Date: 14th February,2022

Speaker: Dr. Nitin Pillai, Language and Communication Expert

Highlights: Dr. Nitin Pillai said that Communication is the back bone where public speaking is the most decoded form of communication. We need to eliminate the public speaking anxiety. John Powell has rightly said that “Communication works for those who work for it”.  Great speakers are not born they are trained. Public speaking is not rocket science. What is it at the core? – one doesn’t get it from books. It happens naturally. By giving practical examples of a barber, Uber driver and vegetable vendor, the speaker in a very humorous way involved the students in a bit typical topic of public speaking. The speaker rightly pointed out that Public Speaking happens at unknown places. It happens in open doors. Public speaking is a Fire Speech. We generally believe Politicians, CEOs, Actors, Orators are great public speakers whereas according to the speaker, Security guards, Uber drivers, Barbers are also good public speakers. Story telling is the core of Public Speaking.  The key ingredients of public speaking are Courage, Confidence, Progress, and the Audience. He talked about the secrets related to building stage courage and right attitude to deliver a speech in an effective manner.