Learn, Unlearn & Relearn

With technology expanding to the education sector, the importance of eLearning education cannot be overlooked in today’s digital world. The implications of digitization are evident in the field of education and have contributed to significant shifts in the way education is taught and consumed. Applying eLearning at all stages of education has helped ensure that students progress at a quicker rate. e-शिक्षा of Faculty of Commerce(SMPIC) aims to strengthen and expand students’ skills and their knowledge on various topics through e-learning experience. With e-शिक्षा, Students can access online sessions on an infinite number of occasions, which is extremely helpful to them at the time of revision or studying for an exam. e-शिक्षा resources pair curriculum-aligned content with online learning tools making giving and receiving simpler, prolific, and productive by keeping students engaged in learning and on track for future success. It is our humble effort to effectively design learning experiences by creating new types of materials to facilitate higher learning.