– Siddhi Shah

The 21st century is the era of revolution. Many times, when I look back at the past decades or even read about how the entrepreneurial world used to work back then does give me a surprise. The times when setting up a business was a great deal, one had to run at different offices and places to get the process and papers done correctly, where one had to hire and himself/ herself go to market their product and services when the newspaper and magazines advertisements, television advertisements were really in high demand as other means of technology barely existed. As the years passed by the development and innovation of technology took a 360-degree turn. Where one had to go different places to obtain information regarding goods, services, places etc. Now, has everything on one palm as everything is just a few clicks away as mobile phones and the internet, social media came in as the game-changers. There were times when one had to search and pay a heavy price for developing websites for businesses but now, there are sites specially developed with the concept of artificial intelligence to develop websites at low cost and using that even small businesses can get the benefit too. Reaching masses in no time has become easy because of SEO (search engine optimization) one can reach the desired audience. Especially for the entrepreneurial world internet and AI plays a major role as it helps them to attract traffic towards their good and services and help the entrepreneurs to cater large audience at once. Decades back when only physical forms of currencies existed and had a governed body to control them, now exits is a purely digital form with no governing body with the help of blockchain Crypto Currencies and NFT came in existence, one can mine them and either invest and use them for the future business transactions, it’s insane of how the crypto and NFT blew up and now millions of individuals use and create a cryptocurrency. Another game-changer that came into existence is metaverse, which allows you to create an avatar and virtually transfers you to any place you want. Big business organizations, institutions and use it to diversify their series of operations too. Especially for the entrepreneurial world, all the digital aspects play a major role and also is majorly dependent on the digital aspect the most, reason being, most of their traffic is derived from the internet, majorly transactions are done digitally too, hence the entrepreneurial world is now already majorly digitalized and in upcoming years it would be diving even deeper.

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