Date: 28th September,2021

Speakers: Dhruvit Shah, Rahul Meghnani

Highlights: Dhruvit Shah talked about the experiences he gained as a student in his shaping years at the institute and how various management activities made him dream big to become a leading entrepreneur. He in detail talked about how he started his startup of selling Indian textiles online.  He endeavours to develop Source It Right into a textile ecosystem in the coming future, helping designers and manufacturers grow into new markets. He answered lots of questions raised by the audience like

What role did college play in your journey?

How did your seniors contribute to your journey in college years?

Can you share with us how what you learned at college is helping you now?

How did our professors contribute to your college journey and real-life journey?

How was your initial journey to the business world after college life?

How did you plan out your startup?

Despite not being MBA, you started your own business; how did you do it?

2015 batch student Rahul Meghnani interacted with the present batch talking about the benefits of eating right for a healthy life. Mr. Rahul Meghnani  is a weight management specialist and a clinical and sports nutritionist. Rahul Meghnani was here to spread awareness and share his expert knowledge on how unintentionally we are falling for chronic diseases. He is talked about eating healthy and staying healthy. There were many questions raised by the students like How to start eating Healthy?

How long it can take to love or like exercise

Should we take supplements?

Which diet is the best diet?

How to reduce belly fat?

Why is healthy eating so expensive?

Water intake during meals?

Can we drink meal replacement shakes?

Can we eat diet, low sugar, low fat labeled foods?

This turned out to be a very interesting topic for the students as post covid19 it is of utmost importance to eat right and stay healthy.