Date:  13th February, 2021.

Speaker: RJ Harsh Thakker, RED FM

Highlights: A dynamic, enthusiastic and prominent Radio Jockey – RJ Harsh Thakkar, an SMPIC alumnus started his interaction with the students remembering his early days in SMPIC. He talked about his growth and journey as an actor and orator and finally as a Radio Jockey(RJ) at Red FM.  He became nostalgic talking about the GLS management nurturing the unpolished talent and helping them grow. He talked about the early days of Radio and its evolvement in spite of radio facing a tough competition from Audio-visual equipments. He pointed out the reasons why has the radio stayed on and the changes that has occurred in the radio presentation all these years worldwide and in India. He narrated his journey of becoming an RJ right from getting selected from around 2000 applicants to the responsibility that he shoulders to reach everyone’s hearts by his shows ‘RedFM ka Adda and Indipop’. He informed the students that the job of an RJ is a 24×7 and the preparation that goes into preparing the talk is immense. RJ has to always bear in mind that at a time he is catering to a lady listening to him in kitchen as well as a male driving a car. So he needs to be very careful about what his own perception towards the content and news to be shared with people at large. According to him the salary that an RJ receives is for the matter which they don’t have to speak. Each and every day is a constant reality check of RJ as a person and the profession has nothing to do with the personal emotions of an individual as a whole. As it is rightly said, ‘With power comes responsibility’. The pressure attached with the work as well as the role played by social media makes the profession of  an RJ a very responsible person. He further suggested that students need to be careful while choosing this as a career option and should keep an alternative career plan ready as this pandemic has taught us to be ready about uncertainties of future.