Date: 12th March,2022.

 Our institute participated in cricket tournament organized by GLS FIT WAVE GYM and reached up to Semi-Final Level.


Date: 5th March, 2022.

Our institute celebrated International Women’s Day by organizing 2 events.

  1. A Presentation Competition – At SMPIC, International Women’s Day Celebrations started with a Presentation Competition on 2nd March, for the students based on the theme सशक्तnaari #atmanirbharभारत wherein more than 100 students presented awe inspiring journeys of Indian Women who made a difference with their presence in various fields like corporate world, entertainment, science, home and many more. The winners of the Presentation Competition सशक्तnaari #atmanirbharभारत are

Hanshika Jaju

Siya Joshi

Eesham Devalia

Prachi Sharma

Vrunda Modasara

Aditi Shah

Yamini Dugani

Shivansh Rawal

  1. Phenomenal Women- A tribute to womanhood#celebratingwomanhood

 GLS University’s Faculty of Commerce (SMPIC) with Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI) has organised the virtual award function ‘Phenomenal Women- A tribute to Womanhood’ on the occasion of International Women’s Day on 5th March, 2022 to felicitate women stalwarts from various fields who have broken all the barriers and reached the pinnacle of success with ‘Phenomenal Woman Award’.  The function was graced by Dr. Sudhir Nanavati, President GLS University, Woman Super Achiever & Key Note Speaker Ms Chandni Kapadia, National President, Design Council At WICCI & Executive Director, GLS University, Dr. B. H. Joshi, Pro-Vost, GLS University, Dr. Dharmesh shah, Registrar, GLS University. Our esteemed awardees Padmashree Penaz Masani, Ghazal and Playback Singer, Dr. Darshna Thakkar – Gynaecologist, Obstetrician and Social Entrepreneur and Ms. Mira Erda- 1st and Youngest Indian Female Formula Racer were awarded with ‘Phenomenal Woman Award’ and our female alumni who have made a mark in various fields Ms. Shivangi Mehra – Model & Actor and Ms. Nikita Ahuja- Singer, Composer and Lyricist were awarded with ‘Glorious Alumnus Award’. The events were co-ordinated by Dr. Rajul Goenka, Dr. Gitanjali Rampal and Dr. Bhavna Parwani.


Date:  9th October, 2021

Our institute organized a week-long theatre workshop ABHIVYAKTI 2021 from 4th October, 2021 to 9th October, 2021. The workshop was conducted by Shri Vishal Shah known actor, director, scriptwriter and SMPIC alumni. On the first day, the workshop was inaugurated. Various activities and exercises were conducted to achieve and understand ‘Rhythm’, ‘Body sync’, ‘ Inhibition’, ‘Conviction’, ‘Observation’, ‘Imagination’ and ‘Co-operation’. On the 5th Day, the students were given the first-hand experience of theatre at ‘Prayogshala’. Students were given a total overview about all the technological aspects of theatre and performances like the lighting system, backstage area, different zones on stage and positioning of characters. On the 6th Day, the students performed skits in various groups and showcased their learning from the workshop. Further students rehearsed, polished and performed their small acts on various themes like various comic situations on the inquiry counter of railway station, addiction of PUBG in students, gender equality, old-age companionship and post-covid relationship issues on 23rd October, 2021, Saturday at GLS Auditorium. The performances were graced by the presence of Dr. B. H. Joshi, Provost, GLS University. He whole-heartedly appreciated the performances of students and congratulated them for their efforts. He further stressed that theater is a strong medium to develop a lot of soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork, presentation skills, self-confidence etc. Through this workshop, students will be able to overcome their stage fear as well as develop a positive and confident body language. The event was coordinated by Dr. Sneha Master and Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.



Date: 28th September,2021

Our institute organized a new lecture series GLS-SMPIC ALUMNI CONNECT-2021-22. SMPIC students are placed across the globe at very good positions managing in their own business and many of them are making ripples in the corporate world. The 2011 batch student Dhruvit Shah was called upon as the first speaker of this innovative lecture series OUR ALUMNI OUR PRIDE to talk about his very successful entrepreneurial journey as the owner of, one of India’s first textile e-com companies.  Mr. Shah talked about the experiences he gained as a student in his shaping years at the institute and how various management activities made him dream big to become a leading entrepreneur. He in detail talked about how he started his startup of selling Indian textiles online.  He gave answers to all the questions raised by the audience. 2015 batch student Rahul Meghnani   was invited as another speaker. He interacted with the present batch talking  about the benefits of eating right for a healthy life. Mr. Rahul Meghnani  is a weight management specialist and a clinical and sports nutritionist. Rahul Meghnani was here to spread awareness and share his expert knowledge on how unintentionally we are falling for chronic diseases. He is talked about eating healthy and staying healthy.  Rahul patiently answered all the questions raised by the students.  This turned out to be a very interesting topic for the students as post covid 19  it is of utmost importance to eat right and stay healthy. Both these Sessions were very helpful for the students and a large number of students participated in these very interesting sessions conducted by SMPIC Alumni. This event was coordinated by Dr. Bimal Solanki.



Date: 21st September, 2021

Innovision – The Management Club of our institute organized guest lecture on  ‘Social Media Etiquettes for college Goers’. The session was conducted by Dr. Parth Vaishnav, an expert psychiatrist and a deaddiction expert. He suggested the basic points to be kept in mind while creating a profile on social media. He discussed various dangers arising from addiction to social media. He explained the importance of proper usage of artificial intelligence.  Talking about sharing and posting, he explained that it is very essential for us to understand what to share and why to share on social media platforms. He explained the importance of cyber security and warned that social media accidents can cause mental health problems like anticipatory anxiety, depression, self-harm, addiction, relationship stressors, hypochondriasis, insomnia etc. The session was very interactive and informative. It was co -ordinated by Dr. Krupa Bhatt and Dr. Jaimin Patel.



Date: 15th September 2021.

Our institute organized the online talent hunt ‘TALENT UNLIMITED Season 2 (2021)’. More than 100 students enthusiastically participated in various competitions like Singing, Instrumental Music, Folk Dance, Western Dance, Indian Classical Dance, Mono Acting, and Stand-Up Comedy and sent the videos of their performances for the final judgement. The team of faculties in charge of various events include Dr. Bhavna Parvani, Dr. Kruti Shah, Dr. Sneha Master, Dr. Gitanjali Rampal and Dr. Keyur Vohra. The entire event was co-ordinated by Dr. Keyur Vohra.



1st  Khushi Shah &  Saideep Patnaik

2nd  Daksh Chansauriya ,  Raj Katarmal &  Maharshi Brahmabhatt

3rd  Rohaan Kureshi


1st  Alex Patel &  Om Doshi

2nd  Devarsh Kotecha & Tirth Bhatt

3rd  Jatan Mehta &  Diksha Jain


1st  Heni Shah

2nd  Shweta Joshi &  Kandarp Rajguru

3rd  Muskan Jain,  Rajnandiniba Vaghela &  Vaishali Gurjar


1st  Khushi Jain

2nd  Krisha Madaliya & Shreya Solanki

3rd  Gauri Ramani &  Deval Shukla


1st Astha Tak

2nd  Jeel Bhatt &  Nida Sindhi

3rd  Mahima Sharma &  Teesha Chhabariya

Consolation Prize Manasa Shah


1st Drashti Vadaliya

2nd Kishan Desai & Rishi Bhatt

3rd Harshil Patel


Date:14th September, 2021

Our institute organized an expert session on ‘Digital Eye Strain’ under the lecture series Academics and Beyond. It was conducted by a very well-known ophthalmologist and eye surgeon Dr. Hiral Dodiya, Shalby Hospitals, Ahmedabad.  According to Dr. Hiral, the strain on eyes has increased to a great extent due to an increased usage of screen by students or working professionals.  The physical education has been absent since past 2 years due to the pandemic which has led to an increase in online education and our eyes get adversely affected.  Even the working professionals were given an option of work from home which led to the excessive usage of laptop, mobile phones and tablets which in turn had its adverse effects on the eyes. Dr. Hiral Dodiya further said that it is difficult for us to reduce the screen time and therefore we must work out the options by which the eyes get least affected. The webinar proved to be useful for the audience of all age groups. The entire event was coordinated by Dr. Bhavin Bhatt.



Date: 13th September,2021

Our institute organised one-week virtual Dance workshop from 13th September,2021 under which students are given opportunity to learn different dance styles of folk and western dance by the experts Kuldeep Shukla & Nidhip Shah. Kuldeep Shukla, a renowned choreographer, conducted folk dance workshop for the students and gave knowledge of be tali , Tran tali, Hinch, dodhiyu, Hudo, Randal ma no Ghodo, Raas, Rajasthani & Bhangda. Nidhip Shah, a well-known choreographer, conducted western dance workshop under which different Western dance styles are taught trending in India. One of the styles is ‘Shuffle’, which started in late 90’s in Melbourne, Australia and now it is present and performed worldwide. Next is Tutting, which is related to forming geometrical shapes with hands and fingers on music. Along with these two, students learnt Lyrical and Bollyhop which are most famous among the young generations in the current scenario of Dance. Around 150 participants are learning different dance styles with lot of enthusiasm in the Virtual Dance workshop. The Virtual Dance Workshop is coordinated by Dr. Bhavna Parwani & Dr. Kruti Shah.



Date: 10th September,2021

The photography competition was  organized by our institute in which various topics were covered such as  Portrait Photography,  Street Life Photography,  Landscape photography and  Rain Photography.  Around 215 students enthusiastically participated in the competition using digital cameras as well as smartphones and presented live photographs with a specific perspective like a professional photographer.  Students also presented favourable messages to the photographs provided to them. Out of them, the best photograph was selected by the judge after a lot of hard work.



1st          Siya Joshi   SEM 1

1st          Sandeep Chheepa  SEM 1

2nd          Rangi Daksha     SEM 1

2nd          Arush Tarang Pandya     SEM 1

2nd          Karnika Maheshwari SEM 3

2nd          Yugal Khimani SEM 5

3rd           Keval Kotadia     SEM 1

3rd           Pearl Patel  SEM 1

3rd           Richa Shah SEM 1

APPRECIATION Harsh Dwivedi   SEM 1




APPRECIATION Drashti Vadaliya SEM 1

The Photography Competition was  coordinated by Dr. Rajul Goenka.


Date: 4th September, 2021

Our institute organized Teachers Day Virtual Celebrations by organizing 2 online competitions. The event was coordinated by Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.

  1. LET’S TEACH (Online Teaching Competition)

The students of all three years enthusiastically participated in the competition. They taught the fellow students online wherein they used various techniques of Power Point Presentation, Quiz etc.


Astha Thakkar,  Drashti Vadaliya, Krinali Jain, Parth Bansal, Ruchita Lunawat, Diya Bhatt, Tejal Modhvadiya

  1. LET’S SPEAK (Online Elocution Competition)

The topic of the elocution competition was “ Teaching and Learning during Pandemic: A Unique Experience.” Students strongly voiced their opinions on the topic.


First Year

1st Prize – Vidushi Jagnani

2nd Prize – Riya Rajeshbhai Parmar &  Eeshan Chintan Devalia

3rd Prize – Trusha Kartik Panchal & Patel Vraj Samir

Second Year

1st Prize – Sakshi Joshi

2nd Prize –  Aashvi Barfiwala

3rd Prize –  Chhuvara Muskan Salimbhai

Consolation Prize – Vrunda Modasa

Third Year

1st Prize Nair Urmila Unnikrishnan

2nd Prize Nikhil Sheladiya



Date: 4th September, 2021

Our institute organized Teachers Day Virtual Celebrations by organizing 2 online

competitions. The event was coordinated by Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.

1. LET’S TEACH (Online Teaching Competition)

The students of all three years enthusiastically participated in the competition. They

taught the fellow students online wherein they used various techniques of Power Point

Presentation, Quiz etc.


Astha Thakkar, Drashti Vadaliya, Krinali Jain, Parth Bansal, Ruchita Lunawat, Diya

Bhatt, Tejal Modhvadiya

2. LET’S SPEAK (Online Elocution Competition)

The topic of the elocution competition was “ Teaching and Learning during

Pandemic: A Unique Experience.” Students strongly voiced their opinions on the



First Year

1 st Prize – Vidushi Jagnani

2 nd Prize – Riya Rajeshbhai Parmar & Eeshan Chintan Devalia

3 rd Prize – Trusha Kartik Panchal & Patel Vraj Samir

Second Year

1 st Prize – Sakshi Joshi

2 nd Prize – Aashvi Barfiwala

3 rd Prize – Chhuvara Muskan Salimbhai

Consolation Prize – Vrunda Modasa

Third Year

1 st Prize Nair Urmila Unnikrishnan

2 nd Prize Nikhil Sheladiya


Date:  2nd  September,2021

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

The Fine Art Club of our institute organized an online photography workshop on the theme “THE ART STUDIO – AUTHENTIC PHOTOGRAPHY” to provide guidance to students on various modern techniques of photography. Renowned faculty Mr. Rishi Goenka conducted this workshop. Various aspects of photography like leading lies, Rules of Thirds, Symmetry & patterns, importance of lighting and Angles were covered. Useful tips for clicking a really good photograph were given.  A competition was also launched following the workshop. The entire workshop was  coordinated by Dr. Rajul Goenka.


Date: 28th  August, 2021

Under the auspice of Academics and Beyond – A Lecture Series, an online guest speaker session on the topic ‘Path to an Accomplished Career’ was organized by our institute to celebrate National Sports Day. The session was conducted by Mr. Kiratb Damani, an eminent lawyer, Former National Cricketer, Chairman of Gujarat Ranji Trophy Selection Committee and a Tedx speaker. He addressed the young generation to understand the importance of discipline and conduct for a successful career. According to him, the lessons of time management learnt from his sports career helped him for develop his professional career in law. While answering the questions raised by students as to the reason behind choosing cricket as a sports activity, he was of the opinion that each and every person has a unique muscle power so they should select their interest of sports activity as per their choice.



Date4th August,2021

Our institute organised a virtual talk with a popular youth icon and an influencer RJ Pooja on the Positive Usage of Social Media. While talking to the students through the virtual platform, RJ Pooja explained about various positive and beneficial uses of social media. She mentioned that during the tough time of the peak Covid spread, Social media helped extensively in managing various aids related to Covid treatment and relief. Among other beneficial uses of social media she mentioned about Advertising, Online businesses, Work from home platforms, Finding virtual audience for amateur as well as professional artists etc. RJ Pooja also mentioned that social media has helped a lot in Community living during the lockdown period to maintain mental wellbeing of the people. Starting with a brief story about the evolution of social media, RJ Pooja also insisted that excessive use of social media can be harmful. As it is a virtual platform, the users have to be very careful and exercise their wisdom in making the right use of social media. At the end of the session she also answered a few curious queries by the students. The session was co-ordinated by Dr. Keyur Vohra.


Date : 30th July,2021

Our institute under the auspice of CINEMATES – The Movie Club organized an Expert Session on FILM APPRECIATION by Mr. Abhinay Banker, Renowned and Awarded Actor, Director and Playwright in Indian Theatre and Cinema on 30th July, 2021 at 11.30 a.m. All the participating students had watched few movies before the session.

Mr. Abhinay Banker discussed how film creation and appreciation are two different talents. He showed few clips from Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times and Dear Zindagi wherein he discussed cinematography, music as  a part of story, sound effects, long and short shots and many other aspects of film. He even talked about how parallel cinema works as a social documentary in our society. Students posed many questions regarding film making and watching. He answered all of them at length and in a lucid manner. The session was very interesting and informative. The event was co-ordinated by Dr. Gitanjali Rampal.



Date: 28th July, 2021

Out institute under the auspice of STATSTORM – The Statistics Club organised one-day celebration of WORLD NATURE CONSERVATION DAY 2021. World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated globally on 28th July to spread awareness about the importance of nature and the need to protect Earth’s natural resources.  An Expert Lecture on “Sustaining People and Planet” was conducted by Dr. Niyati Mistry, A Nature Enthusiast, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Geography, Government Arts College, Gandhinagar. Dr. Niyati  told that Natural resources are exploited in many ways for the greed of humans. Due to natural imbalance, people are facing threats like various diseases, natural disasters, increased temperature, global warming, and a lot more. It must preserve the well-being of the next generations. The only way to attain this can be through raising awareness among people all over the world about the importance of saving resources and the consequences of damaging them. Another event kept as a part of this celebration was a Poster Making Competition with Slogan on the theme “Nature Conservation” in which more than 100 students participated and prepared posters on Nature Conservation and created slogans on Nature Conservation.


First Position               Muskan Nagdev

Second Position          Aarti Mali and Vidhi Lal

Third Position             Maryam Pariyani and Samixa Shah

Appreciation to          Jaya Jagwani and Sumit Kotadiya

The event was coordinated by Dr. Devyani Chatterji.



Date: 24th July 2021.

Our institute celebrates Gurupurnima every year with lots of pomp and fervour. Even in Covid-19 pandemic times, the students of SMPIC celebrated virtual Gurupurnima on 24th July, 2021, Saturday, in which the students had invited all the faculty members with a personalized e-invitation card and had planned various surprises for the faculties on virtual platform. The event began with ritual of performing AARTI, followed by a TALK-SHOW, where some selected questions were asked to the faculty members. It was followed by a few singing performances by the students and fun games with the faculty members. The celebration ended with a video dedicated to SMPIC.  Not only the faculties but the alumni were also invited for the celebration who remembered their college days and expressed their gratitude for the college and the faculties. SMPIC’s Virtual Gurupurnima was filled with love, respect and creativity.

Celebration of International Chess Day

Date: 20th July 2021.

With the on table tournaments looking like a distant dream in Covid 19 world, our institute in association with New Chess Ahmedabad District Association organised a virtual chess  tournament on the occasion of International Chess Day.

International rated player and arbiter Ankit Dalal conducted online session discussing final detail of an online chess tournament. More than 150 students enthusiastically participated in the tournament. Each student participating in the tournament played nine rounds without a knockout. About 650 games were played in a planned manner in three hours. Shreeom Tiwari won the tournament while Kandarp Rajyaguru secured the second position and Sammed Jain secured the third position.


Date: 10th July, 2021.

SMPIC in association with Hero Motocorp organized an E workshop for its students. Road safety is something important that has to be followed at all times to ensure the safety of the operators of a vehicle, passengers, and pedestrians. In fact, road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death among people aged between 15 and 29 years. Road safety is of prime importance these days with increasing number of vehicles every day.  The workshop was conducted by Mr. Sudhanshu Singh (Automobile Engineer with more than 13 years of experience.) He emphasized on the following aspects.

  1. The pedestrians must walk on the left side of road to avoid accident or injury on road.
  2. He explained with video presentations the importance of posture while driving a two wheeler .
  3. It is very important to follow road junctions and be careful enough while driving busy roads.
  4. All who drive bikes must wear a bright colored helmet because in case if you meet with an accident brain injury and death can be is avoided.
  5. Drivers must drive within prescribed limits of speed shown on sign boards of roads and always follow a two seconds, three seconds and four seconds rule.
  6. A driver must know and understand all safety rules of road before he starts driving. A person without driving license must avoid to drive.
  7. Parents must educate their children about road safety rules and teach them how to cross road. Parents must hold the hand of their child while crossing the road.

Some very important and useful and handy tips were shared by Mr. Sudhanshu. Session concluded with some amazing questions raised by the participating students and were all answered by the team.



Date: 23rd June, 2021.

Our Institute organized a competition for Designing the Cover Page for Online Study Material for the students of B.Com. Hons. Beautiful and interesting entries are received from more than 100 students. Select entries are used as cover page for online material of different subjects of B.Com. Hons. course. Certificates for appreciation are given to all participants and certificates of merit are given to the winning entries. This activity aims to create a sense of achievement amongst the students.


Date: 21st June, 2021.

Physical Fitness and Making Healthy Choices is the new Normal. Faculty of Commerce, SMPIC, CWDC jointly with The Fitt Wave Gym, GLS University virtually celebrated International Yoga Day with an online live Yoga and well-being session. Ms. Anuja Shah, Director, The Fitt Wave Gym gave information regarding the importance of Yoga in our life to keep us healthy and fit as the pandemic has reinforced the fact that “Health is Wealth’. The session included a Yoga session encompassing various asanas demonstrated by Ms. Sakshi Srivastava and fitness tips on food, nutrition and lifestyle by fitness experts, Mr. Aviey  Vermaand Mr. Rinku Rawat, Founders, AR Fitness. More than 500 students attended the live session. GLS University students kickstarted their new academic session on a healthy note by enthusiastically participating in the live Yoga and well-being session.