The Art Studio is a fine art club of the institute. It is created to nourish the artistic and creative side of the students and to provide them platform to showcase and sharpen their creative skills. The club organises Fine Arts workshop, Photography workshop and various other activities throughout the year to encourage students to express their thoughts, feelings and creativity through the various art forms. Various activities of the Art Studio comprises of Chocolate and Cakes Making, Paper Quilling, Calligraphy, Lamasa, Painting, Rangoli, Collage, Face Painting, Body Tattooing, Mehndi etc. The club also organises Intra- college and Inter-collegiate competitions.  Photography workshop is organised each year in which experts guide the students to learn various techniques and the nuances of photography. The club strives to bring the latent talents of the students to limelight. All the activities of the club are coordinated by Dr. Rajul Goenka.