Amidst the global COVID 19 pandemic; when entire humanity, governments of the nations and states, communities and families; all are fighting the catastrophe, we at GLS University have done our bit in line with our motto of ‘Learn, Love, Serve’.

We sincerely believe that GLS University is not just another institute where students merely study until they succeed in their respective courses and get jobs. We have always considered and treated all our students as a part of the large and extended family of GLS constituting a community of over half a million students, alumni, staff, teachers and management.


Under the able and generous leadership of Shri Sudhir Nanavati, President of GLS University, GLSU offered an unprecedented level of financial assistance to the students and families who have been unfortunately affected by COVID.

  • 100% of fees offered as scholarship in case of any death in first family due to COVID
  • 75% of fees offered as scholarship in case of the student hospitalized due to COVID
  • 50% of fees offered as scholarship in case of the student found COVID positive or any of the earning parent is hospitalized due to COVID
  • 25% of fees offered as scholarship in case of any of the earning parent is found COVID positive
  • Overall, more than 200 students and families were offered scholarship amounting over 40 Lakh Rupees during the first term of the academic year 2020-21.
  • Additionally, over 300 students were offered assistance in securing various forms of financial assistance from government or community sources.
  • Moreover, for the academic year 2020-21, management decided not to apply an increase in tuition fees to the students newly enrolled for one year.


GLS donated Rs. 51 lacs to the Chief Minister’s Relief fund of Gujarat for COVID 19 being a responsible social citizen and tried to help the cause of reaching out to the needy section of society through this humble gesture.


GLS University ensures the safety and wellness of everyone at the campus. Whether it is welcome activities for new entrants or teaching activities, GLSU will provide the best experience it can, whilst adhering to the regulations and safety guidelines. Following the highest standards of safety across the campus, Measures in place at GLSU include:

  • Social distancing compulsory while on campus
  • Temperature checks upon arrival
  • Sanitizer, hand soaps, gels, masks and other items including sanitization tunnels are put in place across the campus
  • Zoned areas on campus according to programmes
  • Sick students, faculty and other staff not allowed to come
  • On-call medical assistance is made available and records of COVID tests of staff and others are maintained as appropriate
  • COVID safety awareness posters and guidelines are put across the campus in all institutes and the guidelines issued by the authorities are fully complied at GLSU to ensure safety of one and all.


GLS University ensures uninterrupted education delivery through world-class ONLINE platforms by conducting academic tasks ONLINE such as:

  1. Conduct and Record Online Virtual Video Lectures
  2. Arranging Online Exams, Presentations, Quizzes and Assignments
  3. Enabling Online Group or Collaborative work
  4. Online  support for questions, concerns and enquiries
  5. Online Grading, Feedback and Announcement of Results