Date: 11-03-2024

Faculty of Commerce hosted an exhilarating personality contest as a part of FACETS-2024, showcasing the vibrant talent and charisma of its students. The event witnessed an impressive participation of 75 students, all vying for the coveted titles of Mr. and Ms. Facets-2024. After a rigorous selection process, 10 exceptional students, comprising an equal representation of 5 boys and 5 girls, were shortlisted for the grand finale. The competition consisted of two rounds: an introduction round where participants flaunted their unique personalities, followed by a question-and-answer session that tested their eloquence and wit. Adding prestige to the event, the judging panel comprised eminent personalities from the fashion and performing arts industry. Renowned fashion designer and choreographer, Mr. Keyur Desai, along with acclaimed theatre artist, Mr. Vishal Shah, brought their expertise to the table, evaluating each participant’s performance with keen eyes. 



[1] Ansh Balani- Mr. Facets-2024[Winner]

[2] Prabhsharan Kalsi- Mr. Facets-2024[ First Runner up]

[3] Jaikrit Saxena [Mr. Photogenic] 



[1] Siya Joshi- – Mr. Facets-2024[Winner]

[2] Ritu Shah- Ms. Facets-2024[ First Runner up]

[3]Nidhi Soni -[Ms. Photogenic]



Date: 11-03-2024


Faculty of Commerce celebrated its Annual Culfest – Facets 2024 at Thakorebhai Desai hall Auditorium on 11 th March 2024. In great style the show was a blend of Music, Western Dance, Drama and Fashion. The theme of this year’s show was ‘Indo-Western’. Judges of the event were Mr. Keyur Desai, a renowned fashion choreographer along with esteemed Alumni Judging team, including, Mr Vishal Shah, an eminent actor, Mr Siddhanth Zinzuwadia, Fashion model and Ms Shikha Buddha, a professional model and dancer. All the winner performance like dance, fashion and drama won at IIMA-CHAOS were the part of the CULFEST. The entire winning team was called on stage and was felicitated. More than 150 students participated in the show amidst the loud cheering of 1000 plus audience.

[1] Namya Shah & Jyot Buch
[2] Het Mashruwala & Dhruv Sharma
[3] Devansh Kavishwar & Sanidhya Soni

[1] Heni Shah & Natanya Jain
[2] Simran Gagnani & Saima Parmar
[3] Hiral Soni & Hetanshee Milwar

[1]Harsh Soni & Manthan Nagar
[2] Jyot Buch & Prabhsharan Kalsi
[3] Arnav Joshi & Jaikrit Saxena

[1]Ritu Shah & Dipanshi Rathod
[2] Mahek Punjabi & Raksha Gohil
[3] Shreya Thakkar, Vishva Chitroda & Nidhi Soni


Date: 03-03-2024

Faculty of Commerce organized a remarkable Seminar and Award function “Phenomenon WOMEN: A Tribute to Womanhood” #celebratingwomanhood under the auspices of the Collegiate Women Development Committee. The event aimed to celebrate acknowledge and honors the invaluable contributions of women in various spheres of life. The event witnessed the august presence of Dr. Chandni Kapadia, Executive Director, GLS University and Dr. Dharmesh Shah, Pro-Vost, GLS University. Our esteemed awardees were Ms. Nandita Om Puri, Acclaimed Author, Journalist, Actor & Chair, Om Puri Foundation, Dr. Lavina Sinha IPS, Dept. Commissioner of Police, MD (Medicine), RJ Megha, Versatile Radio Jockey & Leading Event Host and our female alumni who have made a mark in various fields Ms. Neha Kalra Bathla, a successful entrepreneur and Ms. Kanysshka Miglani Chopra, a distinguished fashion and costume stylist. The seminar commenced with a welcome prayer, setting a tone of reverence and solemnity. 

Dr. Chandni Kapadia, Executive Director, GLS University, delivered a poignant speech advocating for the celebration of women every day, not just on designated occasions. She emphasized the interconnectedness of genders, stating, “He makes up she, she makes up he; we all are one,” thereby promoting gender inclusivity and solidarity. “Phenomena WOMEN: A Tribute to Womanhood” served as a platform to honor and celebrate the multifaceted roles played by women in society. The event not only acknowledged their contributions but also fostered a spirit of empowerment and solidarity among attendees. Ms. Nandita Om Puri talked eloquently about Gender Equality. She shared her personal experiences with her husband Om Puri who was an acclaimed actor, wherein she highlighted how Om Puri was an amazing cook and how her husband shred the domestic responsibilities, motivated and encouraged her to pursue her writing career.

 RJ Megha, a small-town girl, shared her career journey from a shy and introvert girl to a celebrity host. She exemplified the fact that women can achieve whatever they aspire by giving their 1000% to everything. IPS Dr. Lavanya Sinha captivated the audience with her insightful discourse on International Women’s Day. She underscored the significance of women in men’s lives, substantiating her points with compelling real-life examples. Dr. Sinha also shed light on the concept of “Invest in Women to Accelerate Progress,” elucidating how investments in education, finance, and health & fitness can catalyze societal development.


Date: 02-03-2024

 Faculty of Commerce’s Collegiate Women Development Committee organized a four-day celebration for International Women’s Day called S/HE FEST 2024. On the third day of the festival, which took place on March 2nd, 2024, a S/HE WALK was held to spread awareness and accelerate gender parity. The walk, attended by students, faculty aimed to celebrate women’s achievements, call for positive change, and educate on women’s equality. Despite this, the event served as a modest yet meaningful effort to celebrate women’s achievements and advocate for women’s equality within the university community.

On March 2nd, 2024,  an exciting treasure hunt  was organized as part of the festivities. Teams of students participated in this timed challenge, solving clues and answering questions to reach the final destination. Each clue was like a puzzle, providing hints about where the tokens were hidden, and students had a great time deciphering them. The atmosphere was full of energy as students searched eagerly for hidden tokens, racing against each other to be the first to solve all the clues.  It was a fun and engaging activity that brought students together to celebrate International Women’s Day while highlighting the importance of unity and empowerment.


Date: 29-02-2024

Art Studio Club students of Faculty of Commerce visited the Photography Exhibition at Ravishankar Raval Art Gallery. Students gained some new perspectives in the art of Photography.


Date: 29-02-2024

On February 29th, the Collegiate Women’s Development Committee at Faculty of Commerce,  celebrated International Women’s Day with a four-day event, including a workshop called “Gender Free Glam: Makeup for Everyone.” This workshop, led by student Arpita Khubani, welcomed people of all genders to learn about makeup and express themselves however they felt best. The workshop started with the basics of taking care of your skin. Khubani explained how everyone’s skin is different, and it’s important to understand your own skin type and tone before using makeup. She then went over the different kinds of makeup and what they’re used for, so everyone could make informed choices about what products to use and how to use them effectively. Khubani then showed different makeup looks for different situations. Boys learned how to do a natural everyday look that highlights their features, while girls learned how to do a simple, professional look that’s perfect for work or school. She also shared tips on how to cover up dark spots and blemishes, and how to choose the right makeup products for your unique skin and face shape. Next, Khubani taught how to use contouring and highlighting to define and shape your face. She also explained how to apply blush and lipstick in colors that complement different skin tones. For eye makeup, she shared some great tips like starting eyeshadow in the middle of your eyelid and using light brown shades for a natural look. When it comes to makeup for professional settings, Khubani advised against using black eyeliner, suggesting brown instead for a softer look. She also recommended skipping highlighter and sticking to nude-colored blush instead of bold shades to maintain a professional appearance. Overall, the “Gender Free Glam” workshop was a fun and informative experience for everyone involved. It encouraged everyone, regardless of gender, to express themselves through makeup and learn practical skills to feel confident and look their best.



Date: 29-02-2024

The Collegiate Women’s Development Committee at Faculty of Commerce celebrated International Women’s Day with a four-day event, including a workshop called “Sacred
Symmetry and Textured Styles: Mandala and Textured Art workshop” on February 29, 2024. Conducted by FOC student Teesha Chhabria, the workshop welcomed everyone to explore the world of mandalas and textured art. The session began with a brief introduction to mandalas, their historical significance in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and their basic structure featuring concentric circles and intricate patterns. Chhabria emphasized the importance of the mandala grid, explaining how the measurements between circles are crucial for achieving a visually pleasing design. Throughout the session, Chhabria personally interacted with each participant, ensuring everyone grasps the mandala drawing technique and making corrections where needed. She even demonstrated drawing steps for those who faced difficulties. The workshop moved on to exploring two types of salt art: creating geometric shapes using salt and Fevicol glue, and designing a patterned bookmark using sprinkled salt. Participants discovered the unique textures and patterns created with salt, fostering a sense of relaxation and artistic expression. Overall, the “Sacred Symmetry and Textured Styles”  workshop provided a fun and engaging experience for everyone involved. Participants gained valuable insights into mandala art and experimented with different textured art techniques, unleashing their creativity, and celebrating self-expression.


Date: 13-02-2024

 Faculty of Commerce organized one-day visit to the Statue of Unity, an iconic monument dedicated to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. The excursion aimed at providing the students with a unique blend of historical insight and architectural marvel. The group of enthusiastic 108 students assembled at the campus premises at 5:00 AM, where they were briefed about the day’s itinerary and safety guidelines. The departure took place promptly at 5:30 AM, with comfortable transportation arranged for the entire group. The journey to the Statue of Unity was both comfortable and enjoyable, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the participants. The group reached the Statue of Unity at 10:30 AM, where they were welcomed by the efficient staff managing the site. The awe-inspiring view of the colossal statue left an indelible impression on the students, providing a symbolic representation of unity and the integration of diverse cultures and states in India. A knowledgeable guide provided historical insights into Sardar Patel’s life, his role in India’s struggle for independence, and the significance of the Statue of Unity in promoting national unity and integrity. The students actively participated in the interactive sessions, posing thoughtful questions, and engaging in discussions. The visit was coordinated by Dr. Bimal Solanki, Dr. Bhavin Bhatt, Dr. Kruti Shah and Dr. Bhavna Parwani.


Date: 06-02-2024

Faculty of Commerce under Project Udaan with Adani Foundation organized an industrial visit on 6th and 7th February, 2024 with an objective to develop awareness amongst young minds regarding the practical operations of large-scale industries of Adani group including Adani port, Adani power-thermal wind& solar and Adani Wilmar. During the visit, students were taken  to Adani Port and the Special Economic Zone of Gujarat, where they saw the operations of the port along with a wonderfully structured model and briefing done by the Expert engineers. The visit lasted for two days with a night stay at Adani Shanti Niketan. Students were provided with accommodation. Various fun games and a cultural program was organised in the evening. On the next morning the day started with yoga and laughing session and the day was planned for visits for Adani Wind & Solar and Adani Power. Students were also shown the workings of a wind turbine made from German technology and wind detection sensors, which helped in detecting the wind velocity for the functioning of the turbine. Overall, it was a great experience to have an insight into the true operations at scale, explained by industry experts. This visit has equipped us with engrossing practical knowledge. Around 100 students along with 4 professors participated in the educational visit to Mundra.


Art Studio Club of Faculty of Commerce organized various Fine Arts Competitions from 17th & 18th January,2024:


Date: 17-01-2024

On the Spot Painting competition was quite successful as the students unleashed their creativity and expressed their thoughts on topics like ‘Land scape, A Mandala, Festival scene’. In collage competition, the students have also expressed themselves through the topics such as ‘Face, Flowerpot, A Bird, A Kid and Friendship’. While, In Rangoli Competition, the teams of the students have done beautiful rangoli on College Life, Technology and India etc.




 The Cartooning competition was quite successful as the students unleashed their originality and expressed their thoughts on topics like ‘Chandrayan and Woman’s Safety in Gujarat’. Our students  designed cartoons in such way to make others easy to understand current affairs. In Clay modelling competition, our students  prepared beautiful clay models on Ganesha, Mother etc.

All the competitions were co-ordinated by Dr. Anjali Trivedi, Bhavna Parwani and Dr. Keyur Vohra.


Date: 17-01-2024

GLS University organised Shri I. M. Nanavati Sports Celebration from 17-1-24 to 25-1-24, which is Inter College Competition. FOC won The  Overall Champion Trophy by winning prizes in the following competitions:

  1.  CRICKET:
  • FOC Boys cricket team became Champion at inter college cricket championship and won Trophy and certificates. FOC boys cricket team is champion for consecutive last seven years.
  • FOC Girls cricket team became Champion at inter college cricket championship and won Trophy and certificates.
  • FOC Girls VolleyBall team became Champion at Inter College Volleyball Championship and won Trophy and certificates.


  • FOC Boys Basketball team became Champion at Inter College Basket Ball Championship and won Trophy and certificates.
  • FOC Boys Football team became Runners-up at inter college Football Championship and won Trophy and certificates.


  • FOC Table Tennis team created history by winning 3 Gold and 1 Bronze Medals in Boys Single, Girls Single and Mixed Double Events.


  • FOC Badminton team won 1 Gold Medal in Mixed Doubles and 1 Bronze Medal in Boys Single Events.
  • FOC Athletics team won many Medals and Trophies in various athletics events. College won following Championship during the year.
  1. JAVELIN THROW: Avruti Bhojani won Gold Medal at the competition and Harshil Raikwad Won Silver Medal.
  2. RUNNING: The college won 6 Gold Medals and 12 Silver Medals and 3 Bronze at running competition in various running events like 100 meters, 200 meters, 400 meters and Relay Race.
  3. SHOT PUT THROW: Khadija Lakdawala won Silver Medal at the competition.
  4. DISCUS THROW: Avruti Bhojani won Bronze Medal at the competition.
  5. LONG JUMP: Mansi Patel won Gold Medal and Jaswinder Kaur Atwal won Silver Medal and she also won Best Athlete of the year Trophy by winning 4 Gold and 2 silver Medals at the Competition.


Date: 10-01-2024

The college organized cricket selection for boys and girls of all semesters from 10-1-2024 to 12-1-2024. The selection was done based on Batting, Bowling, and Fielding aspects of cricket. Around 200 students participated in the selection. There was inter class cricket tournaments between various class of students in round robin stage.


Date: 09-01-2024

As a part of ‘PRAYAS: Charity with Smile’ project, around 42 students along with faculty members visited Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital near Kasindra village. This hospital was selected for the students’ visit as it can well be termed as the epitome of social service. The students of FOC contributed from their own pocket money and prepared more than 70 hampers containing toys, stationery and other useful goodies for the kids. The Managing Director of Sri Sathya Sai Heart Hospital, Dr. Manoj Bhimani specially remained present and shared motivating thoughts with the students. The students not only felt overwhelmed by visiting a unique hospital without a cash counter but were also touched by the humble attitude of Dr. Bhimani and the entire staff of the hospital who explained them everything with great positivity and patience. It was an experience that truly added value to the lives of the students.


Date: 06-01-2024

On 6th January Executive Day Celebration was organised, where students participated enthusiastically and were dressed as per the theme. 


Date: 05-01-2024

On 5th January Theme Day Celebration along with various fun filled games was organised, where students participated enthusiastically and were dressed as per the theme.  



 On 4th  January Traditional Day Celebration was organised, where students participated enthusiastically and were dressed as per the Traditional theme.


Date: 03-01-2024

Faculty of Commerce  organized Millet Special Fun Fair and MisMatch Day on 3rd January, 2024 under the one week days celebration of INDRADHANUSH 2024.  In this Millet Special Fun Fair, GLS-FOC student teams have kept Millet based food stalls and game stalls. In Millet based food stalls, Millet Pizza, Millet Pan cake, Millet khichia, Millet chat, Millet Brownie, Millet Cup cakes, Millet Basket Chat were prepared and sold by our students. Some other non-millet food dishes were also made by FOC students such as Bengali Jhal Muri Chat, Sprouts Basket Chat, Russian Salad sandwich, Fruit Mocktails and Jamun Shots etc.  Additionally, FOC also organized Mismatch Day celebration, where students participated enthusiastically and conceptualized their dressing as per the Mismatch theme.


Date: 02-01-2024

Faculty Of Commerce organised one week days celebration INDRADHANUSH 2024. On 2nd January BOLLYWOOD DAY CELEBRATIONS was organised, where students participated enthusiastically and were dressed as per the Bollywood theme.


Date: 30-12-2023

As a part of week long Charity – Give with smile, Faculty members and around 50 students of Faculty of Commerce visited Municipal School 26 at Ambawadi on 30th December, 2023 from 9.30 am to 12.00 noon where they spent  quality time with them by organizing a few programs and fun games. The event kick started by invoking God’s blessings. FOC music band entertained the students by singing the popular Bollywood Songs. Municipal School Children danced with joy on pappy music tunes. The event  was followed by bringing out the competitive side by conducting a quiz   where in  they were awarded with a small token for each correct answer. To make the event more memorizing, event managers played games like tongue twisters and action reaction with students. Many School students were given an opportunity to showcase their talents in singing and dancing. To spread happiness students were given a lovely gift of essentials like stationery items water bottles, socks, handkerchief, fruits, cookies,  cup cakes , muffins , chocolates and frooty. It was really a great time for all children and college students to understand the value of team work and cooperation in this event. The entire event was managed by the students under the guidance of Dr. Krupa Bhatt, Dr.  Kruti Shah, Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria and  Prof. Hard Patel.



Date: 29-12-2023

Faculty of Commerce visited Deaf and Dumb school for a day filled with joy and kindness. More than 50 students happily participated in Charity with smile. The visit kicked off with an amazing experience as the students saw the deaf and dumb students sing prayers using sign language. It was a beautiful way of communicating without words. To make things even more exciting, they played cricket and a fun game of housie; and danced together, bringing laughter and happiness to everyone. The students at the deaf and dumb school impressed everyone with their acting and dancing skills, making it a memorable day. Breaking down any barriers, students joined in the dancing fun, creating a connection with their new friends. As a generous gesture, they handed out kits consisted of scrunchies and pair of ear studs for girls, tennis ball, home made chocolates, full scape notebook, wafers, biscuits, body lotion, pair of socks, pen pencil kit, compass box, etc. The visit was not just about having a good time; it also made the students realize how fortunate they are. It was a day of sharing, caring and understanding, leaving a lasting impact on everyone involved. Along with the students Dr. Sneha Master, Dr. Devyani Chatterji and Dr. Jaimin Patel visited the Deaf and Mute school.



Date: 26-12-2023

As a part of week long Charity – Give with smile, Faculty members and around 35 students of   visited Prakash Andha Kanya Shala, Memnagar  from 11 am to 1.00 pm where they gave kits to the blind girl students, sang songs with them and spent a lot of quality time. The teachers of Prakash Griha gave a campus visit to the college students wherein they showcased and explained how these blind students are developing skills such as making chikis, learning braille, learning computers and many more.   The kit gifted by FOC students included essential items like vicks, vaseline, laundry soap, handkerchief, toothpaste, brush, pouches etc. It was an humbling experience for the students and sensitized them towards the society. The visit was co-ordinated by Dr. Gitanjali Rampal and Dr. Aashal Bhatt.


Date: 26-12-2023

Faculty of Commerce under the mission of Prayas-Charity with a smile; a week long event welcomed the students of Municipal school 26 of Ambawadi on its campus. 40 students along with 2 teachers were brought to the college campus by the faculty members in their own cars with extreme enthusiasm and joy in their hearts. They were welcomed with cheering and applause by around 50 volunteer students. Keeping the Christmas theme in mind, a student volunteer dressed up as Santa clause and entertained the children and gave away gifts and chocolates. The event kick started with the recital of prayer invoking God's blessings. The student band of FOC entertained the students with popular Bollywood numbers where they danced their hearts out. The competitive side of the students was brought out by playing a series of fun games like quiz, atlas, passing the parcel and statue game. The event was graced with the presence of the Provost of GLS university, Dr. Dharmesh Shah who was welcomed with a token of love. He appreciated the cause and the efforts of everyone involved. He urged the students to continue doing this Nobel cause even after graduating and throughout their life. Lastly the students were served with refreshments by the student volunteers and were gifted with specially curated kits consisting of stationary items, lunch boxes, water bottles, eatables, fresh fruits, handkerchief, socks, piggy bank and a game. It was really a great time for all children and college students to understand the value of teamwork and cooperation as the event was entirely managed by the student volunteers under the guidance of Dr. Krupa Bhatt, Dr. Kruti Shah, Dr. Bhumika Ansodaria & Prof. Hard Patel.


Date: 22-12-2023

Faculty of Commerce organised Fireless Cooking Workshop on 22 nd December, 2023. In this workshop, Miss. Drashti Mulani, Master Chef Past Participant shared some modern tips of fireless cooking and taught recipes of Makhana chaat, Sprout Salad Sandwich and Strawberry Oreo Dessert with our students. Our students have learned techniques of preparing fireless food items and made it on the spot. In addition, she also gave tips to make dishes attractive. Students explored ways to create flavorful dishes without fire. This competition was co-ordinated by Dr. Bhavna Parwani and Dr. Anjali Trivedi.


Date: 15-12-2023 to 21-12-2023


Art studio Club of Faculty of Commerce organized Art Workshop in which students were trained in Painting and Poster Making Skills. In this workshop paintings and posters were prepared by around 40 students under the guidance of the expert Mr. Sachin Gaud. The workshop was quite successful as the students unleashed their creativity and expressed their thoughts on topics like ‘Art and Peace’. The highlight of the workshop was the tricks and tips for painting and color combinations shared by the expert. They learned new techniques to enhance their art skills. Poster making, on the other hand, according to Mr. Sachin, involves creating visually appealing posters for various purposes. These can be for advertising, promoting events, or conveying messages.


Faculty of Commerce organized Cartooning and Collage Making workshop which brought together participants eager to learn to express their views on social, political, and current affairs through art. With the guidance of skilled instructor Mr. Sachin, students created vibrant artworks that covered a wide range of themes. The collages and cartoons served as powerful tools for conveying ideas in a visually engaging manner. Participants showcased their perspectives on issues like social justice, politics, and current events. The workshop not only developed artistic skills but also encouraged thoughtful concepts.


Faculty of Commerce organised Rangoli and Installation Workshop. Mr. Sachin Gaud had conducted these workshops, who is renowned fine art artist and graphic designer. Firstly in Rangoli Workshop, the process typically began with drawing a pattern outline and drawing on the theme of Geometry, followed by filling it in with vibrant colours by our students. In this workshop, our students have also learned to express creativity in Rangoli and how to correlate with the Rangoli theme by utilizing cultural expression and community engagement concepts in the further competitions. In Installation Workshop, Mr. Sachin taught students how to prepare handcrafted things such as Lady Model, Merry-Go-Round, Wall Art Piece, and some basic handmade models. Students learnt to build handcrafted things in identical manner creatively. They used waste bottles, plastic spoons, newspaper, colour craft papers, coconut husk, wire, plastic materials, glasses and tea cups for preparing handcrafted models. Fine Arts workshop was co-ordinated by Dr. Bhavna Parwani, Dr. Anjali Trivedi and Dr. Keyur Vohra.


Date: 08-12-2023

Faculty of Commerce organised a "NextGen Dialogue Series" in association with UNICEF on theme Role of Young People in Climate Action. The event began on an introductory note by Mr. Krunal Shah, an alumnus of GLS University and CEO of Gujarat Youth Forum. He highlighted the fact that how today’s youth can play a pivotal role in bringing down the carbon emission and that there is no rocket science in committing yourself towards environmental concerns. The session was taken forward by Mr. Lokendra Balasaria an Architect, Urban Ecologist, and Chairman of ASSOCHAM GEM Gujarat. He is a founder of TreeWalk initiative. He initiated by outlining common problems faced by people, with an emphasis on youth playing a pivotal role in combating climate change. Many youths lack clarity on terms such as atmosphere, global warming, and environmental impact. He explained how climate change affects cities, regions, and communities, weaving in a compelling story of how one person's actions can make a significant environmental difference. The other major problem is Toxicity issues, such as poison in vegetables and the health risks associated with diesel cars and daily-use detergents, are explored. The solution for the same is learning from organic models like Sikkim, respecting and working with nature's balancing systems, and adapting to changing climates (e.g., Ahmedabad's transformation from semi-arid to a wetter region). He highlighted the policy framed by Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to bring down India’s carbon emission by 2030 and further added that the youth rigorously works towards it, this target will be achieved well within the stipulated limit. He concluded by stressing the urgency of addressing environmental challenges and highlights the potential for positive change through informed youth engagement. Around 600 students actively participated in this one of a kind Environmental Awareness session. The event was coordinated by students under the able guidance of Dr. Bhavik Swadia, Dr. Bhavin Bhatt and Dr. Aashal Bhatt.


Date: 05-12-2023

The college organized inter class Athletics Competitions for various sports events like Sprinting, Shot-put Throw, Discus Throw, Javelin Throw, Long Jump, High Jump etc. for the students of all the semester to cultivate sports environment amongst them.


Date: 02-09-2023

A workshop under the banner of Collegiate Women Development Committee on the topic ‘Dating relationship: Happily, Ever after is not a fairy Tale among youth’ was organized. The session was conducted by the Dr. Priyanka Kacher, associate dean of School Behavioral forensics, NFSU. She began the session by exploring the prevalent issue of violence against women, shedding light on the various forms it takes and the consequences it entails. The introductory section provided an overview of gender-based violence, debunking the misconception that violence is solely physical abuse. It highlighted the gravity of this problem by listing different types of violence against women, ranging from domestic violence to child marriage and sexual harassment. The speaker explored the reasons why many women do not leave violent partners, touching upon factors such as fear, stigma, and hope for change. Additionally, it outlined the severe consequences of IPV, including physical injuries, mental health issues, addiction, and even death. The session ended with a powerful message, quoting, “At any given moment, you have the power to say, ‘This is not how my story is going to end.'” It serves as a call to action, urging society to take a proactive role in ending violence against women and ensuring that “happily ever after” is a reality, not just a fairy tale.



Faculty of Commerce organised a workshop under the banner of Collegiate Women Development Committee which is related to basic introduction to CPR. The theme was CPR Training and awareness about Heart Attack among youth. The session was conducted by the Dr. Abhishek Sharma, an associate from Sterling Hospitals, Ahmedabad. He began a session by emphasising the meaning and importance of Basic Life Support (BLS) and the importance of CPR training and awareness about heart attacks among the youth. The session aimed to educate participants on recognizing signs of sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke, and airway obstruction, and how to perform CPR and use automated external defibrillators (AEDs). He explained that the concept of AED>AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator. Participants learned about its usage that includes Checking for a central pulse, observing chest rise Pulse check for 5-10 seconds. The session also covered the key aspects of CPR which are Landmark and chest compression location, Proper hand placement with shoulders directly over the chest, Keeping arms straight and elbows locked and Smooth and continuous chest compressions, avoiding jerking motions. He also talked about the Airway management techniques that include Head tilt and chin lift and Jaw thrust for suspected C-spine injuries. He concluded the session with a powerful message: “Do not hesitate; you can save lives.” The entire session was coordinated by Dr. Gitanjali Rampal and Dr. Bhavna Parwani.


Date: 29-08-2023

Faculty of Commerce organised a visit to the Dr. Jit Mehta Balshala Trust (A centre for person with Mental Retardation) managed by the Blind People’s Association(India) in order to celebrate Rakhshabandhan with the first year students of the Yoga Club on 27th of August. Students themselves made the Rakhi for the celebration in the college itself and around 30 girl Volunteers along with boy Volunteers and faculty members participated in the celebration by knotting rakhi to around 40 students of Dr. Jit Mehta Balshala Trust. The college also distributed sweets among those students. Principal Sangitaben appreciated the activities carried out by students of Faculty of Commerce.


Date: 26-08-2023

Faculty of Commerce hosted an exhilarating Table Tennis Tournament as part of their commitment to nurture the talents of young students. The tournament provided a platform for sports activities, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and teamwork among the students. The Table Tennis Tournament  proved to be a testament to the students’ talents and sportsmanship. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from 85 students hailing from Faculty of commerce, creating an atmosphere filled with intense sporting spirit and camaraderie. The competition, brought together students from various divisions within the Faculty of Commerce. The event aimed to promote physical fitness, healthy competition, and teamwork among the students, emphasizing the holistic development of the participants. Despite the competitive nature of the event, the participants maintained a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. Spectators cheered for their peers, creating an electrifying environment at the academy. The tournament was conducted with utmost fairness and integrity, with strict adherence to the rules and regulations of table tennis. Referees ensured that all matches were played in a great spirit. The tournament’s successful execution was made possible by the coordination of the dedicated faculty members, including Dr. Bhavin Bhatt, Dr. Bhavik Swadia, and Dr. Jaimin Patel. Their efforts ensured that the tournament ran smoothly and provided an engaging and rewarding experience for all participants.

The results of the Table Tennis tournament are as follows:

  • Boys Tournament

1st Position: Arth Sheth

2nd Position: Kushal Gandhi

3rd Position: Akhil Nawani

  • Girls Tournament

1st Position:  Niharika Jain

2nd Position: Tisha Mehta

3rd Position: Khushi Kothari



Steps N Style club of Faculty of Commerce aims to engage the participants in dance, grooming, and performance with rigor and curiosity and to build and strengthen students’ creative skills in live performances. The Club this year organized ‘8 Day’ Western Dance and Grooming Workshop ‘DAZZLE 2023’, in which more than 100 plus students actively participate. The interactive workshop sessions were conducted by various experts Mr. Dhweep Shah, Mr. Keyur Desai, Ms. Khushnum Avari, Mr. Chakshu Chauhan Ms. Vinita Panchal and Ms. Aditi Vyas. The workshop included theoretical and practical training about various dance forms like Hip hop, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, salsa, crumping, fusion, and Bollywood by ace choreographers. Various international fame fashion choreographers and models came and shared their success story and practically demonstrated how to walk on the ramp and also give one to one tip to all the aspiring models and laid emphasis on body language and confidence.



Faculty of Commerce under Project Udaan with Adani Foundation organized an industrial visit on 22 nd and 23 rd August,2023 with an objective to develop awareness amongst young minds regarding the practical operations of large-scale industries of Adani group including Adani port, Adani power-thermal wind & solar and Adani Wilmar. During the visit, students were taken to Adani Port and the Special Economic Zone of Gujarat, where they saw the operations of the port along with a wonderfully structured model and briefing done by the Expert engineers. The visit lasted for two days with a night stay at Adani Shanti Niketan. Overall, it was a great experience to have an insight into the true operations at scale, explained by industry experts. This visit has equipped us with engrossing practical knowledge. Around 90 students along with 4 professors participated in the educational visit to Mundra.



 Faculty of Commerce hosted an exhilarating Carrom Tournament as part of their commitment to nurturing the talents of young students. The tournament provided a platform for sports activities, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and teamwork among the students. Participants from all the semesters exhibited remarkable enthusiasm as they competed in this exciting event. The tournament was structured across three rounds, with each participant engaging in a best-of-three matches format. An impressive turnout of 150 plus students joined the competition. The climax of the tournament was the gripping finals, where spectators were treated to a display of skill, strategy, and dedication as the contestants executed their moves with precision. The competition was intense, showcasing the participants’ determination to emerge victorious. After a closely contested competition, the results were determined. The tournament’s successful execution was made possible by the coordination of the dedicated faculty members, including Dr. Bhavin Bhatt, Dr. Bhavik Swadia, and Dr. Jaimin Patel. Their efforts ensured that the tournament ran smoothly and provided an engaging and rewarding experience for all participants.

Winners of the Carrom Tournament :

1st Position:

Nirav Prajapati , Ahmed Pisuwala

2nd Position:

Jyot Buch , Saideep Patnak

3rd Position:

Mouli Thanki , Gautam Chomal


Date: 09-08-2023

Faculty of Commerce set the stage on fire at the Finals of Talent Unlimited Season4. The budding artists of SMPIC, dazzled on the stage with their limitless talent at the Final round of the institute’s flagship event Talent Unlimited Season 4 at the restyled GLS auditorium on 9 th August, 2023. The 28 participants competing for the championship at various competitions like Singing, Instrumental music, Western Dance, Classical Dance, Folk Dance, Mono Acting, Stand up Comedy etc. were those who had reached to the finals after the rounds of auditions and eliminations, leaving behind more than 90 contestants. The event got a curtain raiser with a magnificent fusion dance performance by a group of FOC students. The entire show was filled with spectacular performances included some soulful singing from the Indian as well as western music, enchanting instrumental music, acrobatic and energetic western dances as well as graceful classical and folk dances. The hilarious stand up comedies and thought provoking monoacting performances also enthralled the judges as well as the audience. Expert judges like Mihir Jani, Dwip Shah, Maitri Trivedi, Ankit Trivedi also made the institute proud with the fact that they also had found FOC to be the stepping stone to their success in their respective fields of art.


Date: 05-08-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized an inter-class Badminton Tournament, showcasing the impressive sporting prowess of its students. The aim of this event was to provide a competitive platform for students to display their badminton skills and discover hidden talents within the student body. Students from all semesters eagerly participated in this tournament, highlighting the widespread interest and enthusiasm for the sport of badminton within the university. The tournament featured singles matches that were fiercely contested, contributing to the overall atmosphere of spirited competition. The event was a resounding success with a remarkable turnout of over 300 participants, consisting of 120 girls and 180 boys. Their active involvement and dedication added to the vibrancy of the tournament, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved. The entire session was conducted by Dr. Bhavik Swadia, Dr. Jaimin Patel and Dr.Bhavan Bhatt.


Boys Category:

1. Yash Shah
2. Anshul Karulkar

Girls Category:

1. Hetanshi Milwar
2. Himakshi Jain


Date: 04-08-2023

Faculty of Commerce organised a workshop under the banner of Collegiate Women Development Committee on “Achieving Success in life: Strategies for attaining your goals”   in GLS Auditorium. It was conducted by C.A.(Dr.) Anjali Choksi, CA and Partner at DJNV & Co. Chartered Accountancy and the first woman to be the Chairperson of the Ahmedabad Branch of the ICAI. She began the session by explaining the meaning of success in life. According to students, success means achieving the goal of their life. But according to her in order to get the proper definition of success we need to ask certain questions to ourselves first whether we  are happy with what we are doing, whether we are satisfied and passionate for the goal of dream? Further, she explained the concept of SWOT analysis which stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats. She emphasized that we always have to do the SWOT analysis in order to get the success in life. She also explained that social media is Boon to network & expand business but while studying it’s a bane which should be strictly avoided.

Then moving further, she shared certain anecdotes to highlight the following points:

  1. We should not stop after achieving goal.
  2. We should not depend on others.
  3. Short term pleasures can lead to long term traps.
  4. When you are not using skills, you will lose more skills and also lose choices 
  5. Right action has to be taken at right time

Certain Takeaways of this session are: –

  1. Participation is the biggest thing to enjoy your curriculum 
  2. Give respect to everyone 
  3. Stick to your dream 
  4. SWOT analysis is very powerful tool for achieving goal

The  session was managed by event Co-ordinators under the guidance of CA Dr. Sneha Master, Dr. Gitanjali Rampal and Dr. Bhavna Parwani.


Date: 02-08-2023

To sensitize students towards the needs of society, GLS UNIVERSITY organized Blood Donation Camp in association with  Indian Red Cross Society. Students of FOC extended their full co-operation in conducting this noble campaign and had volunteered to donate a total of 90 units of blood.


Date: 24-07-2023 to 31-07-2023

Abhivaykti- The Theatre Group at Faculty of Commerce, organized a week-long workshop that honed and nurtured the immense talent and creativity of the students a month ago. Led by Vishal Shah, an FOC Alumni, Mr. Kailash Shahdadpuri and his dedicated team, the workshop aimed to provide students with a platform to refine their acting skills and express their thoughts through theatrical performances. Throughout the week, students devoted themselves to various aspects of theatre, including scriptwriting, acting, and directing, under the guidance of their mentors and with support from their seniors. This collaboration allowed them to bring their creative visions to life on the stage. The workshop led to THREE PERFORMANCES by three teams, each with a unique and thought-provoking theme performed in GLS Auditorium. The first team explored ‘Mard Ko Bhi Dard Hota Hai’ (Even Men Feel Pain), challenging stereotypes and promoting empathy for the emotional vulnerabilities men often face. The second team delved into ‘Social Media Ke Sochan’ (The Thoughts of Social Media), sparking critical discussions about the impact of social media on human behaviour and relationships. The third team, in a significant move, tackled the stigmatized topic of menstruation with ‘Dhaag’ (Periods), aiming to destigmatize it and raise awareness. Each team had its own motive, reflected vividly in their performances. Team 1 sought to challenge gender stereotypes and encourage a more inclusive perspective on masculinity. Team 2 aimed to spark conversations about responsible social media usage and its effects on mental health. Team 3’s motive was to promote menstrual hygiene awareness and break the silence surrounding menstruation. In conclusion, the Abhivaykti -The Theatre workshop at Faculty of Commerce was a resounding success, showcasing the remarkable talent and creativity of the students.


Date: 24-07-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized the photography workshop on 24th July, 2023 in which around 50 students participated. Renowned faculty, Mr. Rishi Goenka, conducted the workshop, providing valuable insights into various aspects of photography. The workshop covered a wide range of topics, starting from the basics of photography, including types of cameras, parts and functions of cameras, and the fundamental principles of photography. Participants were introduced to different aspects of photography, such as leading lines, the Rule of Thirds, symmetry, patterns, the importance of lighting, and angles. This comprehensive approach allowed the students to gain a holistic understanding of photography and its various elements. One of the highlights of the workshop was the hands-on experience given to the students. This practical session allowed them to apply the theoretical knowledge they had learned and gain better clarity about the art of photography. He shared interesting techniques and secret tactics for capturing perfect photos, using both good lenses on professional cameras and smartphone cameras. This combination of traditional and modern photography tools enriched the students’ learning experience. The short and simple tricks shared by the instructor enabled the students to master the art of photography in a short period.


Date: 21-07-2023

An interactive expert session on “Let’s Talk Health and Happiness” under the Collegiate Women Development Committee (CWDC) was organized. The expert session aimed to promote women’s awareness and was conducted by renowned Gynecologist, Dr. Cecil Kanuga from Marigold Women’s Hospital, Ahmedabad. She emphasized the importance of such sessions to sensitize young women to protect themselves in both public places and at home. The session provided valuable information on various aspects of women’s health, with a focus on menstruation and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), teenage vaccinations, the significance of energy and food, pre- conception tests, pre-marital counseling, and guidance for the transition into married life or parenthood. The primary objective was to empower women with knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions and lead healthier lives. During the session, she shed light on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a hormonal disorder characterized by enlarged ovaries with small cysts, leading to irregular periods, weight gain, excessive hair growth, and fertility issues. She stressed that weight loss is one of the essential factors in managing PCOS effectively. The session also addressed essential aspects of life after marriage and parenthood, such as effective communication, family planning, emotional support, and postnatal care. The entire session was successfully managed by event managers under the guidance of Dr. Bhavna Parwani and Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.


Date: 18-07-2023 to 20-07-2023

Faculty of Commerce and Chess New District Association, Ahmedabad jointly organized Chess Tournament on 18th and 20th July, 2023. Around 84 participants took part and competed on 18th and 20th July, 2023. A training session was held on the 12th July, 2023 at 10:30 a.m. where Mr. Ankit Dalal, International Rated Chess player and Joint Secretary Gujarat State Chess Association talked about the history of chess, some basic rules-guidelines and also gave some interesting tips and tricks for the same.  On 20th July,2023 International Rated Chess Player Mr. Ankit Dalal played in Simul with the 30 participants at the same time. On 18th July, 2023 The participants of the tournament played 5 rounds with Swiss system without knockouts It was indeed quite heart-warming to see the children playing their moves like stalwarts with rapt concentration and collected demeanour. It’s not just about winning but about learning and growing. In all games that were played within, winners of the competition were:

  1. Nishi Shah
  2. Mohit Tanwani
  3. Rushabh Mehta

 It was coordinated by Dr. Bhavik Swadia, Dr. Jaimin Patel and Dr. Bhavin Bhatt


Date: 10-07-2023

Faculty of Commerce organized a  workshop on “Importance of yoga in Student’s Life”. The workshop was conducted  by CA. DR. Nilesh Suchak and Yoga club of Faculty of Commerce. Dr. Suchak discussed how practicing yoga consistently can be beneficial for students to increase calmness and focus.  Yoga is not just about practicing asanas but it also means to have a consciousness on our own thoughts which eventually can lead us understand where we are going wrong. Many anecdotes from Mahabharata, Ramayana were shared and their lessons in life were also discussed. Practicing yoga can have multiple health benefits including mental clarity, focus and weight control. This workshop was coordinated by Dr. Bhavik U. Swadia and Dr. Jaimin Patel.



Date: 21-06-2023

Faculty of Commerce celebrated International Yoga Day to raise awareness about the various benefits of practicing yoga among students. Students enthusiastically participated in the event and performed various yoga asanas.