Date: 28th August, 2021

Speaker: Mr. Kirat Damani, an eminent lawyer, Former National Cricketer, Chairman of Gujarat Ranji Trophy Selection Committee and a Tedx speaker

Highlights: Mr. Kirat Damani said that the right work ethic and attitude is equally or more significant than merely having the skill and the ability. He believes that the contribution by each individual is probably the strongest mode of cohesive growth of the Society at large. He addressed the young generation to understand the importance of discipline and conduct for a successful career. According to him, the lessons of time management learnt from his sports career helped him for develop his professional career in law. While answering the questions raised by students as to the reason behind choosing cricket as a sports activity, he was of the opinion that each and every person has a unique muscle power so they should select their interest of sports activity as per their choice. Overall the session was very interactive and interesting for the students to learn from the practical experience of the speaker.