Learning from various mediums of expressions has been an integral part of education. With this understanding, CINEMATES – The Movie Club is formed at the institute to screen movies every fortnight.

Informal education is an essential part of the modern studying process. Organizing a fun movie club is a great method for bringing informal education into the classroom and creating a more meaningful bond with the students which is the key to active and engaging teaching.

The purpose of this club is mainly learning through interaction and discussion. The activities carried out by the Movie Club will encourage students to develop a different perception towards films. The movies screened mainly focuses on life skills, socially relevant issues and managerial skills like leadership, team spirit, group dynamics, creativity, self-motivation etc. Screening of movies like ‘The Namesake’ which are based on novels and are a part of the syllabus too is organized. We even invite the directors and makers of films and documentaries to educate the students regarding various aspects of movie and documentary making. All the activities of Cinemates – The Movie Club are co-ordinated by Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.