Date: 18-01-2024

 Faculty of Commerce organized an interactive session titled “INVEST TODAY FOR YOUR TOMMOROW,” under the banner of Academics and Beyond. The session was conducted by an expert speaker Mr. Nishant Bali, a Chartered Market Technician Degree holder and is a proud member of the Market Technicians Association – USA. He started  the session by throwing light on financial market being the next big wave due to increasing demand, with over 14 crore de-mat accounts and 4 crore active clients, representing just 3% of Indian households. Additionally, 74% of 40 million new clients are below 35 years old. Developed nations show 45% population participation, while 25% of Indians are financially literate. Recent exchanges’ volume surge by 120% in the last 6 months indicates a growing trend.  Moving on to the mutual fund (MF) industry, less than 20% of Indians invest in MF, with a total AUM exceeding 46 lakh Crs. Monthly SIPs are over 15,000 Crs., and AUM has seen a sixfold rise in the last decade. The financial capital shift from Mumbai to Gift City is driven by factors such as the replacement of DIFS, Singapore Nifty traders, trading exclusively in dollars, abundant job opportunities, and tax holidays. He advised the students to adapt to change or risk being changed by it, to start investing early, taking inspiration from the likes of Warren Buffett. The entire session was managed by event managers under the guidance of Dr. Aashal Bhatt.


Date: 12-01-2024

Every year, on 12th January 2024 to celebrate the 161st birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, GLS University’s Faculty of Commerce organizes Inter collegiate and Inter school elocution competition under the auspice of Swami Vivekanand Study Circle. This year a total of 40 students from different schools and colleges expressed their thoughts on the topics “Swami Vivekananda’s Ideas and Philosophy of Education” and “Swami Vivekananda’s Vision of Empowering Women in India”. The Inter collegiate and inter school elocution competition was judged by Mr. Sachin Dhedia, an academician and Ms. Dhara Janak, an actor, writer and director. The participants presented their views on the philosophy of Swami Vivekananda in their speech in three languages- English, Hindi and Gujarati. They talked about how swami Vivekananda always said a ‘student who seeks comfort will not attain knowledge and to attain it, they must abandon the comfort’. He respected women and talked about their progress. According to him, country’s progress is not determined by its machines or wealth, it is determined by the literacy level of the people living in it. Everyone has the power to become a lion and if not they become fox. The winners were awarded rotating trophy, certificate and gifts. The entire event was managed by the students under the guidance of Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria and Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.

Winners of Inter-Collegiate Elocution Competition 2024
PositionNameName of the Institute
1stMana ShahAhmedabad University
2ndShreya DhandhukiyaFaculty of Performing Arts, GLS University
3rdDhruvi SavaniFaculty of Business Administration, GLS University
3rdTwara MankadFaculty of Management, GLS University
Winners of Inter-School Elocution Competition 2024
 PositionNameName of the School
1stKashish KodwaniSt. Xavier’s High School, Loyola High
2ndRutu ChauhanShree Narayan Guru Vidyalay
2ndDarsh GuptaDivan-Ballubhai secondary school
3rdKavya PandyaSakar English School

GUEST SESSION ON ‘GLS TO IIM…’ - Academics and Beyond – Lecture Series

Date: 10-01-2024

 Faculty of Commerce organized an interactive session titled “GLS TO IIM,” under the banner Academics and Beyond by an expert speaker Mr. Vipul Tyagi, a three-time Gold Medalist in Mathematics. He discussed India’s goal of achieving a $26 trillion GDP by 2047 and highlighted key career sectors such as digital payment, finance, data analytics, credit, banking, and electricity generation. He emphasized the impact of AI on the workforce but noted that passion-driven roles, like exceptional salespeople, remain crucial. Reflecting on CAT exam success, he drew parallels with achievers like Novak Djokovic, underscoring the importance of genuine effort, consistent practice, and critical thinking. Addressing why many students struggle with CAT, he pointed out that 90% prioritize outcomes, and only 25,000 exhibit the necessary attitude for success. To overcome these challenges, He stressed the need to upgrade one’s life, eliminate toxic influences, avoid waiting for the perfect moment, and embrace the difficulty of pursuing dreams. Success, he concluded, starts with acknowledging shortcomings and committing to greatness against the odds. The entire session was managed by event managers under the guidance of Dr. Aashal Bhatt.


Date: 05-01-2024

Faculty of Commerce a front runner institute in students centric activities organised Model United Nations -MUN 2.0 on 5th, 6th  and 7th  of January 2024. The inaugural ceremony was organised on 5th  January where Mr. Amit Upadhye, an  Architect of International repute and a faculty member at Arizona State University, United States was the chief guest. He motivated the students with the story of his life journey by sharing his experiences of his work at IIM Ahmedabad to becoming the principal architect in Arizona, USA . He emphasised the role of a GURU in the life of each and every individual. On this Occasion provost of GLS University Dr. Dharmesh Shah talked at length about the tag line of United nations- peace, dignity and equality on the healthy planet. Talking about the importance of participating in MUN, he said that students can gain knowledge by researching about different countries from their origin and history to the latest developments. MUNs not only boost their confidence but it also helps students to develop their leadership skills. In MUN 2.0 approximately around 375 delegates from 23 cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Haryana, Cochin, Rajkot, Vadodara, Gandhinagar and many other cities wherein 75 different schools and colleges ranging from the age group of 11 to 24 years took active part.  The three day Successful event concluded with a grand valedictory function, where two separate sets of prizes including cash prize, certificate and trophies were awarded to the winners from each committee from schools as well as colleges. The event continues to be a platform for fostering intellectual growth, global awareness  and collaborative problem-solving among the participants.


Date: 21-12-2023

Under the banner of ‘Kshitij’ – Career Carving Cell, an expert speaker, Advait M., conducted a Career Enrichment Workshop on the topic ‘Impression Infusion: Crafting Lasting Impact in Interviews.’ The session began by emphasizing that effective communication is the fundamental cornerstone in a personal interview. In interviews, strategically selling yourself through effective storytelling becomes the key to presenting skills and experiences persuasively, fostering a stronger connection with the interviewer. He provided a simple idea on how to face basic questions in interviews: chronologically structure your profile with a captivating hook, academic details, diverse hobbies, notable achievements, and roles/internships. This arrangement maximizes the impact of each “card,” creating a concise and compelling narrative. He shared a technique called STAR for making a story to sell yourself.

S – Situation: Describe the situation when it took place and what was involved.
T – Task: As a result of this situation, what needed to happen?
A – Action: Provide details about the actions taken to reach the achieved goal.
R – Result: What was the outcome?

Overall, the workshop provided a comprehensive guide to navigate interviews with confidence and impact. The entire session was coordinated by the event managers under the guidance of Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.

CAREER ENRICHMENT WORKSHOP - ‘Mastering the Art of Powerful Vocabulary’

Date: 20-12-2023

Under the banner of ‘Kshitij’ – Career Carving Cell, a Career Enrichment Workshop was conducted by an expert speaker Mr. Debashish Chakraborti. The session, titled ‘Mastering the Art of Powerful Vocabulary,’ began with an emphasis on verbal aptitude, encompassing facets such as grammar, reasoning, vocabulary, and reading skills. Making the learning process enjoyable one can enhance proficiency in these areas and select the right words which are crucial for effective communication. Mr. Debashish emphasized that improving vocabulary not only boosts confidence but can also contribute to higher earnings, as vocabulary plays a pivotal role in shaping one’s personality. He concluded by suggesting that, rather than memorizing words in isolation, one should associate them with daily experiences and even create a “word family.” Connecting words to familiar contexts makes learning more engaging. He advised avoiding the monotony of learning from roots and instead, framing the vocabulary journey within a paragraph to appreciate the significance of each word in a broader context. The vocabulary building session concluded with participants expressing increased confidence in using newly acquired words. The holistic approach, combining definition, usage, and interactive exercises, contributed to an effective and enjoyable learning experience. Encouraging continued self-directed learning was emphasized to foster a lasting impact on participants’ language proficiency. The entire session was coordinated by the event managers under the guidance of Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.


Date: 18-12-2023

Under the banner of ‘Kshitij’ – Career Carving Cell of Faculty of Commerce, as a part of Career Enrichment Workshop, Mr. Hitesh Devalia conducted a session on “Battle of Discussion”. He started with the importance of communication skills, body language, facial expressions and hand movements while taking part in group discussion rounds. He explained how to categorize the probable topics of group discussion into fact based, abstract, case study as well general. While explaining the significance as to why Group Discussion is required, he emphasized the point of diversity in the group, team skills, decision taking ability, the ease of one’s own self presentation.  With interesting examples from Bollywood movies, he suggested the various roles a student can play in group discussion. Lastly, he stressed upon reading in depth, practicing formal discussion in small groups, usage of formal language, learning of general knowledge as well as conducting research at a global level. Also, he ended by giving tips where students have to be alert as to not to shout, not to be indifferent, not to mention about culture at any point of time and not to try to prove anyone wrong. The session was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Kruti Shah.


Date: 01-12-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized FOC SUMMIT 2023, a dynamic two-day intra-college competition organized by "Innovision: The Management Club." With over more than 100 participants engaging in various events, the summit uniquely fused Business Management and Model United Nations, fostering a space for participants to explore the intersection of diplomacy and connectivity, gaining practical insights and expanding their horizons. In this competition, five distinct events were orchestrated. 'AD MAD' event offered a unique platform to budding marketers to showcase creativity, present products effectively, and seize the opportunity to elevate their marketing expertise. 'BIZVIEW' was a dynamic event offering a platform for participants to showcase their skills, from crafting impeccable CVs under time constraints to navigating real-world business crises. Founded in 1875, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is Asia's oldest, playing a key role in India's capital market. The event "Bull Ring" was organized to elucidate its historical significance, featuring the trading of stocks, derivatives, and financial instruments. FOC SUMMIT 2023 provided a unique opportunity to invest in the future, equipping participants with invaluable skills to navigate the interconnected modern world, fostering both business acumen and international relations expertise. The entire event was coordinated by Management club students under the guidance of Dr. Krupa Bhatt and Dr. Jaimin Patel.


Date: 16-10-2023

Faculty of Commerce organizes various competitions under the auspices of Word Wizards- The Reading Club, 'Reader of the Month' and 'Reader of the Year'. The students are encouraged by the reading club to improve their vocation, communication, presentation and most importantly, reading skills by reading a variety of books and passionately engage in such competitions. 'Reader of the Month' competition was held successfully with enthusiastic participation from the students, along with fair and insightful judgements from the judge. The competition was based on the various books read by the students, who then presented their views and learnings from the book(s). Adhering to that, the students presented excellent book reviews on books from varying genres, such as 'Steal Like an Artist', 'The Kite Runner', 'Forty Rules of Love' and many more. The judge was very much pleased with the participants' way of presenting and of giving review of their chosen books. She felicitated 4 participants with the award for 'Reader of The Month Award. The Competition was coordinated by Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.

Winners of the Competition
Preeti Kaurani,
Forum Shah,
Heet Doshi
Vishakha Rochlani


Date:16-09-2023 & 17-09-2023

Faculty of Commerce and Ahmedabad Branch of WIRC, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India are jointly organized the Second edition of Explorer 2023 – A National Level Business Conclave on 16th and 17th September 2023. Business Conclave- Explorer 2023 events revolved around a wide range of subjects including leadership strategies, innovation, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and sustainability, enabling students to broaden their horizons and receive a 360 degree experience of the business world. The objective behind organizing this Business Conclave is to provide students a plethora of opportunities to sharpen their skills as individuals as well as the future managers. The Inaugural Function was graced by eminent Chief Guest Dr. Aasit Shah, Chairman and Managing Director of EQUINOX – House of Arts, Design and Films, CA Anjali Choksi, First Women Chairperson of Ahmedabad branch of Chartered Accountants and Dr Dharmesh Shah, Registrar, GLS University. Dr. Aasit Shah, the Creative Icon of India and an alumni of University of Southern California asked the students to focus on 5 principles of Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, Finance and marketing. According to him, the AMRITKAAL, the Golden period of India has already set in and the GEN Z is a part of an Incredible India with innumerable opportunities and vast expanse. Exemplifying his journey from Silicon Valley to India and from being a Computer Engineer to a Creative Professional, he said, “Every successful entrepreneur was an explorer.’ He emphatically told the students that the process of exploration is very important, so ‘Take Initiative, Become an enabler, a contributor.’ According to CA Anjali Shah, the theme of this conclave, “Explorer,” could not be more apt for the dynamic and ever-evolving world of business. Dr Dharmesh Shah, Registrar, GLS University congratulated the participants for stepping out and participating in such a national level competition wherein various students from several institutions would compete. According to him, Explorer is not just a gathering of like-minded individuals; it is a platform for us to exchange ideas, share experiences, and learn from one another. It is a space where we can collectively chart the course for the future of business in our nation. He rightly mentioned that over the next 2 days we will explore topics ranging from innovation and sustainability to entrepreneurship and leadership. Our aim is not just to gain knowledge but to ignite a spark within each one of us – a spark of creativity, a spark of determination, and a spark of purpose. Dean Dr. Marzun Jokhi welcomed the esteemed guests and wished the participants good luck on this exploration of the business world with an open mind, a collaborative spirit, and a commitment to excellence in the 2 days National Business Conclave. Events organized were Pitchers, Argument Arena, C-Suite Conundrum FinExchange, Case Conqueror, Numberscape, THE Finale-Big Brain. The winners were awarded a Total Cash Prize of Rs. 1,00,000, Trophies and Certificates.



Faculty of Commerce, organized a workshop on “Polishing the Persona with Grooming and Etiquette ” under the ‘Dance and Grooming Club – DAZZLE 2023’ by Ms. Khushnum Avari. The workshop aimed to equip students with essential skills and knowledge in grooming and etiquette, allowing them to excel not only in their academic pursuits but also in their personal and professional lives. The workshop provided participants with practical insights into the art of personal grooming and etiquettes. Through live demonstrations and engaging discussions, students were able to grasp the importance of these skills in various life situations. The speaker emphasized that personal grooming and etiquette are integral components of an individual’s personal brand. She discussed how these elements can greatly influence one’s career prospects and social interactions. The workshop covered a wide range of topics, including dressing for success, effective communication, body language, dining etiquette, and professional conduct. Students were encouraged to ask questions and actively participate in the discussion. At the end of the workshop students had the opportunity to seek advice and clarification on specific situations and scenarios related to grooming and etiquette. The Workshop was coordinated by Dr. Bhavna Parwani, Dr. Bimal Solanki and Prof. Nidhip Shah.



Faculty of Commerce under the auspice of Swami Vivekananda Study Circle on the occasion of ‘Universal Brotherhood Day’ organized an expert session on ‘My life, my mission’ by an eminent speaker CA Pradip K. Modi. Mr. Modi commenced the session explaining to students about Swami Vivekananda’s philosophy which was rooted in the belief that India’s values and principles were deeply centered around humanity and interconnectedness of all living beings and their well-being. At the heart of his teachings was the concept of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam,” which translates to “the world is one family.” His famous address at the World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893 began with the words “Sisters and Brothers of America,” symbolizing his commitment to universal brotherhood. He expounded that Swami Vivekananda identified poverty and illiteracy as key societal challenges, which he believed could be tackled through social reforms and character development instilling in them strong moral and ethical values leading them to be responsible citizens and have a greater social consciousness. Further he said that to initiate social reforms Swami Vivekananda established two main institutions Ramakrishna Mission and Ramakrishna Math in Belur Math, Kolkata for improving living conditions, education, and vocational training to uplift disadvantaged communities while emphasizing moral values. These institutions even today work for the benefits of mankind and put efforts to combat poverty, illiteracy, and nurture strong character in individuals for societal betterment. For the purpose of character development based on Swami Vivekananda’s ideology, he suggested that one should have:
1. Clear goal
2. Faith in thyself
3. Focus on the process and destination
4. Service towards the nation and humanity

Concluding this insightful session, he gave students a practical example of how an individual should lead their life. He said that one should learn to apply the accelerator and brakes according to the situations in order to reach their desired destinations. This informative session was managed by students of the GLS-FOC under the guidance of Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria.


Date: 05-09-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized Teachers Day Celebrations on 5th September, 2023 by organizing LET’S TEACH (Classroom Teaching Competition). The students of all three years enthusiastically participated in the competition. The competition was declared the previous week and students enthusiastically registered their topics for teaching and prepared for it. They taught the fellow students in the class wherein they used various techniques of Power Point Presentation, Quiz, Games etc.

First Position – Dhruv Raval
Second Position– Shrina Mehta & Divyam Bhatt
Third Position– Kavita Prajapati & Vanshika Pancholi


Date: 02-09-2023

Faculty of commerce organises two competitions under the auspice of Word wizards – the English and reading club every year. 'Reader of the month' and 'Reader of the year' to motivate the students to improve their communication skills by reading varied types of books. The first 'Reader of the month' competition was held on 2nd September, 2023. It was judged by Miss Hirva Popat, faculty member at the faculty of engineering and technology, GLS University. Miss Hirva Popat gave her thoughtful insights and explained to the students about text and context. She also gave her thoughts on how to interpret the writings of the book. The students presented their views and thoughts on different books that they had read. Even though it was their first time, the student presented great book reviews on ‘Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different', 'Little Women', 'The Power of Your Subconscious Mind', and many more. The competition was co-ordinated by Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.

  • Ms. Forum shah
  • Ms.Laksha Nahata
  • Ms. Honey Bhatt
  • Ms. Sanjana Virwani
  • Ms. Vanshika Jethwani
  • Mr. Ayush Kaurani



Faculty Of Commerce organized Self Defense Workshop under Collegiate Women Development Committee (CWDC) wherein girl students were taught self defense techniques. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Amandeep Singh Gotra, “General Secretary” of all Gujarat Thai boxing Association who is an International Wushu Fighter and a coach to elite National Players. He highlighted the key points why such kinds of workshops are required to sensitize our girl child/students to self-protect themselves in public places as well as at home. He also pointed out that this is the demand of the hour as we can relate ourselves to the news items of domestic violence, eve-teasing cases and other severe forms of violence against women and children which is pouring in on a day to day basis. He very well explained why it is necessary to attend and train oneself with this kind of workshop and training programmers. He said that having knowledge about self defense techniques not only help defend but also it builds confidence in oneself. He gave advices and tips to our girl students on how to avoid situations and circumstances that may lead to unwanted incident. By showcasing the self defense techniques with his teammates he taught how to react to different types of bad touch , grips and locks.  No matter your size, weight, or strength in relation to your opponent, you can defend yourself by strategically using your body and the simple law of physics. He very well brought to our notice that how everyday objects you carry around with you or things in your environment can also be used to your advantage as weapons such as mobile phones , I’d card , safety pins , knife etc. He shared a very inspiring case study of a girl in Delhi who got stuck in a life threatening situation but with her presence of mind and quick response she managed to save herself and received the bravery award from Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Lastly, the session was concluded by calling few students from the audience to practically perform the techniques learnt which helped them to boost their confidence.


Date: 22-08-2023

 An industrial visit to the renowned Amul Fed  was organized for the students. The trip aimed to provide students with valuable insights into the operations and processes of one of India’s leading dairy cooperatives. Approximately 100 students were given the unique opportunity to visit the Amul Fed. The trip included visits to key locations within the Amul ecosystem, focusing on the production and processing of dairy products. The day began with a visit to the Kheda Milk Housing Society Cooperative, where the students were greeted by Mr. Richard. He provided the students with a comprehensive understanding of the historical origins of Amul Fed, tracing its roots back to the visionary efforts of Mr. Tribhuvan Patel and the pivotal role played by Dr. Varghese Kurien, the First CEO of Amul Mother Dairy. Mr. Richard then guided the students on a tour of the Amul Fed facility, explaining in detail the intricate processes involved in purifying and testing milk. The students gained insights into the stringent quality control measures that are in place at every step of the production cycle. Additionally, the students were introduced to the diverse range of Amul products and were shown the meticulous testing procedures followed for each batch. The presentation extended to the production of butter, where the students were enlightened about the analogous meticulous testing methods followed. Notably, the butter production process utilizes specialized machinery imported from Germany, underscoring Amul’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. After a brief lunch break, the students were led to the Amul Chocolate Factory. This segment of the trip focused on the intricate processes of chocolate production, packaging, processing, and storage within Amul’s warehouses. The students were astounded to learn that the factory produces an astonishing 400 chocolates per minute, showcasing Amul’s proficiency and scale in chocolate production. The trip was not only educational but also inspiring, igniting a hope for more such insightful excursions in the future. The visit was coordinated by Dr. Bhavik Swadia, Dr. Bimal Solanki,  Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.



Date: 21-08-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized a workshop under the banner of Celebrating Innovation and Empowering Entrepreneurship. The theme of this workshop is enlightening the students about the pros and cons as well as the concept of Entrepreneurship. The entire session was conducted by Dhruvit Shah the founder of SOURCEITRIGHT.COM. He began the session by emphasizing the meaning of Entrepreneurship by describing Entrepreneurship is a dynamic and multifaceted field that requires a combination of skills, qualities, and strategies. He provided insights into the essence of entrepreneurship, debunked common myths, highlighted key characteristics, and
identified mistakes to avoid in the journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur. An
entrepreneur should not be limited to these superficial labels and should instead focus on adding economic value through execution. One intriguing point he makes is that there are no prerequisites for entrepreneurship. He dispels the notion that one needs specific qualifications or attributes to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. Then moving further he outlines certain crucial characteristics of a successful entrepreneur like Being Human, Execution, Consciousness, Consistency etc. He also identifies certain mistakes that aspiring entrepreneurs should steer :

1. Excessive Talking: Constant talking without meaningful action can create a negative
perception and hinder effective communication.
2. Poor Listening Skills: Failing to actively listen and understand silence can lead to missing out on valuable insights.
3. Undervaluing Advice: Dismissing advice from significant sources like mentors, parents, and government can impede progress.
4. Negativity: Succumbing to negativity can hinder the startup mindset and inhibit progress.
5. Light Treatment of Values: Not prioritizing values such as truth and trust can erode
relationships and credibility.
6. Incomplete Life Experience: Not fully experiencing life outside of business can lead to a lack of perspective and burnout.

At the end he gave insights on entrepreneurship provide a holistic perspective that challenges preconceived notions and offers a roadmap for success. By emphasizing the significance of adding economic value, executing ideas, and maintaining consistency, he highlights the core tenets of entrepreneurship. Additionally, his identification of common mistakes offers valuable
guidance for individuals aspiring to thrive in the entrepreneurial landscape.


Date: 21-08-2023

Faculty Of Commerce organised a Quiz Competition under QUIZZARDS: Unleash Your Intellect in which more than 70 students enthusiastically participated in five different areas viz. General Knowledge Quiz, Business Quiz, INDIA Quiz, Sports Quiz and Bollywood & Hollywood Quiz. The Quiz Competition was designed as an innovative and interactive programme to facilitate a copious flow of knowledge and ideas among the students packed in exciting rounds with an objective to identify students who have a flair for quizzing. The event was coordinated by Dr. Devyani Chatterji.


First Position: Neel Vyas, Raghav Shah
Second Position: Dev Patel, Kushal Gandhi
Third Position: Jyot Buch, Heet Doshi

First Position: Kushal Gandhi, Dev Patel
Second Position: Raghav Shah, Neel Vyas
Third Position: Lavya Shah, Krupali Pada

First Position:Kavya Jhaveri, Lavya Shah
Second Position: Raghav Shah, Devratna Shah
Third Position: Heet Doshi, Jyot Buch

First Position:Dev Patel, Kushal Gandhi
Second Position:Neel Vyas, Raghav Shah
Third Position: Priyesh Sanghvi, Sanjana Virwani

First Position:Saloni Modi, Devratna Shah
Second Position:Raghav Shah, Neel Vyas
Third Position: Jyot Buch, Heet Doshi


Date: 20-08-2023

Faculty of Commerce hosted a dynamic and enlightening guest session titled “Unleashing Entrepreneurship,” featuring the distinguished entrepreneurship expert, CA Siddharth Bhatt on the occasion to commemorate World Entrepreneurship Day. The session aimed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit within students and provide them with invaluable insights into the world of business and innovation. During the session, CA Siddharth Bhatt emphasized the significance of passion and perseverance as driving forces behind a successful entrepreneurial endeavor. Bhatt’s engaging storytelling painted a vivid picture of the entrepreneurial landscape, inspiring the attendees to consider their own aspirations and ideas. Bhatt delved into various facets of entrepreneurship, including:

1. Identifying Opportunities: Bhatt stressed the importance of recognizing market gaps and converting challenges into business opportunities. He encouraged students to think creatively and envision innovative solutions that cater to evolving consumer needs.
2. Business Planning and Strategy: The expert highlighted the significance of meticulous business planning and strategy formulation. He guided attendees through the process of creating a solid business plan, emphasizing the importance of setting clear goals and a well-defined roadmap.
3. Navigating Challenges: Bhatt shared his insights on overcoming obstacles commonly faced by entrepreneurs, such as financial constraints and market competition. He advocated for adaptability and a growth mindset as key traits to navigate the ever-changing business landscape.
4. Networking and Collaborations: The expert emphasized the role of networking in entrepreneurship. He discussed the importance of building meaningful connections, leveraging mentorship, and collaborating with diverse professionals to enhance business prospects.
5. Innovation and Future Trends: Bhatt concluded his talk by discussing the role of innovation in sustaining business success. He encouraged students to stay updated with emerging technologies and trends that can shape the future of various industries.

The session concluded with an interactive Q&A segment, allowing students to engage directly with CA Siddharth Bhatt and seek personalized advice on their entrepreneurial queries.


Date: 19-08-2023

An interactive workshop ‘Verse vibrations – crafting spoken word poetry’ under the auspice of Word Wizards- The English and reading club was organized on 19th August, 2023 conducted by an International expert Ms. Ruhee Parelkar to unleash the inner poet of the students and to learn the art of storytelling, rhythm and performance to create captivating pieces. The workshop started with a visual presentation of a spoken word poetry performance. The students were taught the characteristics spoken word like how it is intended for performance, relies on sound and is a very powerful form of self-expression. She elaborately clarified the difference between ‘Poetry and spoken word’, the origin and history of it and a step by step explanation on how to prepare a spoken word piece ranging from finding a topic, brainstorming, free writing, specifying, enhancing and structuring, refining, revising, adding performance elements like rhythm and pacing, body language, practicing and honing the piece to finally performing it in front of the audience. The concept of ‘Imagery’ which helps visualize what is being said, to recreate a specific moment, aids in painting a picture and using your senses to enhance your brainstormed cloud was beautifully presented by her. Verses from poems of famous poets, how to use Figures of speech like Simile, Metaphor, Onomatopoeia, Alliteration and Repetition in a out-of-the box way was suggested. Last but not the least, Ms. Parelkar beautifully performed a self-written poem of ‘First memories and Final Goodbyes’.


Date: 18-08-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized a Workshop on Quiz Grooming titled “Quizzards: Unleash Your Intellect”. It was conducted by Mr. Mangesh Parelkar, Director, Abacus – The Academy. The workshop aimed to enhance students’ knowledge, critical thinking, and quizzing skills. The event started with an introduction by Mr. Parelkar, an expert in quizzing, who shared his knowledge, insights, and experiences in various areas. He emphasized the importance of staying updated with current affairs and encouraged students to develop a habit of reading newspapers, magazines, and books regularly. The workshop included interactive sessions where students participated in stimulating quizzes that covered a wide range of topics, including history, science, sports, music, and general knowledge. Mr. Parelkar provided valuable tips on how to approach quiz questions, improve memory retention, and enhance analytical thinking. Mr. Parelkar explained students about the Domino Effect of quizzing. Mr. Parelkar also gave the following Tips for Building Awesome Trivia Quizzes

  • The title of the quiz should be fun and timely. …
  • Have a strategy for what topics your questions will cover given the title. …
  • Order the questions to make the user feel like they’re on a thrill ride. …
  • Randomly position your correct answers.

The workshop concluded with a quiz competition, where students put their newly acquired skills to the test. Overall, the Workshop on Quiz Grooming was a resounding success, provided students with a platform to sharpen their quizzing abilities and expand their knowledge base. The event not only enhanced their intellectual capabilities but also instilled a sense of competitiveness and curiosity among the participants.


Date: 10-08-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized, under the aegis of ‘Kshitij’ – A Career Carving Cell, a highly informative and empowering session with a renowned image consultant Ms. Vama Rajpal on the topic ‘Polished Impressions: Dressing and Grooming for Interview Success’. The event, held at the university campus, aimed to equip students with essential skills and knowledge to enhance their personal and professional image. The session commenced with an introduction to the importance of image management in today’s competitive world. Ms. Vama Rajpal, an esteemed expert in the field, captivated the audience with her insightful guidance on various aspects of personal branding, grooming and communication. She started with visual presentations of a variety of food dishes and involved students by asking a question as to which one appeals them the most? Further, she discussed Dr. Albert Mehrabian’s Communication Model including the distinct traits of verbal and non-verbal communication, body language as well as the significance of physical appearances. The relevance of various gestures, facial expressions as well as different postures were also explained to students by showing various photographs of do’s and don’ts while appearing for online as well as offline interviews. She shared practical tips on dressing appropriately for different occasions, creating a positive first impression, and developing effective communication skills. She emphasized the significance of body language, vocal tone, and presentation skills in building a strong personal brand. She stressed how well managed the entire ambience and lighting of the background should be, from where the participant is sitting for appearing for the interview. She gave a very relevant example as to how important it is to properly dress even when the participant is sitting at home. According to her, ‘What if water spills on the dress and suddenly you have to get up and if not properly dressed, it will create a very bad impression in front of interviewers.’ The overwhelming response and positive feedback from the attendees reflected the success of the session.


Date: 10-08-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized an enriching field trip for its Accounting and Fintech batch to GIFT City, Gandhinagar on August 10, 2023. The trip aimed to provide students with practical insights into the infrastructure and operations of India’s leading fintech hub. The students were warmly welcomed by Mr. Yogesh Bobade, the Chief Executive at GIFT City, who guided them throughout the visit. Students were given a comprehensive tour of the facility, showcasing the cutting-edge technology and infrastructure that supports various financial services. They gained valuable insights into how fintech companies operate within a specially designed ecosystem to foster innovation and growth. Through interactions with industry professionals and firsthand exposure to cutting-edge infrastructure, students gained valuable knowledge and practical insights that will undoubtedly enhance their academic and professional journey in the field of finance and technology. 


Date: 08-08-2023

Faculty of commerce under the auspice of ‘Word Wizards- The English and reading club’ organized the final round of the Elocution competition which was a part of “MANTHAN- A Thought Provoking Mission” on 8th  August 2023. The Elocution competition was a two-tier competition wherein 70 participants took to the stage for the preliminary round conducted on 17th, July 2023.  39 participants got selected for the final round. This competition proved to be a brilliant opportunity for the students to gain confidence through exposure on stage, to remove stage fear and to hone oratory skills in terms of pronunciation, delivery, voice modulation and body language. The participants presented their stance on one of the following three topics:

  1. The Impact of Technology on Millennials and Gen-Z
  2. Energy alternatives – Only solution to the environmental Sustainability
  3. Hard Work Vs Smart Work

A distinguished panel of judges, comprising of Mr. Sarang Jhaveri and Ms. Ruhee Parelkar, carefully evaluated each performance based on criteria such as content, intonation, pronunciation and presentation style. The judges’ expertise and discernment ensured a fair and objective evaluation process.

Winners  of the Elocution competition:

1st Position  Padmanabh Chavda

2nd Position  Khadija Lakdawala

3rd Position Kaushal Bagadiya

4th Position Dhvani Pandya

5th Position  Darsh Patel

The winners were awarded with certificates of merit to commemorate their achievements. The event was managed  by student committee under the guidance of Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria and Prof. Hard Patel.



Under “Academics and Beyond” a session was organized on the theme ‘Journey of implementing ideas to innovating’. The session was conducted by Dr. Megha Bhatt founder of SciKnowTech. During the session, she emphasized that ideas are based on a person’s hobbies, passions, talents, and the environment they live in, particularly from a youth perspective. Participants were encouraged to ask themselves questions like what they love doing and their biggest talents to gauge their innovativeness. She also explained the meaning of an entrepreneur and provided the equation of a startup: New Business + Passion + Innovation + Technology. She highlighted how various businesses, like “Being Human” and “OYO,” have taken initiatives outside their original domains, showing that there is a significant disruption in the business field. The five elements of success shared in the session were: ideas, team, business model, funding, and timing. Furthermore, the concept of innovation, its fear, and the significance of “Jugaad Innovation,” achieving maximum impact with minimum resources, were discussed. She concluded the workshop by explaining the meaning of the Business Canvas Model and Student Start-up & Innovation Policy. The entire session was managed by the event managers under the guidance or Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria.


Date: 02-08-2023

A session on “Demistifying High- Youth Drugs and Trends”- say no to drug seminar was organized. The session was conducted by two guest speakers. First is Shri Jayrajsinh Vala, an IPS officer, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Special Operations Group of Crime Branch of Ahmedabad. Another Speaker was Mr. Krunal Shah, Program manager at Elixir, UNICEF, CEO of the Gujarat youth forum who represented India at the United Nations in GENEVA through World Economic Forum. Mr. Vala began the seminar by emphasizing the definition of What is Drug and how the Drug Works by describing that Drugs help to reduce certain hormones from our body that helps us to boost our energy or mood for certain period of time. He explained that today’s youth is easily able to become the drug addict. And also told that this drug addicts later became the peddler and help to increase the number of drug addicts in a city or country. These peddlers use certain ways in order to increase the number of drug addicts. One of them is that they encourage others by telling certain things to them that they dislike in order to increase the number of drug addicts. In order to get a proper treatment, he suggested that we should prefer and psychiatrists in order to come out of the drug addiction.
Certain takeaways of this session are:-
1. Regular exercise and Sports activities are the best way to reduce stress
2. In order to stay away from the drugs the best way is to have a Goal or Aim to achieve in the life
3. Youth are used less, not useless
4. Say No to Drugs, and Yes to Life.
Mr. Vala concluded the session by telling his life experience of becoming an IPS officer and attending a pledge of not to take drugs and finally he concluded with the phrase ‘Youth Salaamat to Desh Salaamat’.


Date: 01-08-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized a session titled "Tales of Leaders: The Art of Management" under the banner of Academics and Beyond. The session was conducted by Mr. Kartik Shah. During the session, he emphasized the concept of "The Changing World," highlighting emerging trends, economic and customer expectations, and increased social connectivity. He drew parallels between economic expectations and everyday experiences, like preparing Maggie and opening a Demat account. He also explained how the world is transitioning from intent-based buying to discovery-based buying, exemplified through DMart and Amazon Go. Moreover, he raised concerns about technology affecting employment opportunities due to limited transition cycles. To address this challenge, he outlined key areas to focus on for thriving in this constantly evolving world:1. Growth Mindset, 2. Develop Agility, 3. Creativeness & Innovation. He discussed the difference between Generalized Careers and Specialized Careers, highlighting the significance of management as a career path. Additionally, he shared five essential skills that good leaders possess: Communication, Decision-making, Adaptability, Creativity, Conflict Management. He concluded the workshop by emphasizing the importance of developing leadership skills for success. The session was conducted by event managers under the guidance of Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria.


Date: 28-07-2023

Under the auspice of Word Wizards – The English and Reading Club organized ‘Public Speaking Workshop’.  Mr. Nivid Desai, an Adroit Public Speaker and Communication Expert was invited as a resource person to conduct this workshop.  The interactive workshop commenced with the expert, questioning attendees about the problems and challenges that they face while they are on stage. From the speaking and presentation style of renowned personalities, he suggested solutions to these problems and asked students to observe and learn from them as imitation is the greatest form of flattering. Further explaining the technical terms of public speaking such as expression and delivery, he said that the audience remembers how you spoke rather than what you spoke. Improvisation, relevant content and emotional clarity are keys to ace this art.  Making the students aware about the breathing techniques that they should use and body language that they should adapt in order to appear confident and engage the audience, he made students practice musical notes in order to open up and feel comfortable with their own voice. Giving pre performance tips,  he said that one should practice pranayama to reduce nervousness, be clear with our script and always have back up points to avoid blank outs. To have proficiency, Mr. Desai said that language is a human product; grammar helps to structure the sentences. To directly solve the problems that one faces, he called students to perform, evaluated their performance and suggested some tips and tricks so that they can leave a lasting impact on their audience. 

To become a better speaker, he recommended students the following strategies:

  • Speak in their natural voice.
  • Reduce their pitch when they use a mic.
  • To improve language proficiency, they should listen to podcasts, observe how native language speakers use the language, watch good English movies and  listen to English songs.
  • Avoid cross gestures 
  • Compartmentalize the audience, break the eye-contact whenever required and make it as human as possible.
  • Identify and maintain eye contact with four to five people in different corners to connect with audience.
  • Know where to emphasize and modulate the tone.

Concluding the insightful session, he asked students to think from the audience’s perspective while preparing a speech, which should always contain an answer to questions like ‘What, How, When and Why’ about the topic. The event was coordinated by the student committee of Faculty of Commerce  under the guidance of Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria.


Date: 27-07-2023

An interactive session with corporate professionals on campus under the banner of ACADEMICS AND BEYOND was organized in which the session was conducted by an eminent speaker Mr. Abhishek Singh Gautam. The insightful session commenced with Mr. Abhishek explaining the importance of having an accessible, strong and comprehensive LinkedIn profile which would open the door to a myriad of possibilities. In the era of globalization and digitalization, every company, before recruiting candidates undertakes a tech-enabled screening process as a personal interview of mere fifteen to thirty minutes is not enough. The session’s primary objectives were to optimize student’s profiles, emphasize the importance of personal branding, teach effective networking strategies, showcase relevant skills, and promote professional online etiquette. Throughout the session, key skills required for LinkedIn profile setup were emphasized, including strong writing abilities, effective communication, personal branding development, attention to detail, networking aptitude, and basic digital literacy. Adding to few tips on creating a strong profile he said that, mention the suitable hard skills and soft skills that you possess which would entice the companies to recruit you. To get an edge over others one should mention their self-learnt skills, their journey from failure to success and their challenges they overcame while working upon a project. Participants were guided on how to create well-structured and compelling profiles, focusing on key sections like the headline, about section, featured, work experience, recommendations, skills and endorsement. By utilizing relevant keywords and showcasing their achievements, participants could extract maximum impact from their profiles. Students
learned how to proactively connect with professionals in their field, engage in conversations, and foster meaningful relationships. By leveraging the power of networking, participants could expand their industry connections and create opportunities for collaboration and career growth. In order to get recommended by linkedin algorithm he advised to avoid slangs and cringe content. Do conduct a proper research about the job description and highlight the skills that you mastered in. He concluded the informative session suggesting students to undertake grunt test, upload and review their profiles through well-known websites like Crystal, Wiza and Resume worded.


Date: 26-07-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized an interactive session with corporate professionals on campus under the banner of ACADEMICS AND BEYOND. The session was conducted by Mr. Kirat Damani, an Eminent Lawyer, Former National Cricketer and the Chairman of Selection Committee of Ranji Trophy of Gujarat. Justifying his topic “Focus on Basics, Glory will Follow”, Mr. Kirat Damani explained the students to strike a balance between passion and profession. By sighting his own example of being a passionate cricketer at the age of 8 to being an eminent lawyer at the age of 34, he suggested students to be focused  towards their goals. He emphasized that knowledge, talent and resources without execution are of no use, they are just a piece of  information which you can find even on Google. Further, sharing his experience as a sportsperson,  he casted light on being physically fit as a fit body will be powerfully confident . Also, he advised students not to be addicted to intoxicants as it is nothing but suppressing one’s weakness. He also  brought to the notice that what you do stays with you forever. The few tips given by Mr. Kirat Damani that he personally follows are : 

1) Invest in Yourself – Develop strong habits, character  and  enhance your skills and attitude to build your thought process in a right manner.

2) Stay away from the intoxications during this time as intoxications leads to the decline in the thinking ability of ourself.

3) Identify your strengths, don’t worry for the weaknesses.

4) Never have a plan B –  It is a defensive way of thinking and it takes away 100% Focus from Plan A.

5 ) Focus on the process, results will have factors and don’t let results stop you. Be a smart selfish if necessary.

6 ) Success is an overrated syndrome- Be the best version of yourself and having clarity in mind is a must. He quoted ‘Intelligence in life lies in its simplicity.’

7 ) Respect your parents – At the end we all are not robots and as human beings we need warmth and people around us who can appreciate and support us.

According to him, it’s not important to know too many people. But, it’s important to make right friends specially at this age. At last, he concluded the session by clarifying the difference between the terms ‘Best’ and ‘Excellent’. In case of Best you tend to compare yourself with others while ‘Excellence is the best version of ourself.’ The entire event was managed by the student committee of Faculty of Commerce SMPIC under the guidance of Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria.


Date: 25-07-2023

The ‘Economics Club’ organized a guest session in which around 100 students had participated. Dr. Atman Shah conducted the session on ‘Strategic Behavior and Game Theory’ providing valuable insights of Economics. The session covered a wide range of concepts, starting from the basics of Strategic decision making, meaning of a game, types of games, and its application. Students were involved in an interesting activity which introduced them to different outcomes of their decisions. This collaborative approach allowed the students to gain a holistic understanding of the Game theory and its elements. A major highlight of the session was the enriching experience given to the students. This practical session allowed them to apply the theoretical knowledge they had learned and gain better clarity about the working of Games. This combination of traditional and modern approach to economic terms imparted a great amount of learning experience for the students.


Date: 22-07-2023 to 25-07-2023

Under the auspice of ‘Word Wizards- English and Reading Club’, a three day ‘Enhancement of Reading Skill Workshop’ was organized on 22nd July, 24th July and 25th July, 2023. On the first day, Mr. Nitin Pillai, an English Language Expert conducted the workshop wherein students got involved in lots of activities aimed to create interest in reading books and teach them as to how to read. The workshop was focused on predictive reading. Mental models of reading assist in better understanding of the text in varied forms. The workshop took students through various literary genres such as poems, micro tales, fantasy fiction and opinion pieces to help them navigate better reading and engagement with texts. Next 2 days workshop journey embarked with an informative session with Professor Shailesh Teredesai, an academician and an expert trainer. In the initial phase of the session, he expounded the importance of reading to students. Reading is the exercise our brain needs. It is like a gym to the brain which improves memorization and concentration power. The last day insightful session kicked off with a quiz where in Mr. Shailesh Teredesai questioned students about famous personalities, business tycoons and renowned ministers and made students aware about their daily schedule of reading. The goal that these personalities set and itinerary that they follow really inspired the young minds. The workshop was coordinated by Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.


Date: 18-07- 2023 to 22-07-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized Management Mojo – a workshop series, envisaged as an initiative which helps students build managerial skills through a series of interactive sessions with an unconventional approach. These workshop series organized under the head of Innovation – Management club were designed to provide participants with the tools and techniques needed to excel in dynamic and ever-changing business environments. The first session was conducted by Mr. Vivek Tuteja, an IIM-A Alumnus of the batch of 2004. He started the session by emphasizing the meaning of Leadership which according to him is the skill that helps the leader to take the Team Together towards the goal and to achieve Success together with the whole team. He explained this by giving the example of the Indian cricketer Kapil Dev and described that how he only had the dream to win to World Cup and how he took his team together in achieving his goal. Further he explained about What is the Future Outlook?, Who is Successful?, What do You want to be… On explaining all such things, he described one of the Japanese concept of Study I.e., IKIGAI in which he told that every person should use these concepts in order to know about his/her strengths and weaknesses.

The takeaways from this session were:-

  1. We believe that if you dream it, you can achieve it.
  2. Real game of leadership starts from our brain itself
  3. Think beyond, Don’t be afraid to Explore
  4. Don’t ask why, ask Why not?…
  5. Dream is the most powerful magnet
  6. Your mind can either be your Best Friend or Worst Enemy

This session highlighted that we must know about ourselves that others don’t know. We have to set our goal or dream as if it is set then only will we be able to become successful easily and find our MOJO.  The entire session was coordinated by Dr. Krupa Bhatt, Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Jaimin Patel.


Date: 20-07-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized an expert  session titled “Classroom to Corporate – A Giant but Manageable Transit” by Dr. Saleel Bhatt, an academician and a corporate trainer. He provided valuable insights into the transition from academic life to the corporate world. He discussed various challenges faced by fresh graduates as they enter the workforce and offered practical strategies to overcome them. 

Key Points:

  1. Mindset Shift: Transitioning from a student to a professional requires a shift in mindset. Participants were encouraged to adopt a proactive approach, embrace change, and cultivate a growth mindset to thrive in the corporate environment.
  2. Soft Skills Development: Effective communication, teamwork, time management, and problem-solving skills are essential for success in the corporate world.
  3. Networking: Building a strong professional network can open doors to new opportunities and career advancement.
  4. Adaptability: The corporate landscape is dynamic, and employees must be adaptable to changes.
  5. Personal Branding: Participants were encouraged to develop their personal brand by showcasing their unique strengths, experiences, and achievements.

Overall, the session provided valuable insights and practical tips for navigating the transition from the classroom to the corporate world.


Date: 18-07-2023

An interactive session on the topic ‘Metamorphosis Profile Building with professionals’ was organized under the banner of Innovation-The Management Club, which was conducted by a versatile speaker Mr. Abhishek Singh Gautam. He started the session by emphasizing on the significance of transformation in human beings by giving the example of the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly and stated that Purpose should be Excellence even though humans have options. He gave the example of Novak Djokovic, the greatest tennis player of all time and showed that it is better to improve 1% every day for next 365 days rather than Fall 1% every day. Further he asked the students to take inspiration from ‘Warren Buffett’, the world’s biggest investor describing how he perfectly utilizes time in order to invest. Mr. Gautam taught the students to never give upon their dreams. On the path of becoming the best, it’s okay to be ordinary. Further he explained the concept of UNDERSTAND TWO, DO THREE where two concepts are required to be understood- START EARLY and NEVER GIVE UP simultaneously asking to work on three things: Time management, Profile and Career. Concluding the informative session, he said that in order to become a successful person, everyone must learn to utilize their time properly and practice the right things to achieve their end goal. This session was conducted by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Bhavin Bhatt.



Under the auspice of The Word Wizards – Reading & English Club, FOC organizes READATHON – Read, Lead, Succeed Competition every year. The Readathon Competition inspires students to read the greatest number of books and utilize other library resources and services in the most effective manner, with certain rules and regulations. It is a yearlong competition which is followed by participants creatively presenting a PPT wherein they impart the knowledge and the lessons they learnt by reading books and articles. This year the competition was being judged by Mr. Pratham Maheshwari and Ms. Khushi Maheshwari.

The winner of the competition is awarded as Best Reader of the Year Award.

In academic year 2022-23, 85 students competed for the award. The winners were:

Best Reader of the Year – Heet Doshi

Best Reader of the Year – Vishaka Rochlani

Best Reader of the Year – Tushara Nair

The competition was coordinated by Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.


Date:14th, 15th  &17th July,2023

Under the auspice of Word Wizards – an English and Reading club organized “Manthan: A Thought Provoking Mission” was organized. Different literary competitions were meticulously organized with the aim to remove the stage fear of students and to enhance their writing skills. More than 170 students participated in different competitions like Just A Minute, Short Story Writing, Story Telling, Poetry Recitation and Poetry Writing. Mr. Pratham Maheshwari was invited to judge both these events. He advised students to participate in literary events in order to showcase their talent and understand their potential. In the Story Telling Competition, students presented inspirational, fictional and insightful stories and mesmerized the judges and audience with their performances. Ms Khushi Maheshwari  judged the event who advised the to maintain eye contact with everyone, the story should always be divided into three parts the beginning, middle and the end and all three parts should be coherent, and not to get personal while reciting a story. The second day kicked off with students participating in Poetry Recitation Competition. Every performance was unique and artistic. On the very same day, Poetry Writing Competition was organized to bring out the inner poets of the participants. The verses were really fascinating which brought a new dimension to the event. Mr. Kishan Desai judged both the events. He advised students to be mindful of the selection of the content, their pace, delivery and their style of presentation.  All the events were organized by students under the guidance and coordination of Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria & Prof. Hard Patel.



An interactive session under “Innovation – Management Club” on the topic Social ke shoshan media – Decoding the addictive potential by Dr. Parth Vaishnav, a renowned Psychiatrist and Deaddiction expert was organized. He started the session by saying “The only vaccine for mental health is Maa, but the destroyer of mental health is Stigma”. He continued by saying that we are born into a family and the parents decide our name. By this he means that we suffer from identity crisis since birth. People are attracted towards social media and suffer from mind wandering. Elaborating on the social media addiction of youth he said that, ‘Influencers are the biggest bunch of losers’ because they judge others without knowing them completely. He further discussed about depression, pointing out that applications like YouTube have an age restriction for the children so that they do not get depressed by the obsession of “likes” and “comments”. When addicted to this, dopamine is released in our brain. Due to the secretion of dopamine, we get the pressure for the likes and comments which affects our mental health. He advised not to escape from the questions but rather defend and answer them. The three main causes of depression- Impulsivity, anger and aggression and the ways to overcome them were beautifully explained by him. Concluding the insightful session, he urged the students to take a medical call rather than a social call incase of any mental illness. The students were enlightened to gain such knowledge and enjoyed the event through and through. The entire event was managed by the student committee of FOC under the guidance of Dr. Krupa Bhatt and Dr. Jaimin Patel.


Date: 10-07-2023

A workshop on “Importance of yoga in Student’s Life” was organized on 10th July, 2023 by CA. DR. Nilesh Suchak and Yoga club of FOC. He discussed how practicing yoga consistently can be beneficial for students to increase calmness and focus. Yoga is not just about practicing asanas but it also means to have a consciousness on our own thoughts which eventually can lead us understand where we are going wrong. Many anecdotes from Mahabharata, Ramayana were shared and their lessons in life were also discussed. Practicing yoga can have multiple health benefits including mental clarity, focus and weight control. This workshop was coordinated by Dr. Bhavik U. Swadia and Dr. Jaimin Patel.


Date: 07-07-2023

Under the auspice of ‘Bridge Course’, a guest session was organized on 7th July,2023 with the aim to enhance the English Language skills of the first-year students. Dr. Chetan Mewada,  a senior Professor of English and Communication  conducted the session on “English for Expressions!” Dr. Mewada initiated the discussion by telling that language cannot be taught, it has to be caught. He told students to love English language in order to truly learn it. He told students to self-analyze and answer three questions “what, why and how” they would learn English language. He added that concentration and self -motivation is the key to learn any language. Explaining the importance of English language, he elaborated that English is the immunity to enter and survive in the corporate world. Further he added that English acts a power bank in student’s life which helps them to boost self-confidence.

Dr. Chetan Mewada advised students to keep upgrading and developing themselves. He shared the following effective tips and methods to master English Speaking skills:

  • To be consistent 
  • To ask questions
  • To be interactive and engaged in the session
  • To learn a new word every day and apply it in daily communication.
  • Believe in yourself 
  • Read English Newspapers, Magazines and Publications regularly
  • Watch television and films in English, if possible, with subtitles
  • Make notes of new vocabulary
  • Read English books aloud

 He encouraged students not to be afraid of making mistakes. Concluding the insightful and interactive session he explained the meaning of word LOVE, L(listen) O(observe) V(vocabulary) and E(engage). The session was organized by students under the coordination and guidance of Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria.


Date: 05-07-2023 to 06-07-2023

An event for the first-year students, named Monogenous was organized on 5th and 6th of July, 2023 which aimed to provide a platform for students to showcase their skills and knowledge in different areas of management. Monogenous comprised four distinct events: Monogenous Screenlytical, Visual Vendetta, Questocity, and Intellect Clash. Monogenous Screenlytical focused on the analytical skills of the participants in the context of business and management where more than 20 teams analyzed movies such as Lagaan, Mission Mangal, English Vinglish, Life of pie, The Pursuit of Happiness, etc. and proposed the skills learned from the same. Visual Vendetta was a creative event that emphasized the role of visual communication in marketing and advertising. Participants were challenged to design visually appealing and effective promotional campaigns for a given product such as stationery, kitchen appliances or service such as insurance, debit card etc. More than 30 participants showcased their creativity. Questocity was a knowledge-based event designed to test participants’ understanding of management concepts and current business trends. The event attracted 50 participants from diverse backgrounds, fostering healthy competition and knowledge sharing. Intellect Clash was a debate competition that provided a platform for participants to engage in intellectual discussions on contemporary business and management topics. More than 20 teams came forward to enhance their oratory skills, critical thinking, and their ability to articulate arguments effectively. The event proved to be a resounding success with more than 120 participants. It undoubtedly served as a catalyst for learning, networking, and overall personality development among the participants. The entire event was organized by the students of management Club under the guidance of Dr. Krupa Bhatt and Dr. Jaimin Patel.


Date: 04-07-2023

Students of Faculty of Commerce visited AMA (Ahmedabad management association) to participate in a Kaizen Workshop organized by AMA for Faculty of Commerce. The workshop was related to the application of kaizen management ideas in our day-to-day life. It was indeed an enlightening experience, providing a fresh perspective to the attendees. The workshop witnessed a participation of 200 students who were awarded with a certificate of appreciation. 


Date: 03-07-2023

Under the auspice of “Academics and Beyond: A Lecture Series”, on 3rd July, 2023; a guest session was organized for the students on the topic ‘Cyber Security Foundations: Strengthening the Pillars of Digital Protection’ by Dr. Madhavi Dave, an eminent speaker and a Forensic expert. She vividly explained students about the different types of cyber-attacks like Malware, Password, Man-in-the-middle, Malvertising as well as phishing and how to take precautionary measures for the same. She strictly told students not to share their password with anyone so as to be cautious about various cyber frauds taking place. At the same time how dangerous it is to share photographs on social media networking sites like WhatsApp and Facebook and how easily they can be copied. She gave live examples where blackmail takes place due to hacking of passwords.  The speaker also suggested to disable the microphone and camera settings while not in use otherwise it tracks the user 24×7. Also, users should update the firewall and the operating system every fortnight. Detailed information on Powerbi and Tablaeu were also discussed with the students.

The session became very interactive and interesting when she started discussing how to take cyber security measures. Her suggestions included following major tips:

  1. Not to put location settings on and trying to avoid posting on Social media the place of travel or boarding an international flight.
  2. Not to click strange links thereby getting attracted towards lottery and attractive offers.
  3. To have a licensed version of antivirus software in the computer.
  4. To read all terms and conditions of mobile phones for cyber security settings.
  5. To be anonymous on social media networking sites. 
  6. Not to post solo pictures and to always post group photographs to avoid cyber frauds and copying. 
  7. To put opaque tape on the cameras of various devices so that instant photographs cannot be taken by outsiders through webcams. 
  8. Monitoring bank statements on a regular basis to detect fraud at an early stage.
  9. Change of passwords on a regular basis and to keep separate passwords for each device separately. 
  10. Not to fill up complete details during any registrations for webinars.

  Overall, the speaker highly stressed upon putting a self-check for students and asking them to be disciplined as far as their posts are concerned to avoid any kind of mis-happenings. The session was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria.


Date: 01-07-2023

On the occasion of CA Day celebration, Faculty of Commerce organised an expert session on the topic of : Techno Counting – Emerging Avenues in Accounting  & Reporting in the era of Automation & Information technology. CA CS Fenil Shah was invited as an expert speaker to guide the Under graduate and Post graduate students to understand significant advancements witnessed by accounting and reporting professions in today’s era. He focused on the integration of technology and accounting, often referred to as “TECHNO-counting ” which leverages various technologies to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in accounting and reporting processes with the help of Automation: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for streamlining routine accounting tasks, Cloud Computing to reduce the need for physical infrastructure, enhance data security, and facilitates remote work, Big Data and Analytics & Blockchain Technology to enable accountants to identify patterns, trends, and anomalies more effectively from the vast data generated. He made very clear that in future Business Reporting will override by Sustainability Reporting as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors to help organizations meet evolving reporting standards and demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices. The event was coordinated by CA Dr. Sneha Master.




Date: 30-06-2023 & 01-07-2023

STATSTORM – The Statistical Club of  Faculty of Commerce  celebrated National Statistics Day 2023 on 30th June & 1st July 2023 with an objective to create awareness about the  application of Statistics in real world amongst the young generation.  The day is celebrated to commemorate the 130th birth anniversary of Padma Vibhushan awardee and the legendary statistician Dr. Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis popularly known as the Father of Modern Statistics. This year the theme of National Statistics Day 2023 was “Alignment of State Indicator Framework with National Indicator Framework for monitoring Sustainable Development Goals.” This year the club organized five different activities in which more than 100 students participated. The events were Statistical Quiz, Rubik Cube Competition by which students could sharpen their puzzle solving skills,  Poster Making Competition  in which State, National and Global Level data were studied, compared and analyzed. The other events were Skunk Game based on the concepts of probability and Statcharades in which students had to express the various terms of statistics through miming. The winners of the above events were viral Bohra & Sayam Jain, Jaya Jagwani, Aaron Christian, Jiya Jha & Mokshil Shah, Preeti Kaurani & Jiya Thakkar. The event was coordinated Statistics Club students under the guidance of Dr. Devyani Chatterji.



Date: 26-06-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized a session on Vedic Maths lecture under the head of Academics and Beyond. The session was conducted by Rohan Garg, an IIM-C pass out and a career counselor who has trained more than 1 lakh students till now. Vedic Mathematics is the ancient system of calculation which was drawn from the Vedas, between 1911 and 1918 in India. The advantage of Vedic Mathematics is that it allows for uncomplicated problem-solving methods for difficult arithmetic problems and large sums. The lecture sought to apprise students of tricks that they could employ to make their calculations faster and accurate—whether it be finding the square roots of big numbers, multiplication of a number with a number of Nines or for two-digit multiplication. The moderator gave various examples and in hand practice to the students to grasp the tricks spontaneously. The students thoroughly enjoyed the techniques of fast calculations through a series of fun activities. Students showed keen interest and participated in the workshop with zeal and enthusiasm. This rapid fire helps the students to sharpen their brain and to fight the anxiety inside us. The session was coordinated by Dr. Aashal Bhatt and Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria.


Date: 21-06-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized an interactive session with corporate professionals on campus under the banner of ACADEMICS AND BEYOND in which the session was conducted by Dr. B.N. Dastoor, a management consultant and an author of over a hundred books.  Dr B.N. Dastoor  is a recipient of merit awards from Stanford University, Arizona State University, Gujarati Sahitya Parishad and many more. He started by saying that our body is divided into 5 parts : Physical, Mental, Physiological, Scientific, Happy.  He said not to utter certain words like Luck, Circumstances, Problem, Impossible, Satisfaction. He said that there are Three original gurus of yoga : lord  Shiva, lord Krishna and lord patanjali. According to Lord Krishna, “Yoga karmashu kaushalam” means Everything you do skillfully is yoga. He further continued by saying that When you make a mistake, the tendency is to blame somebody else. Instead ask yourself different questions such as Ability, Clarity,  Help,  Intrinsic motivation,  Evaluation, Validity, Environment. The acronym of these words is ACHIEVE. If you follow this ACHIEVE, you can achieve whatever you aim for.  He also gave a Formula for success :

  1. You will have to learn faster than your competitors.
  2. Surround yourself with people smarter than you

He ended the session by saying, After getting up say “Do your best” to yourself  and before going to bed ask yourself, “Did my best”. The entire event was managed by the student committee of the Faculty Of Commerce  under the guidance of Dr. Aashal Bhatt, Dr. Krupa Bhatt and Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria.