In today’s time, the youth is gradually forgetting the values and thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi. It is said that the three main principles of Gandhiji: Truth, Nonviolence and Cleanliness are the most relevant and the most required principles for the world to survive today. To inculcate the values of Mahatma Gandhi among the young students and to inspire them through the life and lessons of Gandhiji various events are organized under this Forum like Visit to Sabarmati Ashram, Kocharab Ashram, Mahatma Mandir, Celebration of the Gandhi Jayanti with various competitions, talks, guest lectures, quizzes etc. Paying tribute to Gandhiji on his death anniversary, Pledge to follow the Gandhian values etc. All the activities of this Forum are coordinated by Dr. Keyur Vohra and Dr. Anjali Trivedi.