Date: 7th September,2021

Speaker:  Dr. Shubha Nigam, academician by vocation and an Author, a Youtuber, a theatre artist and a stand-up comedian by passion

Highlights: Dr. Shubha Nigam began her session on an interesting note wherein she told students that if you sit on a kitli probably you will be able to meet 100 people and know them, but when you read a book, you meet 1000s of people and know about them. She very rightly said that to be successful means being a good observer and managing people and situations in appropriate manner. Reading helps you to achieve both in a wonderful manner. She exemplified this with the example of the character of Jeffry Archer’s novel. She further said that business experiences are chaotic and messy. Every business leader needs to be self-aware to navigate complex human issues. Most of the corporate honchos believe that reading guides you into the innermost thoughts of individuals and their struggle. Reading teaches you ‘Chintan’, ‘Manan’ and Manthan’. Here she quoted Mike Henry, sr. VP (operations) at Saganet, who once said that he read in a book, ‘We tend to Judge ourselves by our intentions and we judge others by their results”. This quote he remembered forever. Further she said that business schools teach strategies to succeed but reading teaches ability to neutralize views and to empathize. Reading teaches that people who are intelligent can see things differently and further she said that people are not born intelligent but the achieve it by reading great minds. She shared a beautiful quote by Warren Buffet: “At the age of 19, I read a book and what I am doing today, at the age of 76, is running through things through the same thought process that I leaned from the book I read at 19.” She ended her session with a wonderful message to the students that, if you want to sharpen some of the most important Business skills, such as the ability to analyse complex human relationships and gain insight into the motivation of others, then the best way to do it is to read books.