Date: 30th  July, 2021

Speaker: Mr. Abhinay Banker, Renowned and Awarded Actor, Director and Playwright in Indian Theatre and Cinema

Highlights: Mr. Abhinay Banker discussed how film creation and appreciation are two different talents. The way making a film is an art, watching a movie too is an art. Films are basically the reflection of society. They tell stories about our lives so they have a deep impact on our society. Not only making a film is an act of responsibility but while watching a movie, the audience too should behave responsibly. He discussed the journey of movies from silent films to the talkies and the modern-day cinema. He showed few clips from Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times and Dear Zindagi wherein he discussed cinematography, music as a part of story, sound effects, long and short shots and many other aspects of film. He even talked about how parallel cinema works as a social documentary in our society.