Monitors Connected To Hp Laptop Dock Randomly Blank Out

Do you have any suggestions on how to fix the bios problem so my wireless mini pci card will be accepted by my laptop again? Like Steven I am assuming this is the problem…. Remove the keyboard, access the video cable and check the connection. Bad connection between the video cable and motherboard/video card. It’s easy, cheap and you have a good chance to fix the problem. If not, you’ll have to replace the LCD screen .

  • If your computer runs slow, it could be because MsMpEng.exe is hogging CPU resources.
  • If this problem is caused by one of them, there is no need to continue.
  • Mind you, this is not a reset or restart, which doesn’t remove power from chips, this is a power cycle so that the chips forget the last state they were in.
  • The page is black and it comes up before Windows.

In a case like yours, we usually try to spray connectors with ProGold and reseat the FL inverter. If it doesn’t help we replace the inverter board. I have a laptop here in repair, and I think the videocard is broken(it’s a seperate geforce 5700 go). The laptop displays strange white dots all over the display when booting, and I don’t think it passes the videobios. I’m thinking of ordering a new videocard for this laptop, do you think this is wise?

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If the video card is integrated into the motherboard, it’s possible you ‘ll have to replace the motherboard. If your laptop has a discrete video card, the video card has to be reseated or replaced. I suspect you have either a bad inverter board or failing backlight lamp . Does this model have the lid close switch – a small button located close to one of the hinges? If the lid close switch is dirty, it might get stuck inside the case and the laptop “thinks” the lid is closed. Because of that the backlight is turned off.

Goes To Blank Screen With Cursor After Log

Checked the BIOS, and default ACPI setting powers down all except memory on standby. This may have triggered the problem in the first place. Set it only stop CPU activity to hopefully avoid problem in future. I would say that this has something to do with a startup file. You should put your Windows seven disc in and try to do a boot sector repair. Before this all happened, I downloaded “Norton free 90 day trial”.