Date: 03-03-2024

Faculty of Commerce organized a remarkable Seminar and Award function “Phenomenon WOMEN: A Tribute to Womanhood” #celebratingwomanhood under the auspices of the Collegiate Women Development Committee. The event aimed to celebrate acknowledge and honour the invaluable contributions of women in various spheres of life. The event witnessed the august presence of Dr. Chandni Kapadia, Executive Director, GLS University and Dr. Dharmesh Shah, Pro-Vost, GLS University. Our esteemed awardees were Ms. Nandita Om Puri, Acclaimed Author, Journalist, Actor & Chair, Om Puri Foundation, Dr. Lavina Sinha IPS, Dept. Commissioner of Police, MD (Medicine), RJ Megha, Versatile Radio Jockey & Leading Event Host and our female alumni who have made a mark in various fields Ms. Neha Kalra Bathla, a successful entrepreneur and Ms. Kanysshka Miglani Chopra, a distinguished fashion and costume stylist. The seminar commenced with a welcome prayer, setting a tone of reverence and solemnity. Dr. Chandni Kapadia, Executive Director, GLS University, delivered a poignant speech advocating for the celebration of women every day, not just on designated occasions. She emphasized the interconnectedness of genders, stating, “He makes up she, she makes up he; we all are one,” thereby promoting gender inclusivity and solidarity. “Phenomena WOMEN: A Tribute to Womanhood” served as a platform to honor and celebrate the multifaceted roles played by women in society. The event not only acknowledged their contributions but also fostered a spirit of empowerment and solidarity among attendees. Ms. Nandita Om Puri talked eloquently about Gender Equality. She shared her personal experiences with her husband Om Puri who was an acclaimed actor, wherein she highlighted how Om Puri was an amazing cook and how her husband shred the domestic responsibilities, motivated and encouraged her to pursue her writing career. RJ Megha, a small-town girl, shared her career journey from a shy and introvert girl to a celebrity host. She exemplified the fact that women can achieve whatever they aspire by giving their 1000% to everything. IPS Dr. Lavanya Sinha captivated the audience with her insightful discourse on International Women’s Day. She underscored the significance of women in men’s lives, substantiating her points with compelling real-life examples. Dr. Sinha also shed light on the concept of “Invest in Women to Accelerate Progress,” elucidating how investments in education, finance, and health & fitness can catalyze societal development.


Date: 02-08-2023

To sensitize students towards the needs of society, GLS UNIVERSITY organized Blood Donation Camp in association with  Indian Red Cross Society. Students of FOC extended their full co-operation in conducting this noble campaign and had volunteered to donate a total of 90 units of blood.