Faculty of Commerce, GLS University organized the first edition of MODEL UNITED NATIONS(MUN) from 6th to 8th January,2023. MUN is an academic simulation to provide platform to the students to play role of delegates of different countries and to participate in various national and international committees. It is a competition that gives an exposure to develop best life skills to find an optimal solution of multifaceted problems affecting political life and humanity. The inaugural ceremony was held on 6th January,2023  which was graced by Dr. Sudhir Nanavati, President, GLS University and CMA Sushil Handa, Founder Chairman, Fifth Veda Entrepreneur.  Total 250 delegates from 54 academic institutions from 8 cities across the nation participated in the event. Dr. Sudhir Nanavati, President, GLS University talked about the importance of participating in this kind of activities which develop students’ knowledge, understanding, empathy and other key life skills which will benefit them beyond their school & college years. Students also get aware about international affairs and get an insight how to solve global issue. CMA Shushil Handa gave a few important tips to be successful in life. He advised the students to Dream Big, take small steps, Move Ahead, Build Capabilities, Invest in Yourself.  He also told them to never Compete, never Compare and never Complain. He motivated students to be the entrepreneur for creating better world for future. He said only Smart Work can never give you long term success, Hard Work is the ultimate option. The delegates had their deliberations on the following committees UNGA-DISEC, United Nations General, Assembly DISEC, GLA, Gujarat Legislative Assembly, LOK-SABHA, UNHRC, United Nations Human, DALAL STREET, Rights Council, International Press, Business Crisis for the three days.