Statistics Club aims to strengthen the process of teaching and learning of Statistics through the integration of applications of statistical tools and techniques in real life and research projects by conducting expert lectures, workshops and educational visits for the development of Statistical Activities.


  • Every year World Statistics Day is celebrated on 20th October in association with Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Gandhinagarby organising various Inter Collegiate events like Statistical Quiz, Statistical Games, Poster Making etc. with an objective to bring awareness and applications of Statistics in the real world. 

  • The Statistical Games are organized with an objective to impart and sharpen the basic concepts of Statistics and Mathematics through various fun activities. The games are based on the basic concepts of Statistics like arithmetic, algebra, measures of central tendency and dispersion, permutation, combination, correlation, regression, probability, probability distributions, time series, Index numbers and so on.

  • Data Analysis Workshop through Micro Soft Excel- Visualising, modelling and interpretation are the major aspects of data analysis and students need to understand the intricacies of the methods of Data Analysis through various Statistical tools. Objective of Data Analysis Workshop is to acquaint the students about data, its analysis, interpretation and its business prospects in the near future as in today’s world Data is increasing rapidly through thousands of users, businesses and industries as a whole.
  • Research Projects and Research Papers- The research group under Statistics Club aims at balancing between quality and quantity by keeping pace with the current flow of information and knowledge. Students are taught to prepare research projects and research papers by collecting primary and secondary data, analysing the data and draw conclusion followed by research paper presentations.

  • Expert Lectures – Expert lectures of stalwarts like Shri S. S. Suthar, Director, Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Gandhinagar, Shri Reshmikhant Pandya Ex. Director of Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Dr. Shweta Patel, A Senior Research Assistant from PERD etc.; on Statistics and its appplications in real world for the development of statistical activities.

  • Industrial Visit to Sardar Patel Institute of Economics and Social Research (SPIESR); ISRO; Bureau of Statistics and Economics at Gandhinagar, IIM Ahmedabad and Institute of Rural Management (IRMA).

  • Workshop on the Use of Statistics in Clinical Research was conducted by Prof. Shweta Patel, a senior research assistant at PERD.

  • A reference book of statistics was launched by the students and for the students by a team of 25 students which consisted of more than 300 solved questions with brief summary and short cut methods of solving examples in 2015.

  • Students of SMPIC performed presentation and symposium at two days multidisciplinary national seminar on ‘Discourses on Indian Politics: Post Coalition Issues of Development and Technology’ organized by Study Abroad Program Department of Gujarat University at University convection hall in 2014.

  • All the activities of Statistics Club are coordinated by Dr. Devyani Chatterji.