Due to the recent Covid-19 variant, a lot of resources, stories and “hacks” are being spread in a long game of telephone. From fake numbers being given out that supposedly provide free consultations to the “hack” of pouring lemon juice inside your nose for killing Covid particles, these hacks vary from downright ridiculous to harmful and dangerous. 

In the vast presence of social media where click-bait articles and content farms produce mass content with fancy editing and without facts in an attempt to get higher numbers, it’s important to know what is true and what’s fake. Social Media is an incredible tool to help and support the community while social distancing but one has to be incredibly careful while using it. 

The general rule of thumb should be to not forward/share/repost anything without fact-checking the evidence itself. Whatsapp videos are not gospel and neither are facebook status by someone who’s already got Covid-19 before. Check the “Doctor” whose advice you spread and their background. The news you spread could impact someone’s life so it’s your responsibility to fact check. Call up and double check any phone number you get that claims to have Covid-19 resources. Google has some amazing Fact-check tools that will clear up any confusion on the virus, vaccines and resources.

Here’s a link of some Fact-checked Covid resources for India

The Instagram accounts @shaili.naimesh @rjmegha posts fact-checked resources for Gujarat on their stories.

Stay Safe