We live in a world where social media impacts us more than ever. We live in a world where negative thoughts exist more than ever. The one thing that we need to survive and has the most out of this world is a MONK MINDSET.

Being able to have time, energy, clarity & focus on self-purification from negative thoughts is Monk Mindset.

Having clarity on how to overcome anxiety, depression and mental health problem is Monk Mindset.

Having developed an Environment that allows you to be more purified is Monk Mindset.

Having a Mindset where you understand that detachment is not that you owe nothing, Detachment is that nothing owns you, being close to everything and not letting it consume your energy is Monk Mindset.

Proper alignment of Head (having a clear vision), Heart (what you want from Vision), Hand (providing service to fulfil that vision) is Monk Mindset.

Having a mindset of providing a service with what you have to optimize sustainable pleasure in the world is Monk Mindset.

Having clarity about what is an ideal life for you is Monk Mindset.

I hope MONK MINDSET got your attention, and got you convinced to have more in-depth research on it from “Highly Unstructured School of Knowledge- THE INTERNET.”