Bachelor of Commerce – B.Com. Honours

B.Com. (Hons.) Programme is Three Years (Six Semesters) Degree Programme of 144 credits. The course is multi-disciplinary and aims at providing a strong foundation level understanding of the functioning of business organizations, commercial transactions and various specialised operations such as Accounting, Commerce and Management by offering a comprehensive curriculum. The curriculum is developed considering the desired level of knowledge exposure in the context of the ever changing environment in global business. More specifically, the programme is intended:

  • To develop the necessary professional knowledge and skills in Accounting, Commerce and Management, by adopting learner-centric pedagogical practices.
  • To make every Commerce graduate eligible for professional studies such as CA, ICWA/CMA, CS, CIMA, MBA or other Masters Programmes in Commerce/ Management.
  • To enhance employability of the students in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Commerce, Management, Banking, Insurance or general job.
  • To nurture the students in intellectual, personal, inter-personal and societal skills with focus on holistic education leading to their overall development.
  • To provide contemporary curriculum that bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

Master of Commerce – M.Com

Master of Commerce (M.Com.) programme aims to provide students with sound knowledge of accounting, management and business practices. The two- year programme of 80 credits is divided in to 4 Semesters. The broad aim of the M.Com. Programme is the preparation of the participants for executive positions in Management. The approach is inter-disciplinary with emphasis on the development of conceptual knowledge and problem solving ability on issues regarding Corporate Accounting, Tax and Finance in the context of Strategic Management Planning. More specifically, the programme is intended to:

  • Create the structure which affords the participants an opportunity to develop a decision-focused approach to management.
  • Provide opportunities to the participants to explore and to discuss corporate managerial accounting for decision making.
  • Develop the ability, given a particular situation within a business environment, to identify key issues, focus on relevant information, rank the issues in the order of importance, processes required in computations and undertake financial modelling, suggest and debate alternative courses of action, select the most appropriate course of action, develop the ability to present a motivated solution to small and large groups of participants and develop the participants’ written and oral communication skills.

Degree Awarded: Master of Commerce