but also needed to manage my academic side in a convenient manner. I must admit that the quality education and the readiness of faculties to help me to cope with my studies was quite appreciable at smpic.

Manas Shah - popular TV star and Gujarati Film Actor

Before joining SMPIC was a shy and less confident type of a boy. I learnt the lessons of theatre and acting in SMPIC. Only through various activities like fashion shows, drama competitions etc. Thanks to smpic, today I am a well-known face on national television and Gujarati film industry.

Kavish Panchal - Cricketer

Cricket is a very expensive game to pursue. But SMPIC supported me thoroughly with coaching facilities, equipment, ground etc. I also got all the necessary support for coping up with my studies with extra sessions and the team of faculty ever ready to help anytime.

Harsh Thakkar - RJ Harsh

Smpic taught me to balance between CA preparations, B.Com. and extra activities. Due to excellent education and a lot of activities, I always scored good marks and also won many prizes in dance and theatre. I am a successful RJ and a successful professional today. Thank you so much smpic.

RJ Harshil

SMPIC has always been successful in shaping careers of its students. And I am no exception. A successful RJ requires clarity of thought, confidence and creativity. SMPIC has contributed a lot in developing these qualities in me.

Kamlesh Karamchandani - Entrepreneur

Smpic means combination of theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and life skills. I consider myself very fortunate to study in this institute. I give huge credit to smpic for my being a successful entrepreneur today.

Ms. Pooja Gor - T V Star

I experience a great sense of pride for being a student of SMPIC. My message to all SMPIC students, cherish what you have till you have it and participate in all the activities taking place in the college because you will surely miss it later. Also, these activities help the students to boost creative, cultural and communicative skills. It is because of these skills that I stand as a good actor and orator today.

Ms. Shivangi Mehra

I want to thank all my Professors who were not only my Mentors but also my friends, philosophers and guides, without whom I couldn’t have been so confident. I express my special my special gratitude to our beloved Principal whose support has been a pillar of strength.

RJ Kunal Radio Mirchi

It’s my great honour and priviledge to talk about the great relation that I share with SMPIC. The three years which I spent in this college have been the most valuable and nurturing years dof my life. Fests which always have been an integral part of SMPIC for instance: FACETS, Indradhanush, inter-college events and of course University Youth festivals, provided a great platform for my overall development.

Faiz – Model

I feel very lucky to have been a part of SMPIC and even luckier to be a member of the extra-curricular activities. I would heartily like to thank all the professors for continuously motivating us and giving us a wonderful platform to showcase our skills and the Principal sir for guiding us throughout our journey.

Shambhav- Entrepreneur

I remember the first day I entered the gate of SMPIC. The crowd and strangers made me nervous but as I started getting familiar with the college, the professors and the students, I realized that SMPIC promised me the best moments of my life. SMPIC has proved as an opportunity which I practically lived with.

Goonj Thakkar-Fear Factor Finalist

Today, I carry with me the proud responsibility of being an Smpicite, sweet memories of the college events like ad-mad, anchoring, best friends for life and role models in form of my professors. Thank yoy SMPIC for developing my personality in a manner that I can very proudly say that the world is my forte.

Supal Shah

I have been a part of GLS since 17 years i.e. since my jr. kg till the graduation. SMPIC, the word itself for me contains the whole world in it. My journey at SMPIC started on 11th June, 2009 by standing in a long queue at 4 a.m. just for getting the admission in the college. Officially though the college life has ended now, the journey of those 3 years will be remembered and cherished forever. This journey has transformed me from an introvert guy to a complete extrovert gentleman. It has helped me to know who I am and what I need to become in my life. It has given me a chance to know my aptitude and interest towardswhich I need to progress. And I am really thankful to the college for whatever it has given me! During the 3 years of my college life, SMPIC gave me the best professors of my life who are my friend, philosopher and guide.

Thank you SMPIC !! 🙂

Sneha Shah

Whenever you take up some task, put your heart into it. The precedence of this action would develop wonderful results. Whenever you fabricate interest, it not only shows in your work but also becomes apparent to those around you, as well. I do not refute your choice of ‘smart work’ but once taken up, give your best shot to the task on hand for wholesome results. SMPIC is full of magnanimous opportunities pertaining to diverse niches. It extends to you not only a platform for growth and development but also moulds you completely on the whole! Every single faculty member would zealously orient you and gently nudge you towards the summit of success. If you have the drive in you to achieve something, you most probably will! Make the most of what you have because not everyone is half as lucky or remotely as talented as you are. Discover your spunk, take a leap of faith and just believe in you.

Dushyant Sharma

To be very honest winning this award was my aim since the day I entered college. Winning the award has given me a great morale boost. I now never fear that my efforts will go in vain. It has made me more competent. Leading the Josh team for three Consecutive Years and beating IIM-B at a Biz Quiz were the happiest moment for me. A big thanks to each and every member of Josh and other teams I have been a part of. I am grateful to Respected Principalsir, all the Professors without whose encouragement and support nothing was possible. I feel blessed to work withalmost all the respected Professors of our college. I must say that SMPIC has the best

and the coolest faculty in town. What makes an SMPICite talent special is the support which our Professors give us. In the end I must say that the best thing about SMPIC is “PRISM” because it’s the only thing which will keep reminding us about the awesome institute we were a part of. So a big Salute to the Faculty and the team behind it.

Proud to be a SMPICITE….HAIL SMPIC..!!

Masooma Kapadia

When I came in I had nothing in hand, my life was as usual steady and stand, I was afraid for me to explore, but SMPIC taught me its time to grow more. Once I started no clue where to go, at the moment I started feeling low, but there were friends and there were you all, who made me believe there is no word called no. The time I learnt how to fly , I was not alone to answer my why’s, SMPIC stood there for me, Every time I was asked to cross the sea. Not only winning and not only competition, SMPIC taught me the way of participation, not only accounts and not only management, but values to make my life a compliment. In 3 years when I laughed and when I cried, SMPIC helped to face all my fights, every time I felt my life to be low, SMPIC was there to make me learn and make me grow. Today after three years, I say, my days in SMPIC were full of gay, cant stop life,it will run and flow, but being a proud SMPICite I say ,yes, SMPIC has taught me to learn and grow.  Not boring u all much, in the end just last few lines,

In hard times,SMPIC has proved to be a savior,

It prepares SMPICites to bravely move ahead of barriers,

so they rightly say, “we mould minds and shape careers.”