Topic: “THE ART STUDIO – AUTHENTIC PHOTOGRAPHY” Date:2nd September,2021 Speaker: Mr. Rishi Goenka, an entrepreneur Highlights:  Mr. Rishi Goenka provided technical guidance to the students on some of the important factors associated with photography such as subject selection, background selection, selection of appropriate photography angle as well as various digital cameras used for photography. He said that in the present times photography is developing as a modern industry in which cutting edge technological changes play an important part.  He said that photography has become a big business nowadays and if you want to be a good photographer, it is very important to have knowledge about the technical aspects of photography that sets you apart from other photographers.  He said that photography is a language that people all over the world know.  Our life should also be like a camera in which we should always focus on the good things that are there and move from negative to positive like a camera. He gave a detailed understanding of fashion photography, sports photography as well as architectural photography to the students and said that in the present times various opportunities have been created in the field of photography which is very important to develop the qualities of photography keeping in view the need of the field.  Good photography is in great demand in the current filming field as well as in advertising and print media.